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Ultra Sun and Moon Are The Final Core 3DS Pokémon Games


We didn't get much news about the new Pokemon RPG on Switch besides the fact that it will have all of the core features of the mainline games, like catching, battling, and training. Here you'll see the highly improved narrative and some well-known foes among the Solgaleo and Lunala. They've since gone on to sell 15.67m worldwide, making them the second best-selling 3DS title of all time after Pokemon X and Y (which now stand at 16.15m). Read More »

New Audi A7 Sportback 2018 REVEALED - Price, specs, design and more


Here's what you really need to know about it. If you've seen our recent review of the Audi A8, you'll find the interior of the A7 pretty predictable. In real life, this is the equivalent of 0.7 l/100 km lopped off from the new A7's average consumption. From launch there'll be just one engine available - a 3.0-litre turbocharged V6, although an RS version will nearly certainly make its shouty way into the fold at some point. Read More »

Mac Mini Is In Apple's Future Plans, Confirms Tim Cook


Are we going to see anything in pipeline anytime soon?" Apple CEO wrote that the Mac mini will be an important part of the company's product lineup in the future, although he did not share any details. Incorporating hardware that is three generations better than the components featured in the Mac mini , Apple should have plenty of room to downsize those dimensions, making it a viable option for users that want a product that utilizes reduced space as much as possible. Read More »

Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd. (NAK) added to 11 new portfolios

On a weekly basis, the stock is 183.28%. This stock has garnered the attention of value investors and here we'll take a look at the equity's recent performance. Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) shows that the stock is on a PRICE RELATIVITY trend. When investing in a volatile security, the risk of success is increased just as much as the risk of failure. Read More »

Collision of dead stars unlocks 'new chapter' for astronomy


Not a bang, but a kind of whizz-bang chirpy pop . This was another idea presented some time ago - 28 years ago, to be more exact. Over the last five per cent of the gravitational waves' journey, humans evolved, learnt how to use tools, developed civilisations and started looking to the skies with wonder. Read More »

Samsung foundry train stops at 8-nm LPP before heading to EUV

One interesting generation was the 8 Low Power Plus (LPP) generation, which seems to be a stop-gap between Samsung's second-generation 10nm process (10LPP) and the 7nm process that will use extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography. However, since it uses the same process as its current chips, it says that it will be able to offer "a fast ramp since it uses proven 10nm process technology while providing better performance and scalability than current 10nm-based products". Read More »

Facebook Tests Subscriptions For Instant Articles


Facebook said it's testing this with a "small group of publishers" in the United States and Europe, including The Boston Globe , The Economist , The Houston Chronicle , The San Francisco Chronicle , The Telegraph , The Baltimore Sun , The Los Angeles Times , The San Diego Union-Tribune, and The Washington Post . Read More »

Dogs use facial expressions to communicate


This often elicits an empathetic response from dog owners, the study authors noted. For the study, the researchers videotaped facial movements of 24 dogs being presented, or not presented, with treats by a human who either faced the animal, or faced away. Read More »

Secret Service catches 'Pikachu' trying to jump White House fence


President Donald Trump was nearby in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building doing radio interviews at the time of the breach. He is said to have ignored multiple orders to stop. It's unclear why he chose to dress up as the beloved yellow Pokémon character. A message left with his attorney, Edward Gain, was not immediately returned. Read More »

Resident Evil Revelations has exclusive retro mini-games on Switch

This mode is a loading screen minigame that tasks the player with shooting a variety of Ooze, Rachel Ooze, and Scagdead enemies using an on-screen cursor. You control Barry Burton as he fights his way through a 2D world full of, you guessed it, Ghouls 'n Homunculi . Keep in mind that these minigames are absolutely absent on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2 , both of which are already available. Read More »

WhatsApp añade funcion para compartir ubicación en tiempo real


De acuerdo a WhatsApp , la función es perfectamente segura, y el cifrado protege en todo momento el proceso, por lo que es imposible que un usuario active esta función en otro smartphone sin su consentimiento. Si has quedado de verte con alguien será mucho más fácil encontrarse, ya que esta persona podrá saber dónde estás en todo momento mientras lo buscas. Read More »

May Seeks 'Ambitious Plans' For Brexit Talks

But The 3 Million campaign group responded in a statement: "EU citizens strongly disagree that we are in touching distance of guaranteeing that their rights will be unchanged post-Brexit". May says registration will be accomplished through a "streamlined digital process" that a panel of European nationals will help oversee. May is due to plead her case with her fellow leaders at a working dinner on Thursday evening, before leaving them to make their decision without her on Friday morning. Read More »

Domino's Pizza Inc (NYSE:DPZ) Sees Unusual Trading Volume in Its Shares


The stock has a market cap of $9.67B and the number of outstanding shares has been calculated 50.27M. The Company's divisions include Domestic Pipelines & Terminals, Global Marine Terminals and Merchant Services. Maxim Group maintained the stock with "Buy" rating in Friday, January 15 report. (NYSE: DPZ ) has "Buy" rating given on Friday, August 28 by Maxim Group. Read More »

Destiny's Child Michelle Williams Talk About Battle With Depression


We know that Michelle Williams is living her best life right now, finding love with boyfriend Chad Johnson and turning heads with her fashions these days. She posted on social media , thanking the show for providing her a safe haven where she can open up about her "mental health battle". You are about to go on tour. Read More »

Apple, GE to bring 'Predix' industrial IoT apps to iPhones, iPads


The chief executive of Canada's largest mobile network Rogers Communication said appetite for the latest iPhone had been "anemic", adding to a series of hints that sales of the first of two new phones Apple releases this year is poor. KeyCorp also issued estimates for Apple's Q1 2018 earnings at $4.06 EPS, Q2 2018 earnings at $2.83 EPS, Q3 2018 earnings at $2.31 EPS, Q4 2018 earnings at $2.46 EPS and FY2018 earnings at $11.68 EPS. Read More »

Japan's lunar orbiter discovers 50km cave beneath surface


The Marius Hills lava tube could very well be the site of this new age of lunar colonization. The cave was found at an area with a set of volcanic domes known as the Marius Hills. By combining radar data with GRAIL's gravity data, they were able to determine the depths and widths of the lava tubes and the fact that they comprise a single, larger system, noted GRAIL co-investigator Jay Melosh, who is also a Distinguished Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences at Purdue ... Read More »

U-17 WC INDIA 2017: Ghana relocate To Guwahati Against Mali


Ghana are former champions of the Federation Internationale de Football Association U-17 World Cup after winning it in 1991 and 1995. Ghana , who last reached the semifinals of this tournament a decade ago, will have to get past another African opponent in Mali on Saturday to match their run at the 2007 edition in South Korea. Read More »

Today's Google Doodle celebrates the scientist who revealed how stars die


He developed the Chandrasekhar limit while he was at the University of Cambridge, which explained that the mass of a white dwarf star could not exceed 1.44 times that of the sun. If a star is less than 1.4 times the mass of our Sun, it will collapse into something called a white dwarf - the extremely hot and dense leftover stellar core. Read More »

Recent update in Nintendo Switch adds video capture and profile transfer features

You can also tweak the footage's start time and end time to your liking. Version 4.0.0 of the Nintendo Switch firmware also adds video capture capabilities for certain games, but no word on what certain means there. Lastly, players can now digitally pre-order games from the eShop , though I don't see the point of that considering those games will never run out of stock. Read More »

You can now control YouTube TV via Google Home devices

So instead of saying "Play The Orville on YouTube TV on the living room TV", you can just say "Play The Orville on YouTube TV ". If you want to give it a shot, head to the Google Home app and link YouTube TV to it . You can also ask to record a show, play a specific movie or the latest episode of a TV show, turn captions on/off, and play/pause playback. That is achieved by opening the Google Home app's menu button and then choosing 'More Settings.' From there, the Chromecast device ... Read More »

Sony Announces Mini PS4 Controller for Kids


The Mini Wired Gamepad will be available in the USA and Canada in time for the holiday season, for US$29.99. As noted, the manipulator Mini Wired Gamepad due to its simplified construction and sleek design fits well in the palm of your hand small in size. Read More »

The Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Ultra Challenge Pack is out now

Two maps have been added to the Secret Area in each world, designed specifically to test the best players' abilities. "For your biggest challenge" is blazoned across the screen in the brand new trailer. Kingdom Battle was an instant hit when it came out in August. If that describes you and you have gaming time to spare before Super Mario Odyssey monopolizes your Nintendo Switch for the foreseeable future, hey, this might be relevant! The package includes a series of "Special Challenges" ... Read More »

Adobe Introduces New Lightroom CC Cloud Photography Service


Lightroom CC for Web is getting public gallery pages and deeper integration with Adobe Portfolio. Lightroom CC for mobile is getting a number of new features on iOS (built-in AI search, keywords, hierarchical albums, an improved iPad layout, and iOS 11 files) and on Android (tablet support, local adjustments brush, built-in AI search, keywords, and hierarchical albums). Read More »

NASA uncovers secret Saturn moons 'holding key to planet's origins'


The team, which included Cassini participating scientist Mark Perry from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, not only discovered water raining down from the rings, but also methane, which was a surprise, since the team expected the gas was too volatile to survive within Saturn's rings or its atmosphere. Read More »