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French Police Arrest 100 People Rising Oil Prices' Protests

27 November 2018

Paris police said 27 people are facing court Monday for Saturday's violence in the capital, while twenty others arrested over the weekend were released.

For more than a week, protesters have blocked highways in many regions, obstructed access to fuel depots, shopping centers and some factories.

In a highly anticipated speech in Paris on energy strategy, Macron acknowledged the widespread anger regarding fuel taxes over the past 10 days but said he will continue making environmentally friendly policies.

As part of this energy transition, Macron ordered EDF to close between four and six reactors before 2030.

The more delicate question, however, concerns the eventual timeline for shutting down some of France's oldest nuclear reactors.

Yet he said France would cap the amount of electricity it derives from nuclear plants at 50 percent by 2035. The delay on the cap would in theory help move France from fossil fuels, which Macron wants to do to fight global warming, and toward renewables without increasing the price of energy too much.

EDF has been building the first EPR reactor at Flamanville along the Atlantic coast of northwest France.

Burnley-Newcastle match delayed after referees' assessor collapses in tunnel
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It now aims to reach that target by 2030 or 2035, instead of 2025 originally.

The Prime Minister had been trying to play down these concession, with fishing being regarded by many as "the acid test of Brexit", given the way the plight of the fishing industry has come to symbolise the damaging loss of control which European Union membership entails, but her European Union "partners" have not helped her to do so, with France's Emmanuel Macron gloating that the withdrawal agreement's backstop would be used as "leverage" to force a surrender of Britain's fisheries in the transition period negotiations.

"The government has caved in to lobbies and surrendered the energy savings which would boost people's spending power, and the job-creating industries of the future represented by renewable energies", Anne Bringault of the CLER network for energy transition said last week.

Almost 300,000 people, wearing the yellow, high-visibility vests that have come to symbolise their movement, blockaded roads and blocked businesses on November 17 in largely spontaneous protest against higher taxes on diesel fuel.

The movement erupted last month over claims that drivers were bearing the brunt of fuel taxes imposed to pay for the environmental push.

The protests which turned violent as the security forces used tear gas to disperse the "yellow vests" in Paris' key points, especially on Champs-Elysees.

"If the government doesn't come up with any concrete proposals, the movement is only going to get stronger", Jose Espinoza, a "yellow vest" coordinator in the Paris suburb of Montreuil, told AFP.

French Police Arrest 100 People Rising Oil Prices' Protests

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