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Archaeologists discover 2.4-million-year-old tools in North Africa


East Africa hasn't yet lost its status as the cradle of humanity - earlier tools dating back at least 2.6 million years have previously been found in that part of the continent. No human remains were found, which means scientists can not know what species of hominids were there and used the tools. The implements were found near to numerous fossilized bones which had cut marks that clearly indicated the site was used to butcher animals. Read More »

EU executive wants bloc to go climate neutral by 2050


The European Commission's strategy on climate towards 2050 is "underwhelming and unambitious", European parliamentarian Yannick Jadot said on Wednesday in the European Parliament. According to the report, current emission targets would result in an average global temperature rise of 3.2 degrees Celsius. "If the IPCC report represented a global fire alarm, this report is the arson investigation", Ms Msuya said. Read More »

NASA spacecraft nears Red Planet on mission to detect 'marsquakes'


After more than six months in transit, a probe managed by Pasadena-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory successfully touched down on the surface of Mars Monday, beginning the first mission created to study the center of the Red Planet. The InSight lander aimed for a touchdown Monday afternoon, as anxiety built among those involved in the $1 billion worldwide effort. Landing on Mars is no simple task. Read More »

NASA Boss Criticizes Elon Musk for Smoking Weed on Video


Sadly, with NASA's schedules now stretching out beyond the most optimistic projections for the length of the Trump presidency, a change of direction could happen before humans get to prod at Moon rocks in situ. NASA also expects to send an American crew around the moon in 2023. SpaceX and Northrop Grumman have made ISS shipments since 2012. What? Is NASA going to the moon? During Council meetings, USA government officials from civilian and military space along with space industry leaders ... Read More »

China orders halt to gene-editing after outcry over babies


The Chinese government has stopped a controversial project that helped produce the world's first gene-edited babies, declaring the work of scientist He Jiankui as unlawful and unethical. Xu said the ministry had ordered authorities to suspend all scientific activity of people involved with the case and mete out punishments after an ongoing investigation. Read More »

NASA selects nine United States companies to vie for moon program funding


NASA has invited nine companies to bid on delivery services to the moon as part of its greater Moon to Mars mission. This new plan hopes to allow for a diverse array of customers send their payloads to the Moon. But with this program, NASA is looking to replicate the success of SpaceX , the private rocket company led by Elon Musk . "The intent to return to the moon is to do some science exploration, to land and explore the lunar surface and then finally pave the way for eventual human ... Read More »

New Zealand rescuers save stranded whales


Making this the fourth stranding found in Newzealand this weekend, whales have been beaching themselves a lot, authorities say, reminding that last week killer whales had to be transported to other locations to save their lives and others had to be killed, said a marine conservation group member. Read More »

InSight has landed! Inside the dramatic touchdown


A pair of mini satellites trailing InSight since their May liftoff provided practically real-time updates of the spacecraft's supersonic descent through the reddish skies. Less than a minute later, InSight cut its parachute free and its 12 retrorockets fired, providing the probe with an additional braking force and allowing it to settle neatly onto the planet's surface. Read More »

NASA Reveals 9 Commercial Partners for Lunar Missions


But no United States spacecraft has touched down on the Moon since the last Apollo mission in 1972, and it's been exactly 50 years since NASA last sent a robotic mission to the lunar surface. The company will provide any number of contributions towards NASA's mission to the Moon. NASA announced several commercial partners Thursday in the us space agency's quest to return humans to the moon - and eventually Mars. Read More »

NASA InSight mission successfully lands on Mars


The initiative falls under the Space Policy Directive-1, signed by US President Donald Trump in December 2017. Trump said to the cheering crowd. Future deep space missions are now expected to increasingly adopt this technology. InSight, short for Interior Exploration using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transports, is tasked with studying how planets form by probing into Mars. Read More »

Genetically Editing Babies Is A Slippery Slope, Canadian Scientists Say


Recently, a Chinese scientist named He Jiankui claimed to have used the tool for creating the world's first genetically edited babies. In a video posted to YouTube on Monday , the Chinese researcher said that one of the pregnancies had been successful and that ostensibly healthy twin girls Lulu and Nana had been born "a few weeks ago". Read More »

What you need to know about China claim of gene-edited babies

The gene modification was done with the help of CRISPR, a gene-editing tool that is cheap and easy to use. Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing is now being held in Hong Kong. Another uncertain outcome for the twins concerns their reproductive health and freedom. But if they're true, the procedure will raise significant ethical questions around gene editing and so-called designer babies. Read More »

Five Strains Of Drug-Resistant Bacteria Found Inside The International Space Station

In a recently published study, researchers from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory investigated the five strains of Enterobacter , which were discovered on the toilet and exercise platforms on March 2015 as part of the effort to characterize the bacterial community that thrives within the space station . Read More »

French Police Arrest 100 People Rising Oil Prices' Protests


In a highly anticipated speech in Paris on energy strategy, Macron acknowledged the widespread anger regarding fuel taxes over the past 10 days but said he will continue making environmentally friendly policies. "The government has caved in to lobbies and surrendered the energy savings which would boost people's spending power, and the job-creating industries of the future represented by renewable energies", Anne Bringault of the CLER network for energy transition said last week. Read More »

Elon Musk: 70% Odds I'm Going to Mars


Scientists are interested in going to Mars for a host of reasons, from learning more about the origins of life to better understanding the rise and collapse of potentially life-supporting environments. "No, no no. None of this going to the sea shore where the penguins are swimming, and the orca are eating the seals, and there's krill for the very large whales". Read More »

Government climate report warns of worsening USA disasters


Asked about severe economic impacts, he said: "I don't believe it". It details how global warming from the burning of coal, oil and gas is hurting each region of the United States and how it impacts different sectors of the economy, including energy and agriculture. Read More »

'I don't believe it' - Trump dismisses government climate report

White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said the new report was "largely based on the most extreme scenario , which contradicts long-established trends by assuming that.there would be limited technology and innovation, and a rapidly expanding population". Read More »

MPs to vote on May's Brexit deal on 11 December


MPs will vote on Theresa May's Brexit deal on December 11 after five days of debate, the Prime Minister has confirmed. The Sunday Times reported that Chancellor Philip Hammond - who warned on Saturday of "economic chaos" if there is no deal - is working with David Lidington, Amber Rudd, Greg Clark and David Gauke on trying to persuade Mrs May to adopt a softer Brexit which may be able to get through Parliament if her plan is rejected. Read More »

NASA's InSight Lands On Mars To Explore Its Deep Interior


InSight will spend 24 months - about one Martian year - using seismic monitoring and underground temperature readings to unlock mysteries about how Mars formed and, by extension, the origins of the Earth and other rocky planets of the inner solar system. Read More »

Elon Musk says he is thinking of moving to Mars

It also set a date-Jan. And over more than a decade, SpaceX has developed several impressive aerospace systems: Falcon 1, its first orbital rocket; Grasshopper, a small self-landing test rocket; Falcon 9 , a reusable orbital-class launcher; Dragon , a spaceship for cargo and soon NASA astronauts; and Falcon Heavy , a super-heavy-lift launcher. Read More »

NASA InSight: How the Mars robot will survive entry, descent, landing


That's if it survives a brutal seven minute landing. The smaller, 880-pound (360 kg) InSight - its name is short for Interior Exploration Using Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport - marks the 21st USA -launched Martian exploration including the Mariner fly-by missions of the 1960s. Read More »

Watch NASA's InSight land on Mars tomorrow starting at 2PM ET


But before it can carry out that mission, it has to land safely. All being well, the InSight probe should enter the Martian atmosphere at 12,300mph before an array of 12 thrusters attempts to slow it down to 5mph for a safe touchdown. Even though they can't do anything to help InSight as it descends, mission managers should be able to watch its progress. The Soviet Union's Mars 3 did reporting back its landing at a jarring 46 miles per hour in a dust storm. Read More »

Hiker finds 145 dead, dying whales on remote New Zealand beach


Pilot whales have a reputation for stranding , thought to be partly due to their preference for steep landforms and sloping underwater areas, which may interfere with their sonar. "Whether they do become trapped or whether it's actually because one of the members of the pod is sick and then the other whales follow, we actually have no idea why". Read More »

NASA Chooses The Landing Site For Mars 2020 Rover Mission


After five years of research, NASA has made a decision to land its Mars 2020 probe in the Jezero crater on the red planet. Gale Crater, with its many layers of sediment, was chosen to tell the story of how Mars transitioned from a warm, wet planet to the frigid and dusty one it is today. Read More »

[H]ardOCP: NASA to Launch SpaceX Safety Review Following Elon Musk's Pot Interview


The test flight will also check out other on-orbit, docking, and landing operations, plus ground support systems. According to Forbes, Boeing had not been notified of the investigation as of Tuesday, but a spokesperson for the corporation stated that they were confident NASA would find everything in order. Read More »

NASA to launch 'workplace safety review' of Elon Musk's high-flying SpaceX firm


Aerospace giant Boeing also holds a NASA commercial-crew contract, which it seeks to fulfill using the CST-100 Starliner capsule. Boeing will also experience the same review, presumably to provide the illusion of objectivity. The U.S. space agency promises a thorough and "invasive" investigation on employee work hours, leadership and management styles, the responsiveness of both companies to safety concerns, and of course, drug policies. Read More »

UN Environment Chief Erik Solheim Quits Over 'Frequent Flyer' Allegations


Newspaper Aftenposten reported late Tuesday afternoon that the head of the UN Environment Programme ( UNEP ) has now chose to resign, after spending around half-a-million U.S. "The secretary general is grateful for Mr Solheim's service and recognises he has been a leading voice in drawing the world's attention to critical environmental challenges". Read More »

Sperm whale found with almost 13 pounds of plastic in stomach


A 2015 report by Ocean Conservancy and the McKinsey Center for Business and Environment found that over 50% of the plastic leaking into world oceans comes from China, Indonesia , the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, suggesting that the two whales died in risky waters for marine life. Read More »

This Star Trek-inspired ionic plane can SILENTLY glide through the sky


In the tests, the battery-powered unmanned aircraft, that weighs just five pounds, managed sustained flights of 197 ft in an MIT gym hall. But its inventors believe that, like the early experiments of the Wright brothers more than 100 years ago, such small beginnings will eventually transform the face of aviation. Read More »