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Unpopular Among Voters, Pelosi Says She's 'Worth the Trouble'

25 June 2017

Spending on the race reached at least US$57 million (S$79 million), almost twice the last record, said the Centre for Responsive Politics, a watchdog. That's what unifies us.

"I think you'd have to be an idiot to think we could win the House with Pelosi at the top", the California Democrat, who supported Pelosi in her effort to retain her party leadership position previous year said. I thrive on competition, and I welcome the discussion. "My leadership is recognized by many around the country, and that is why I am able to attract the support that I do which is essential to our election, sad to say", she said.

Overall, Wasserman found, Democrats outperformed the voting tendencies of their districts by 8 percentage points in this year's special elections, a good omen for 2018 even if they did not win a single one of the open seats.

As President Donald Trump celebrated Republican victories in two special congressional elections on Wednesday, one man who advised presidents from both parties warned the results "should be a wake-up call for Democrats" that Trump could be on his way to re-election in 2020.

They say voters in Republican-leaning districts are motivated by more than a desire to stop Pelosi and Democrats need to work on developing a message that can win them over.

"It's not about me, necessarily".

"I feel very confident about the support that I have in my caucus", Pelosi said, according to NBC News.

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A federal appeals court in Chicago has ruled Dassey be released from prison within 90 days, unless the state decides to retry him. August 12, 2016: A judge throws out Dassey's conviction, ruling that investigators coerced a confession using deceptive tactics.

Pelosi defended herself Thursday, calling herself a "master legislator". "Personally I think it's time for a new generation of leadership in the party".

Tim Ryan lost a challenge to longtime Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for leadership of House Democrats last fall.

Democrats need to replace Rep. Nancy Pelosi as House minority leader if they are going to win future elections, a Democratic lawmaker said Thursday.

President Donald Trump claimed hard-fought congressional victories Wednesday, intensifying an already hard day of questions for Capitol Hill Democrats. Ossoff weathered a barrage of TV ads tying him to Pelosi, and featuring caricatures from Pelosi's San Francisco district. "That would be very bad for the Republican Party".

"She will have to pick some issues she disagrees with the president on, going forward", the GOP aide said.

Just as Democrats accused Republicans of being sexist and racist for not electing Hillary Clinton last November, that seems to be the go-to excuse now.

But it could give Republicans a boost in confidence as they struggle to advance health and tax legislation bogged down by infighting and investigations into whether Mr Trump's campaign colluded with Russian Federation in last year's presidential election.