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CNN sues Justice Department for copies of Comey memos

EDT. Dianne Feinstein, top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee, said she was "increasingly concerned" that Trump will fire both Mueller and Rosenstein. Trump also lashed out at the media, on a day that aides hoped would be focused on his decision to undo some of Barack Obama's detente with Cuba. The memos direct former staffers to prevent the automatic deletion of any records and former Trump transition officials are asked to send in materials to the Trump transition team. Read More »

Supreme Court strikes down North Carolina sex offender social media ban

Eight justices were unanimous in their ruling; Justice Neil Gorsuch joined the court after arguments in the case took place, so he did not join in the opinion. As in the first case, Alito agreed with Kennedy's ultimate decision striking down the law "because of [it]'s extraordinary breadth", but he expressed concern with the "undisciplined dicta" - language unnecessary to the court's holding - in Kennedy's decision. Read More »

Supreme Court holds up on redrawing WI districts


Arguments would likely be heard in the fall. The lower court's ruling "ordered new maps drawn in time for the 2018 elections", the wire service adds. Until now, he hasn't found one. Democratic voters are clustered in cities such as Milwaukee and Madison, while Republican voters are more evenly spread across the state. Read More »

Senate passes sweeping sanctions bill targeting Iran, Russia


The new bill would slap sanctions on companies in other countries looking to invest in those projects in the absence of USA companies, a practice known as backfilling. The Senate vote was welcomed by both Republicans and Democrats. President Donald Trump campaigned on easing tensions with Russian Federation, arguing that it would be in America's best interest to try warming relations with Vladimir Putin . Read More »

Angry White House Reporters Blast 'Useless' Sean Spicer


Earlier this month, the White House banned networks from carrying briefings live. The White House traditionally communicates with reporters at night to tell them what time the next day's briefing or gaggle ― a format often used when the president is traveling ― will be held. Read More »

Redskins owner says he's thrilled with ruling

Justices ruled in the case of an Asian-American rock band called the Slants that the government can't refuse to register trademarks considered offensive. But the biggest impact will be on the Redskins, which saw the registrations on their billion-dollar intellectual property revoked in 2014 under the same rule. Read More »

Cuba Denounces Systematic Human Rights Violations in US


Including agricultural exports, the US stands to lose 14,500 jobs and $8.1 billion in revenue. "We are disappointed that the administration has chose to limit Americans' ability to engage in Cuba ", said Richard Sawaya, USA*Engage vice president. Read More »

Mueller Hires 13 Lawyers for Special Counsel

Mueller also has expansive powers to investigate any matters that develop from his initial investigation. There's nothing we know so far to suggest Pence has committed any wrongdoing or is a subject of the investigation. Known to watch cable news often, Trump has even taken to recording morning shows to watch later in the day and has "complained nonstop". Administration officials often demand anonymity in stories. Read More »

Wife of alleged Virginia shooter: 'I can't believe he did this'


She said she wasn't sure if there had been a catalyst for him leaving. The widow said her husband might have chose to leave for a while simply because he desired a "break from it". Mrs. Hodgkinson, who works at a tax firm, told reporters that she was at the office when she first heard the news from an ABC reporter, who had called her on the phone. Read More »

Mali official says at least 2 dead in attack

The attack took place at Le Campement resort in Dougourakoro, east of the capital of Bamako . Two people were killed in a militant attack on a luxury tourist resort outside the Malian capital on Sunday, while special forces troops freed about 20 hostages seized by the gunmen, the country's security minister said. Read More »

From regal to rustic, Trump heads to Camp David for weekend

Hiking, hoops, horses - not exactly the hobbies of Donald J. Trump . Mr. Trump has received some criticism for spending so many weekends at his private clubs, trips that cost more in travel expenses and security than stays at Camp David , tucked away in the Maryland mountains. Read More »

Trump confirms probe over Comey firing

Citing unidentified sources, the news station reported that Rosenstein told Brand she would be tasked with the final decisions regarding resources made available for the probe, headed by special counsel and former FBI director Robert Mueller , and whether anyone is prosecuted because of the investigation. Read More »

White House officials deny claim Trump seeking Mueller firing

And since Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from the investigation, Rosenstein is acting in that capacity. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich believes special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation is a "rigged game" because most of Mueller's lawyers have donated to Democrats. Read More »

Deputy AG: No cause to fire special counsel Mueller

Why would Trump consider firing Mueller? "I think he is considering perhaps terminating the special counsel", Ruddy said . As attorney general, Sessions is unlikely to answer in detail questions about conversations he's had with Trump. Read More »

Senate Republicans intend to ram through secret health care bill

That has created an air of distrust and concern - on and off Capitol Hill, with Democrats but also with Republicans . Sen. Tommy Tucker, a Union County Republican, said he's concerned that the new bill would do little to address Cardinal's actions, adding the revisions have "watered down the directness" of the original bill. Read More »

Thousands in Minnesota protest the Philando Castile shooting verdict

Philip Stinson, a criminologist at Ohio's Bowling Green State University who tracks fatal police shootings, found that nearly 40 percent of the 82 officers nationwide charged with murder or manslaughter since 2005 were not convicted. In a Facebook post Saturday, the Democratic lawmaker said that he was heartbroken for Castile's family, and he called for the country to reckon with "systemic racial inequalities" and dismantle them. Read More »

Trump makes case for apprenticeships to fill jobs gap


In a briefing for reporters before the signing, two senior White House officials said that the president's order will create a new way of getting apprenticeships approved. Participants in some apprentice programmes receive on-the-job training while going to school, sometimes with companies footing the bill. Historically, job training programs had a bad legacy. Read More »

GOP, Dem governors call for changes in House health bill

Some moderate GOP senators are trying to extend the phase-out over seven years and ease some of the Medicaid cuts the House bill would make. "I think we felt very strongly that the majority of the members of that conference committee had signed that, and I think that truly reflects the majority of the Legislature as a whole", said Armstead, R-Kanawha. Read More »

Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke rejects Homeland Security position


Neither the White House nor the Department of Homeland Security ever acknowledged that Sheriff Clarke was actually offered a job at the agency. DHS had previously refused to confirm the offer, telling CNN a month ago that "senior positions" like the one that Clarke said he was filling "are announced by the Department when made official by the Secretary". Read More »

WashPost: Trump May Be Laying Groundwork to Fire Mueller

Attorney General Jeff Sessions had recused himself from anything related to the Russian collusion allegations, though he still endorsed Rosenstein's letter. Mr Trump is unlikely to face criminal prosecution as a sitting president, but obstruction of justice could be grounds for impeachment. Since then Mueller, who served as FBI director before Comey, has taken over the investigation. Read More »

Scalise on the mend, now in 'serious' condition


The hospital where Rep. Steve Scalise is being treated, Medstar Washington Hospital Center, also released a statement on the condition of the injured Republican Congressman. Scalise "continues to show signs of improvement", the hospital said Saturday. The shooter was an IL man, James Hodgkinson , who had lashed out against President Donald Trump and Republicans over social media. Read More »

Celebrities react to Bill Cosby mistrial

Bill Cosby's trial is about much more than Bill Cosby . In addition to proving that Cosby assaulted them, Smolla said, they would have to establish that he said something about them beyond denying the allegations, such as calling them known liars or promiscuous. Read More »

Scalise upgraded from 'critical' to 'serious' condition


He has had several operations since the shooting . The person says investigators aren't sure of the significance of the names and it's not clear whether this was a list of people the attacker was targeting. Law enforcement officials identified the shooter as 66-year-old James Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, who later died from injuries sustained during a shootout with police on the scene. Read More »

Ordeal of USA student in N.Korea, now in coma, 'terrible thing'

North Korean authorities claimed Warmbier's coma was caused by botulism and a sleeping pill, an explanation his doctors dismissed on Thursday. "Since the United States does not maintain diplomatic or consular relations with North Korea , the USA government has no means to provide normal consular services to US citizens in North Korea ". Read More »

Maryland teens killed in retaliation for alleged drug robbery


Najjar, who was in the driver's seat, was shot four times, while Ziberov was shot 10, Manger said. From left: Edgar Garcia-Gaona, Jose Ovilson Canales-Yanez and Roger Garcia are seen in booking photos released June 18, 2017 , by the Montgomery County Police Department. Read More »

Iran launches missiles into eastern Syria


IRGC forces fired the medium-range, ground-to-ground ballistic missiles from bases in the western Iranian provinces of Kermanshah and Kurdistan, according to Iranian state media outlet Tasnim news. Iran has described the attackers as being "long affiliated with the Wahhabi", an ultraconservative form of Sunni Islam practiced in Saudi Arabia. Iran has arrested dozens of terrorists since the Tehran attacks. Read More »