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It’s a Final Fantasy Party, and Every Buddy is Invited


When SquareEnix's Hajime Tabata joked that Final Fantasy XV might come to Nintendo's hybrid portable, fans bought into the hype. World of Final Fantasy Maxima is a cutesy adventure through Grymoire where you'll meet heroes from numerous past FF games, coming this November. Read More »

Assassin's Creed 3 remaster confirmed by Ubisoft


All its DLC packs as well as the Assassin's Creed III: Liberation spin-off title is included. The story will apprise players of the backstory behind the assassins. Coming spring 2019, episodes will be released approximately six weeks apart. It will include new narrative content and weekly in-game events. There are also the Standard and Deluxe Editions, but they do not include the Season Pass. Read More »

Apple introduces iPhone XR


Manufacturers and logistics firms also stand to benefit, as connected devices with embedded eSIMS can be produced in one region, and then easily shipped and tracked across in the world, giving them access to wider global markets. Interestingly, in Singapore , the price for the 512GB iPhone XS Max is 2,349 Singapore dollars or $1711, making the difference only $262 - a far better deal than the price difference for last year's iPhone X . Read More »

Nintendo is rolling out its Switch Online service next week


Mario and more. Level up with a Nintendo Switch Online membership! So if you want to play some co-op Splatoon 2 or maybe some ARMS, then you'll need one of these. Native voice chat was incorporated into the port of Fortnite , so we know it's at least possible with the Switch . Online play, Save Data Cloud backup and Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app features available in compatible games. Read More »

The New $1,449 iPhone Won't Include A Free Headphone Dongle


I've been using Moment lenses with my iPhone X pretty much all year and they're absolutely awesome. The iPhone XR surprisingly includes numerous same capabilities as the iPhone XS , with the most significant differences being the LCD display and a single-lens camera system. Read More »

Apple's $29 iPhone battery replacements will cost $69 after December


The iPhone X was so popular last year that it became the new flagship of Apple's lineup, and when Apple announced the price of the iPhone XS this year, no one was surprised. Gareth does note though that the camera system also supports Smart HDR, which allows the iPhone XR to "really capture the high-end elements of a photo, fusing the light and dark elements well", and that the pictures he took were clear, sharp and colourful. Read More »

The New iPhones Have Truly Killed the Headphone Jack

Google is expected to unveil the third generation of its Pixel smartphone on October 9. With the arrival of the iPhone Xs and XR, the Cupertino company has eliminated the iPhone SE and the iPhone 6s from its lineup, discontinuing the last two phones with a 3.5mm stereo jack. Read More »

Beats' Colorful New Buds Are Perfect For Your iPhone XR


The new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max , and iPhone XR haven't been released yet, but a handful of Geekbench scores are already available . Here's the thing: Were it not for the iPhone X a year ago, people would probably be talking about how the iPhone XR is the most expensive "regular" iPhone ever. Read More »

A Nintendo Direct Stream for the Switch & 3DS Planned


No time or date is announced just yet, but we'll let you know. Nintendo has apologised for delaying the Direct but I'm sure you can understand why they made a decision to do it. This preliminary listing entails iconic titles like Ice Climber, Tennis , Dr. Mario , Huge Mario Bros . three and The Epic of Zelda with Nintendo pledging to add more repeatedly. Read More »

Google Releases Improved USB-C Headphone Adapter, Raises Price


The new USB-C headphone adapter costs $12, which is up from the $9 previous model, but still way cheaper than the original $20 price Google tried to sell it at . The company has quietly introduced a slightly different version of its USB-C to 3.5mm headphone adapter, making it ever-so-slightly shorter but raising the price at the same time. Read More »

The Last Remnant Remastered Announced for PS4


Originally released on the Xbox 360, The Last Remnant was the first game developed by the Final Fantasy creator to utilise the Unreal Engine. Following the announcement of The Last Remnant Remastered for the Japanese market, the western arm of Square Enix followed up with a press release to announce the launch of the game in North America and Europe. Read More »

Apple to broaden iPhone lineup with more screen

Apple's new lineup includes the iPhone Xs Max , Xs and Xr, as well as older models like iPhone 8/8 Plus and the 7/7 Plus. For more iPhone X deals, see Macworld's round up of the best iPhone X deals every month . In addition to making plenty of money selling the dongles, Apple generates significant revenue by charging licensing fees to accessory manufacturers that have to update their devices ― like headphones ― to be compatible with a lightning connector. Read More »

The biggest announcements from Apple's iPhone Xs event

The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus were unveiled in 2015 and it was evident Apple would kill the handset sooner or later. However, official confirmation is yet to be received from Apple on this matter. The previous prices of iPhone X were Rs 95,390 and Rs 1,08,930. Let's break down Apple's new iPhone release dates. The iPhone 8 lineup will now sell at Rs 59,900 for the 64GB model, while the 256GB version will sell at Rs 74,900. Read More »

Mobile, Ericsson Sign Major USD 3.5 Billion 5G Agreement

The contract also included access to a number of Ericsson's digital service solutions such as dynamic orchestration, business support systems (BSS) and Ericsson Cloud Core. T-Mobile is hoping to merge with rival Sprint, arguing the deal will accelerate development of 5G in the US. (NYSE: S) earlier this year, but the proposed tie-up has yet to secure the approval of United States competition authorities. Read More »

Why Apple is no longer selling last year's iPhone X

The Apple Watch Series 4 with Global Positioning System starts at £399 while the version with Global Positioning System and cellular starts at £499. If you're using a 4.7-inch iPhone 7 or older, would you consider getting the iPhone XR? They hit stores on September 21, 2018 with the iPhone XS priced at $999 (£999) and the XS Max a whopping $1,099 (£1,099). Read More »

Sphero launches Bolt, its new robotic ball with programmable LED lights


One ordinary theme used to be battery existence - academics wished a robotic that might perhaps perhaps closing all day, not ultimate the dimensions of two or three classes. There's a range of programs included for you to try out, both from Sphero itself and from the community, and you can take any of them and tweak them to suit your preferences. Read More »

Google’s artificial intelligence chief departs


Google's use of AI made headlines earlier this year when employees protested Project Maven , a military AI project using the company's image recognition software. In internal e-mails, Li praised the contract but cautioned colleagues to avoid mentioning the AI component of the deal for fear that the public would latch onto concern about "weaponised" AI. Read More »

Aston Martin Rapide E Comes with 65 kW Battery and 610 PS


On Wednesday, Aston Martin is getting in on the fun by releasing a suite of details about the upcoming Rapide E, an all-electric variation of the company's Rapide S . On-demand battery performance "includes the ability to drive a full lap of the Nürburgring with absolutely no derating of the battery and the ability to cope with the daily demands of repeated hard acceleration and braking". Read More »

Sketchy pre-order site 'confirms' the OnePlus 6T


In a year where every major smartphone hays been extensively leaked prior to launch, OnePlus is once again one-upping the competition by providing almost every detail about its upcoming OnePlus 6T in advance. The OnePlus 6T has been listed on a shopping website called Giztop . The OnePlus 6T will have a triple-camera setup with 20-megapixel, 12-megapixel and time-of-flight (TOF) 3D sensors. Read More »

Microsoft reportedly warning users not to install Chrome, Firefox on Windows 10


Beta News has revealed the unsavoury latest trick Microsoft has up its sleeve to stop you moving away from Microsoft Edge , now debuting in the 1809 Insider's build of Windows 10. A user who initiates the installation of a browser does so on objective. Though Microsoft Edge replaced the oft-disparaged Internet Explorer in Windows 10 - and, in fairness, makes its share of improvements - a lot of people out there still prefer to stick with Chrome or Firefox. Read More »

Apple has permanently banned Alex Jones' Infowars app from the app store


While Apple removed Jones and Infowars from its podcast platform in early August, the company took no action against the Infowars app; nor did it explain why it was allowed to remain. The iOS app had been downloaded about 2 million times since July, and a similar app designed for Google's competing Android operating system has been downloaded roughly 600,000 times in the same span, claimed Saturday. Read More »

AT&T to launch 5G service in Las Vegas early next year


The company has already informed that it is planning to roll out 5G in Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte and Raleigh in North Carolina; Dallas and Waco in Texas; Indianapolis, Indiana; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The signal was transmitted over commercially deployed Nokia radio equipment and Verizon's millimeter wave spectrum and 5G network core to a Nokia test van parked in downtown Washington. Read More »

Fortnite has a new Silenced Assault Rifle


But it's not all bad! The Suppressed Assault Rifle is a valuable weapon to have for players who wish to keep it quiet while they kill other players on the map. Moving on we have a new collection of Weekly Horde Challengers, with shields being made less useful with Husks being made more aggressive. If you have Fortnite Battle Royale downloaded on the PS4, it will update the game to the latest version 1.78. Read More »

It's the end of the road for Inbox by Gmail


When Inbox launched, Google introduced and implemented new features such as email bundling and snoozing. As years rolled out, Inbox became more popular among its users, and later began rolling out forward-thinking feature like Smart Replies and Unified Inbox. Read More »

Holy hell, the 512GB iPhone XS Max costs $1,449


Apple has announced a more affordable new entry in its new iPhone range, the iPhone Xr . Are people mad about it? With the introduction of iPhones ditching the Apple-made feature of 3D Touch, it could spell the death of one of Apple's most promising features, even if no one really uses it. Read More »

Juncker: EU should scrap some national vetos on tax

Facebook and Google , who would be those among tech companies directly affected by the proposal, declined to explicitly endorse it, but said that they support and share the European Commission's goals. "External borders must be protected more effectively", Juncker told EU lawmakers in Strasbourg, France , in a self-styled "state of the European Union" address. Read More »

IPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xs hands-on


The iPhone Xr comes in three storage configurations: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The phone also packs improved sensors for faster Face ID functionality. The lower-priced model is available in aircraft-grade aluminum in coral, black, blue, yellow, white, and PRODUCT (RED) with 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB capacities. Read More »