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NASA Parker Solar Probe rockets toward sun for closest look yet


Its closest approach will put it at just 3.8 million miles from the Sun, at which point it should be the fastest-ever human-made object with a speed of 430,000MPH. In this Thursday, August 9, 2018, astrophysicist Eugene Parker attends a news conference about the Parker Solar Probe named after him, at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Read More »

Red tide kills sea turtles, thousands of fish on Gulf Coast


Later in the day, she said the situation had improved. In Bradenton Beach, the stench was impossible to ignore. "This morning it was brutal", he said of the conditions near the Bridge Street Pier. If interested, contact Code Enforcement at 941-708-5804 ext. They come here and they're like, 'Oh my goodness, what's this smell? The congressman turned to Mote recently for independent, objective expertise and science-based information as he championed the bipartisan effort for this critical ... Read More »

Map shows best places to watch weekend meteor shower


While meteors from the Perseids have passed over Earth since the end of July and are expected to continue until late August, the ideal dates for viewing are between Saturday, August 11 and Monday, August 13, with the latter being the best of the three, Cooke says. Read More »

Rare teeth from ancient mega-shark found on Australia beach


Fitzgerald identified the teeth as belonging to a type of megatoothed shark called the great jagged narrow toothed-shark, or Carcharocles angustidens . That cartilage does not easily decompose, which is why individual shark tooth fossils are somewhat common. So he showed them to paleontologist Erich Fitzgerald, who went back with Mullaly and a team of experts to find over 40 more teeth and some vertebrae of the awesome Carcharocles angustidens . Read More »

Nasa spacecraft heads to sun for closest look yet


The delicate instrument comes equipped with an array of instruments and tools which will scan the Sun for solar winds and magnetic fields. Instead, it will fly into the sun's atmosphere, where it will observe from a "safe distance" of approximately four million miles away from the star's surface - protected by a "cutting-edge heat shield". Read More »

NASA Launches Mission to 'Touch the Sun'


Engineers are taking utmost caution with the $1.5 billion Parker Solar Probe , which Thomas Zurbuchen, head of NASA's science mission directorate, described as one of the agency's most "strategically important missions". "It was just a matter of sitting out the deniers for four years until the Venus Mariner 2 spacecraft showed that, by golly, there was a solar wind", Parker said earlier this week. Read More »

Look to the Skies This Weekend for a Colorado Meteor Shower

Last year, the meteor shower was more hard to see, as the moon was three quarters full. Get excited space fans, there's a stunning meteor shower expected in Dubai later this month . The meteor shower is already happening nightly and has been since July 17. Lie on your back and look straight up. They are called the Perseids, because they seem to come from, or radiate from, the constellation Perseus, in the northern sky. Read More »

Hurricane Hector is coming to Hawaii


Hurricane-force winds will extend outward up to 40 miles (65km) from the centre and tropical-storm-force winds will extend up to 115 miles (185km). Slight weakening is forecast during the next couple of days. The strongest winds are expected down the slope of the mountains, across elevated terrain, over headlands, and through gaps". According to Hawaii News Now , a high surf warning has been issued for east-facing shores of Hawaii Island for 12-13 foot waves and for east-facing shores of ... Read More »

Where to see the last partial solar eclipse of 2018


The third and final solar eclipse of 2018 is just around the corner and is set to be the most-watched eclipse of the year. In this particular solar eclipse, the Sun will reportedly be obscured by the Moon for a total period of three and a half hours on August 11, 2018. Read More »

Where to watch meteor shower in UAE next week


EDT August 13, eager skygazers should enjoy warm temperatures and a Moonless sky, with an estimated 80-90 meteors per hour appearing for those at dark sites. Some years we aren't as lucky because the peak is during a full moon , and the moonlight drowns out the show. The meteors will appear to streak away from and out of the constellations of Perseus and Cassiopeia. Read More »

Despair as crippling drought hammers Australian farmers AFP, Murrurundi


The state government has restored freight subsidies worth $20,000 per farm as part of a $500 million drought package but has repeatedly hinted more support is on the way if spring is as dry as predicted. "It might just be that they need you to offer them an ear - let them talk through what is happening to them". According to the Department of Primary Industries, 61 per cent of NSW is either in drought or intense drought, while almost 39 per cent is drought affected. Read More »

Indonesia natural disaster: Lombok rocked by third tremor in a week


A magnitude-6.2 natural disaster occurred onshore on the northern part of Lombok Island in West Nusa Tenggara on Thursday afternoon (09/08), while the search for victims of Sunday's deadly quake continues. Some villages have collapsed entirely. Evacuees in some encampments say they are running out of food, while others are suffering psychological trauma after the powerful quake. Read More »

More than 100 shooting stars expected in weekend’s Perseid meteor shower peak

NASA meteor expert, Bill Cooke, told "The moon is very favourable for the Perseids this year, and that'll make the Perseids probably the best shower for 2018 for people who want to go out and view it". But living in the Northwest means that many local elements are potentially conspiring against our view, including overcast skies, a bright moon, and smoke from surrounding wildfires. Read More »

Perseid Meteor Shower at Monument


Comets are large, icy solar system bodies. The meteors create a spectacular light show as they burn up in our atmosphere and travel around 37 miles per second so don't blink you might miss it. Each year from about July 23 to August 22, but the shower peaks, with the most meteors per hour, on the night of August 11, 12, or 13. Although the meteor shower is considered the best of the year in some parts of the country, it turns out Chicago is not the best place to catch glimpses of glittering ... Read More »

Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend - here’s how to watch

The Perseid meteor shower is perhaps the most beloved meteor shower of the year for the Northern Hemisphere. The Perseids appear to emanate from between the constellations Perseus and Cassiopeia, but to catch them there's really no need to worry about which direction you're looking. Read More »

Vets ready for rare efforts to save ailing endangered orca


The 3 ½-year-old killer whale this past week was feared to have only days to live. Biologists also are standing by with a dart loaded with a long-acting antibiotic, if she comes in range. Rowles said injections of antibiotics or sedatives have been given to other free-swimming whales or dolphins that were injured or entangled but it hasn't been done for free-swimming whales in this area. Read More »

How Nasa will attempt to ‘touch the Sun’


Foam and fiber form the probes heat shield, which is nearly 5 inches thick sitting on the front of the spacecraft. Developers have armed the probe spacecraft with a heavy heat shield, majority made of carbon for protecting the craft and its sophisticated instruments from the terrific warm temperatures of the Sun. Read More »

Subtropical storm 'Debby' forms in the North Atlantic


The hurricane center said in its 5 p.m. update the "far northern fringes of the hurricane will brush the Big Island on Wednesday". "If it does, it will become Typhoon Hector". “The probability for major hurricanes making landfall along the United States coastline and in the Caribbean is below normal due to the forecast for a below-average season.”. Read More »

The best meteor shower in years is happening August 11-13


And this coming week we'll see what many astronomers consider the very best of all meteor showers - the Perseids. The peak of the meteor shower will be August 11th - 13th. Look for the constellation Perseus in the northeastern portion of the sky. Best viewing time? Well, you might want to take a nap before you head out there. Read More »

Environment Canada issues heat warning for Toronto


A heat warning is still in effect for London, Windsor-Essex, and Chatham-Kent. Overnight minimum temperatures will only fall to near 20°C, providing little relief from the heat. They're reminding everyone not to leave people or pets inside parked vehicles. Monitor for symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion, such as high body temperature, lack of sweat, confusion, fainting, and unconsciousness. Read More »

Astronomers discover freaky rogue planet glowing with auroras


It was initially thought to be much larger and much older, but the new study has found that the object (called SIMP J01365663+0933473) is "only" 200 million years old. However, they agree that a dividing line can be achieved when an object is around the size of 13 Jupiter masses. Although the discovery of a rogue planet is rare, with only a few identified to date, scientists believe there could be many more in the universe waiting to be discovered. Read More »

Sunday storm chances followed by cooler weather


Highs will climb into the upper 80s this afternoon, a few degrees above normal. We should get a break from the rain in the afternoon before another round of showers and storms materialize in the evening. Tonight: Partly Cloudy. Lows in the mid 70s. SATURDAY | Mostly cloudy with scattered rain and storm chances. High temperatures will be in the lower to middle 90s. Read More »

SpaceX Just Launched A Rocket With A Critical Reused Part


The new satellite will replace Telkom 1, which failed in a mysterious debris-shedding event in geostationary orbit previous year. The rocket's first stage made a successful landing on the " Of Course I Still Love You " drone ship. Although the rocket had to be torn down and refurbished between flights, there's been some clear improvement in that turnaround time for the block 5. Read More »

Blend of novices, veterans to fly on first private USA spaceships


The U.S. space agency NASA on Friday introduced the nine astronauts who will ride the first commercial space capsules into orbit next year. After each company successfully completes its crewed test flight , NASA will begin the final process of certifying that spacecraft and systems for regular crew missions to the space station. Read More »

New planet with strong aurora discovered 20 light years from Earth


It's believed that the magnetic dynamo mechanisms of this particular space object will help scientists discover more planets beyond our solar system using auroral radio emissions. By comparison, the Sun's surface temperature is about 5,500 degrees Celsius. On the team with Kao and Hallinan were J. Sebastian Pineda, now at the University of Colorado Boulder, David Stevenson of Caltech, and Adam Burgasser of the University of California San Diego. Read More »

Red Tide kills thousands of fish in Siesta Key


At least 90 sea turtles have been found stranded as the tide stretches well into nesting season. "During my time in office, we have invested millions of dollars to research and mitigate red tide along Florida's Gulf Coast", Scott said in a statement . Read More »

Man Arrested For Taunting A Yellowstone Bison


A message left at a phone listing for Reinke in OR was not immediately returned. Rangers made the arrest at around 10.45pm local time. "Our rangers do take this very seriously". Yellowstone rangers transported Reinke to Mammoth Hot Springs and booked him into the Yellowstone Jail. Reinke is now facing a number of charges, including harassing wildlife, which is a federal offense. Read More »