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Fortnite’s Deep Freeze retail bundle doesn’t include Save the World


Retailing for £25, the Fortnite Deep Freeze Bundle is a physical release of Fortnite: Battle Royale , published by Warner Bros. and packaged with a bunch of in game content. The Deep Freeze Bundle also has 1,000 V-Bucks included ($10). While this amount is not enough to buy a rare, epic, or legendary skin, players can use it to purchase the season 6 Battle Pass. Read More »

#HimToo memes go viral after mom mortifies son with tweet


His brother had earlier come to his defence, saying: "My mom is insane, he never said any of those things". A Twitter fiasco ensued and Hanson later had to do damage control. "I still love her". She posted the now-deleted tweet on the day Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, after a confirmation process that featured accusations of sexual misconduct. Read More »

Borderlands 2 VR announced for December release


This $49.99 game will give people access to the acclaimed shooter with looting elements in VR. This seems to be the full game in VR, which seems an odd choice given that fast-paced first person shooters are usually hard to getting working comfortably. Read More »

Google Unveils The Pixel 3


The Hub is a Smart Display by Google that integrates Google Photos , a visual version of the Google Assistant, YouTube, and other services. That means you can, without voice commands, swipe and tap at it to control your home's smart devices, check the weather, and see your commute. Read More »

Google announces Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

While Google's phones have larger screens, they do look similar to their predecessors except for fully glass backs. Google also introduced the Pixel Stand , which serves as a wireless charger that turns the Pixel into a smart visual and audio experience that can be controlled by on-screen actions or by using voice commands. Read More »

Google Home Hub hands-on: Big AI in a small smart display

The Pixel 3 and its big brother also have a dedicated security chip - the Titan M, which keeps the OS and your passwords secure. Many people deride notches, but they do give you more screen space, and if they're used smartly for the Android status bar they can be useful. Read More »

Microsoft says it fixed a Windows 10 update bug that deleted folders


Though the problem may have affected a relatively low number of users, the result was a gut punch to Microsoft's current update process. The company points toward Windows 10's Known Folder Redirection (KFR) feature, which allows Windows folders (like Desktop, etc) to be redirected from their default locations to new locations. Read More »

New Chromecast with updated design now official for $35


The new Google Chromecast for $35, the same price as previous generations. Google will unveil the new Chromecast on Tuesday, during its Pixel 3 XL media event. Just like the original, Chromecast is a device that lets you stream video from apps like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Now and thousands of other services to your TV. Read More »

Sony CEO States Next-Generation Console As 'Necessary', Confirming PS5?


All things considered, both critics and fans alike have rightfully praised Microsoft for its massive support of Xbox and Xbox 360 games through Xbox One backward compatibility, and if Sony goes the same direction with the PS5, then it will surely be welcomed with open arms by gamers of all ilk and creed. Read More »

The Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Day One Patch Is 50GB


Blackout , Call of Duty's new battle royale mode , will be playable once the download reaches about thirty percent completion, although you will most probably suffer from high ping and lag spikes if you play while downloading the rest of the game. Read More »

The Google Home Hub is a smart speaker with tablet interface

No, we aren't talking about a robot chopper, but rather the Home Hub, a glorified smart screen attached to a speaker. Here's the thing: Google, oddly enough, isn't including a camera on this thing. The latest addition to the Google Home family, the Google Home Hub is a smart speaker outfitted with a display, and it's meant to go toe-to-toe with Amazon's Echo Show and Facebook's Portal, which was only revealed yesterday. Read More »

Google Pixel Slate leaks in great detail before October 9 event


Besides these, Google will also showcase products like Pixel Stand , Google Home Hub , and Pixelbook 2, among others. The iPhone also features Google's search engine, but Google may be paying Apple as much as $9 billion annually for that privilege, based on the estimates of Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hall. Read More »

Watch Google's Pixel 3 Event Live Stream Right Here

Numerous details about the Google Pixel Slate have already been revealed to the world thanks to an appearance on Geekbench. Anything is possible from Google's wacky hardware labs. Surprisingly, Google is still sticking to a single rear camera setup. The Pixel 3 and 3 XL will differ in screen size and resolution, battery capacity, weight, and dimensions. Read More »

New colour fabric case for Pixel 3 shows up at USA retailer

We will have to wait a little more than 24 hours to finally see the live streaming of the Google presentation, so as to understand if the rumors leaked on the net are true or not. It will most probably feature an ARM-based mobile processor or an ultra-low power CPU from Intel. The existing Pixel lineup is known for taking the best selfies in the business and it is no surprise that Google would like to take this further. Read More »

Google Hardware Event Tomorrow: 7 Products Expected to Be Unveiled

Google is holding a number of events across the globe simultaneously with its main keynote taking place in NY. What will Google present on October 9th? Under the hood , both the smartphones are likely to be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 SoC clubbed with a 4GB of RAM and up to 128GB of internal memory. Read More »

Pixel Slate: first Images of Google’s new tablet leak


The image shows presumably the entire line of Pixel 3 . Many had hoped that Google would bring wireless charging to the Pixel 3 but that looks unlikely as most early photos reveal a plastic and metal finish and not a glass design needed for wire-free refilling. Read More »

#ChargeGate and 5GHz WiFi fix for iPhone XS is out now


The position of the.?123 key has also been switched back in this update on the iPad . iOS 12 swapped the position of the.?123 key and the emoji/language key, which annoyed some users and this update swaps it back. Other iPhone models running iOS 12 also were affected, but everything should be hunky dory once iOS 12.0.1 is installed. The update is about 157MB in size and if you don't set iOS to Auto Update, you can download it under Settings General Software update . Read More »

What's to come from Google on the 9th of October


So it's high time for a successor, which will be introduced under the name " Google Pixel Slate" together with the Pixel 3 and 3 XL . The Pixel Slate , which was known under the codename "Nocturne", has been subject of numerous leaks - just like many other soon to be released Google devices. Read More »

Facebook wants you to invite its cameras into your homes, pledges privacy


Facebook's Portal looks like it will be great for video chats with other friends on Facebook, but will that be enough? You can start a video call simply by saying "Hey Portal " and noting who you'd like to call. You can delete your Portal's voice history in your Facebook Activity Log at any time. Arriving in the United States in November, Facebook Portal is a $199 (£152) 10-inch screen, with two speakers and a high-quality webcam attached, which the company hopes users will put in ... Read More »

Intel reveals new 9th gen Core CPUs, led by Core i9-9900K


It has a base frequency of 3.6 GHz rated at 95W TDP, and it improves on previous generations with a turbo boost up to 5 GHz on two cores instead of one. We will be updating this post with more details regarding the new 9th Gen Intel Core processors once we go through the in-depth information provided by Intel . Read More »

Google to overhaul privacy rules after discovering exposure of user data


Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai was briefed on the plan not to notify users after an internal committee had reached that decision, according to WSJ . midterm elections in November. Launched in 2011 to great fanfare, Google + was to be not only a social networking site to compete with Facebook, but a mechanism to authenticate identity online. Read More »

Microsoft unveils Xbox Project xCloud game streaming


Of course, as ever with these sort of services, the result will not just depend on Microsoft's technology, network and data centers, but also the user's connection. The test runs on devices (mobile phones, tablets) paired with an Xbox Wireless Controller through Bluetooth, and it is also playable using touch input. Read More »

Google Pixel 3 XL Is Already Selling In Hong Kong Before Launch


Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL should introduce some decent upgrades to the Pixel line, though I am not expecting any major innovations from Google this year. The new Chromecast appeared to have the same price as the previous generation Chromecast , so Best Buy rang it up as an older Chromecast and sold it to the Redditor. Read More »

[H]ardOCP: Google Pixel Slate Images Leak


The leaked image shows an operating system that can run Android apps and includes a dock for quick access applications at the bottom of the tablet's screen. We Know that this time Google will be announcing more than phones. The Pixel 3 XL has wireless charging, comes with 128GB of storage, uses Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 CPU, and packs in 4GB of RAM. Read More »

OnePlus 6T Arrives October 30


But as you can see from the below image, the OnePlus 6T pre-booking will continue until October 30, and all the users will get free OnePlus Type-C Bullets earphones along with free Rs 500 Amazon Pay balance, which will be added to the customer's account. Read More »

Google Pixel 3 XL hands-on reveals the phone in full

Take a look at Engadget's full review here . That said, the Google Pixel 3 XL was sourced from a phone shop in Hong Kong that was seemingly selling the handset early, so it's possible that this is actually a well-built fake. A lime power button can also be seen on the right edge of the handsets, as can a single rear-facing camera accompanied by a dual-LED flash unit. The Google Pixel 3 XL comes with revamped Camera app where you can set three different focal lengths settings. Read More »

Windows 10 October Update put on hold after reports of dissapearing files


Microsoft has halted distribution of Windows 10 version 1809 - aka the October Update - after subset of users reported their files on their computers disappeared after upgrading. Microsoft recommends users who downloaded the update manually to install it and ask to wait for a new version. There's no telling how many people are affected, but the bug could cause serious problems for anyone that hasn't backed up their files for a while. Read More »