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Ultimate Ears brings Amazon Alexa to its speaker lineup w


Ultimate Ears is joining the steadily growing ranks of voice assistant-equipped speaker manufacturers with the new Blast and Megablast Bluetooth speakers, which feature the Amazon Alexa voice assistant. Using the app, you can update the speakers for new experiences and features as they become available. The Ultimate Ears Megablast is the more premium speaker, packing in all of the power, and so is priced at £270. Read More »

Buhari concerned about plight of workers in States


Speaking in Ado Ekiti Thursday, the state TUC Chairman, Mr. Odunayo Adesoye, said the congress has no opposition to the governors' request provided the money will be used to pay salary and pension arrears across the country. Note that the 200 million citizens residing in Nigeria are residing in respective states. This support is going down to them, when you are taking the indices from the grassroots. Read More »

Lyft Lands $1 Billion Funding Round Led by Alphabet, Google's Parent


This breaking news story is being updated as more information emerges - please refresh the page for the most recent version. Google was an early investor in Uber, but has had a complicated and stormy relationship with the embattled ride-hailing company, including a lawsuit alleging that a former Google executive stole self-driving auto technology and brought it to Uber. Read More »

VW teases mysterious racer for upcoming Pikes Peak


It seems Volkswagen has taken notice of the benefits derived from completing the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb - and has made a decision to tease us to its bespoke entry. That includes a revival of the iconic Microbus as an EV passenger and commercial van in 2022 and a production EV crossover in 2020 . Unlike internal combustion engines, EVs don't suffer any drop in power as they climb from 4,750 feet (1,440m) up to the finish above the tree line at 14,100 feet (4,300m). Read More »

Mercy changes go live in latest Overwatch update


The cooldown won't reset once Resurrect is activated and Valkyrie won't reset the Resurrection cooldown either. "However, this still reduces the overall number of Resurrects that Mercy can provide, since Valkyrie no longer reduces its cooldown". Read More »

Pokemon Go's Halloween Event Officially Announced


But in the meantime, take a look at the new Pokemon in the gallery below and have a quick read of some of the noteworthy info to know in preparation for the event. Players will earn double sweets for catching, hatching, and transferring Pokemon , just like past year. Additionally, your Buddy Pokemon will find additional Candy when you are out roaming the wilds. Read More »

Microsoft Rolls Out New Windows 10 Update, Laptops


Speaking at the Qualcomm 5G Summit with Pete Bernard, Principal Group Program Manager for Connectivity Partners at Microsoft, Trusted Reviews learned that the company is now testing hundreds of laptops powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor. Read More »

New Android malware adds victims' devices to botnet


On Wednesday, researchers from Symantec said that eight apps hosted on the store were infected with the Sockbot malware, with an install base ranging from 600,000 to 2.6 million devices. The code is also obfuscated, and its key strings are encrypted to further help avoid detection. In addition, Google also monitors security though different channels so that the Play Store doesn't list any malware. Read More »

Samsung launches 360 Round VR camera with 17 lenses


The new 3D camera was announced by Samsung today at the Samsung Developer Conference 2017, and was created to handle creation of 3D content to be viewed in virtual reality on devices like Samsung's Gear VR headset with accompanying Galaxy devices. Read More »

Samsung's DeX smartphone dock will soon run a full version of Linux


According to Samsung's brief description, Linux on Galaxy will allow developers to use their favorite Linux distribution from a mobile. While not as transparent as the original convergence concept - Linux on Galaxy exists as an application which is executed to load the chrooted Linux desktop OS, separate from the underlying Android operating system - the company still claims it greatly expands the functionality of both the phone itself and the Dex dock. Read More »

Moto X4 Joins Amazon Prime Exclusive List, Available for $329

The Moto X4 is Motorola's latest kind-of-budget phone, which despite the name, bears no resemblance to the Moto X of past years . It was promised that a non-Android One Moto X4 would still grace the US. Remember, this deal is only applicable to members of Amazon Prime club. While not the first Alexa-enabled phone (both Huawei and Coolpad came first), it is, ironically, the first to make its way to Prime Exclusives. Read More »

Facebook rolls out 'Explore Feed' to help users find new content

The feed is based on what you liked previously and what's popular among friends. This lets them discover content beyond the posts made by their friends and the Pages they follow. iOS users can access this explore feed by tapping the hamburger button listed under the "Explore" menu. "We are starting to implement additional feed of popular articles, videos and photos, which automatically adjusts to each person depending on which content he is interested", - said the representative of Facebook. Read More »

HTC U11 Plus Renders Show Thinner Bezels, Fingerprint Sensor On The Back


Apple has already unveiled the next generation of the iPhone and Google recently unveiled the next generation of Pixel phones, but there is one more big reveal slated for the Autumn season and that's HTC's U11 Plus . The renders were created based on the CAD files for the HTC U11 Plus, meaning that these are close to what the final product will actually look like. Read More »

Beware, kids' smartwatches prone to hacking, outlines Watchdog


According to NCC watches tested from brands included Gator and Global Positioning System for kids. Specifically, they found that smartwatches built for children are easily hacked into. There were five primary vulnerabilities identified by the researchers, which included security flaws that would allow for unauthorized access to the device, the ability to perform remote audio surveillance, the ability to spoof or hide the location of the device-an issue that could allow an attacker to make it ... Read More »

WhatsApp Location Sharing Feature Helps You Track Friends In Real

Facebook-owned popular instant messaging app WhatsApp has just launched a useful "Live Location Sharing " feature on the app that is aimed towards helping the women and kids especially. To get started, turn on the location settings or Global Positioning System. These real time location updates will be done on a map at chat level. WhatsApp is working on some major updates to make the app faster and better. Read More »

Samsung Announces Bixby 2.0


Bixby will take care of it. Bixby 2.0 will be ubiquitous, available on any and all devices. When he was on stage this morning, he recognized that voice interfaces had previously not reached a point where they went from "novelty" to tools intricately woven into people's daily lives. Read More »

Nielsen Will Now Track TV Audiences On Netflix


Now, Nielsen, the 94-year-old company that for decades has had an effective monopoly on measuring television ratings in the United States, has announced that it has found a way into the great unknown of Netflix viewership - at least for television viewing. Read More »

Understanding the Latest Financial Performance of Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (NASDAQ:BBBY)

The lowest sales estimate is $2.88 billion and the highest is $2.93 billion. The company is scheduled to report its next quarterly earnings report on Wednesday, December 20th. Institutional investors and hedge funds own 93.35% of the company's stock. Nordea Investment Management AB boosted its holdings in shares of Bed Bath & Beyond by 1.7% during the first quarter. Read More »

AI program beast former self in game of Go

A year after a computer beat a human world champion in the ancient strategy game of Go, researchers say they have constructed an even stronger version of the program - one that can teach itself without the benefit of human knowledge. During the development of Zero, Hassabis says the system was trained on hardware that cost the company as much as $35 million. It can also be used in a diverse range of other areas from wildlife preservation and agriculture to cybersecurity and the law. Read More »

Oil pares gains as U.S. fuel stockpiles rise


The executive of India's state-owned Hindustan Petroleum Corp Ltd said in August the company was assessing whether USA crude could replace Nigerian barrels; it made its first buy of U.S. The dropoff of 4.7 percentage points took refining output to 84.5 percent of capacity, representing the seasonally slowest rate of output since 2011. Read More »

Startup Magic Leap raises half a billion in new funding


The round also had participation from EDBI , Grupo Globo, Janus Henderson, Alibaba Group , Fidelity Management and others. Other partners include Weta Workshop, Peter Jackson's New Zealand-based VFX company, which is producing content for Magic Leap's platform. Read More »

Hackers could exploit flaw in every wifi connection


The Verge has reached out to a variety of Android phone makers to clarify when security patches will reach handsets, and we'll update you accordingly. If you are running an older Android device, especially one which no longer receives regular updates you should be concerened, Apple will offer a patch soon as will Google; for now if you have an up to date installation of Windows, the risks have been minimized thanks to the recent patches from Microsoft. Read More »

Watchdog warns of Wi-Fi 'Krack'


The disclosure by the government's Computer Emergency Response Team may potentially allow hackers to snoop on or take over millions of devices which use Wi-Fi. "Everyone needs to be afraid". The Wi-Fi Alliance, an industry group that sets standards for wireless connections, said computer users should not panic. Read More »

McLaren Confirms Next Ultimate Series Model, Set To Debut In 2018


It's being touted as an addition to the "Ultimate Series" at the peak of McLaren's range, which is now occupied by the sold-out P1, plus the track-only P1 GTR. The new model will come before the much-rumoured and talked about BP23, which will be McLaren's first - and the world's first, according to McLaren - "Hyper-GT" auto. Read More »

Xiaomi Mi A1 gets another update, still not Oreo


Lenovo has confirmed that the company is already working on the Oreo update. Also read - Android 8.0 Update: When will my phone get the update? So the best case scenario is that the Oreo update will be released around eight months from now if everything goes to plan. Read More »

Pixel 2 Has A Hidden Image Processor Called The Pixel Visual Core


The Pixel 2 is powered by a Snapdragon 835 , and Qualcomm doesn't exactly let manufacturers tinker with the chip and add customized processors and the like. But both the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have yet to be released and are pretty expensive to boot, but thanks to the Nova Launcher 5.5 beta , which brings some of the new Pixel Launcher features to other Android phones. Read More »

Vermintide II will have you battling Chaos — Warhammer End Times


If you fall, so shall the Empire. "From a gameplay perspective, it's great because they are a really big contrast to the Skaven". The Skaven are characterised as being easy to fight, but their strength is in numbers. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 is due Q1 2018 on PC. Although Skaven will continue to make an appearance - you can't call a game Vermintide without a few vermin - Nurgle spawn, Tzzentch fateweavers and Khornish bloodletters will all make appearances in the new game, tasking ... Read More »