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Federal Government Releases National Near-Earth Object Preparedness Plan


The White House and NASA announced a new preparation plan Wednesday that could be used in the event a near-Earth object is on a collision course with the planet. According to the report, casualties could be in the millions if a similar event struck NY. Mr Johnson stressed it would take years to attempt to turn away a potential killer asteroid - several years to build a spacecraft then another few years to get it to the target. Read More »

Leeds rush hour bicycle ride for Clean Air Day


Children in cars stuck in traffic are exposed to double the level of pollutants than youngsters walking along even busy roads, raising their risk of health problems including asthma and potentially reducing the growth of their lungs. Young children are exposed to 30% more auto pollution than adults because they are short, according to new research. The latest research shows that in 2016, 234 deaths in Buckinghamshire were directly attributed to poor air quality. Read More »

Spotted in NY: DO NOT Touch This Plant, You Could Go Blind


If you must touch giant hogweed, wear disposable rubber gloves, a long-sleeved shirt and trousers. It can grow up to 14 feet tall, with thick leaves stretching two to five feet across and large clusters of white flowers gracing the top of the plant in an umbrella pattern. Read More »

On July 27, Mars to come closest to Earth in 15 years


Astronauts are trying to get to Mars, but the Red Planet is actually venturing nearer to Earth - enough to be visible to the naked eye. It seems that sometimes, the two planets are opposite to the side of the sun and they are far away, and sometimes Earth catches up with the neighbor and can pass it to close to it. Read More »

Trump signs executive order to establish proposed ‘Space Force’


Joseph Dunford "to carry that assignment out". "The president told a U.S. general to create a new Space Force as 6th branch of military today, which generals tell me they don't want", he wrote . Also on Monday, Cheryl Warner, a spokeswoman for Nasa's Human Exploration Directorate, said that the United States plans to send robotic explorers to the moon as soon as next year as a preparatory step towards sending astronauts back there for the first time since 1972. Read More »

Professor Stephen Hawking's ashes are buried in Westminster Abbey


Professor Hawking's voice, set to an original composition by Vangelis, famous for his " Chariots of Fire " piece among others has put together music that will accompany the professor's voice, notes a report by CNN . Astronaut Tim Peake and two of Hawking's oldest professional friends, cosmologist Martin Rees and Kip Thorne, an American physicist and Nobel Prize victor, will also be in attendance. Read More »

Astronomers spot supermassive blackhole destroying star


The incident happened 150 million light-years from Earth. Spanish scientists have tracked a supermassive black hole that is 20 million times greater than the Sun. "Over time, the new object remained bright in the radio and infrared domains, but not in the visible range". The measured expansion indicated that the material in the jet moved at an average of a quarter of the speed of light. Read More »

Antarctica ice loss trippled in five years, new study reveals


This might allow the contnent in 2070 to look "much like it did in the early decades of the century", the authors suggest, with ice shelves intact, slower loss from the ice sheet and reduced threat of sea level rise. "We're saying that the terrestrial segment of the ice sheet is more resilient at current carbon-dioxide levels". That's according to a new worldwide study. Read More »

Sen. Inhofe Wants Meeting With Fellow Oklahoman Pruitt Over EPA Issues


Among the speakers was Representative Kent Peterson of Salem, who had a message for Pruitt.... Pruitt has been the EPA Administrator since February 2017. Later in the day, the Oklahoman's support dwindled from one his allies, U.S. Sen. A spokesperson for the JCN told the Post that Marlyn Pruitt left her job earlier this year. Read More »

New planets found forming around star


However, instead of studying these gaps, both research teams instead analyzed the motion of carbon monoxide , which usually moves in a predictable way unless it comes into contact with gravitational obstacles - a planet for example. One of them is located 80 astronomical units (au) away from the star, while the other is at 140 au. As planets are always surrounded with gas and dust which forms an atmosphere around them causing them hard to pinpoint in the vast galaxy. Read More »

Woman Sues NASA For Possession of Moon Dust Gifted by Neil Armstrong


According to an NY Post report , Cicco claimed that she was gifted a small vial of moondust along with a handwritten note from Armstrong when she was 10 years old. Ms Davis and her new husband met the "buyer" at a Denny's Restaurant, only to discover it was a sting operation lead by Nasa's Inspector General . The data which was collected and sent back to Earth until 1977 and the Scientists were baffled by the gradual warming of the moon's surface, and the sensors are reading it. Read More »

Antarctica Is Losing An Unfathomable Amount of Ice


Part of West Antarctica , where most of the melting occurred, "is in a state of collapse", said co-author Ian Joughin of the University of Washington . An worldwide team of researchers led by Andrew Shepherd from the University of Leeds , UK, and Erik Ivins from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), conducted a study that led to a complete picture of how Antarctica's ice sheet is changing, revealing that prior to 2012 Antarctica was losing 76 billion tonnes of ice a year. Read More »

Antarctic Ice Sheet Is Melting Way Faster Than Expected, Scientists Warn


A series of research papers in the journal Nature tells a story of ice loss and global concern. Changes in global sea level , from 1992 to 2017, due to contributions from the Antarctic ice sheet. Antarctica is melting faster than anyone thought, scientists said in an alarming new study published Wednesday, and the subsequent rise in sea levels could wreak havoc on coastal communities over the next several decades. Read More »

A Powerful Dust Storm Has Darkened the Skies Over Opportunity on Mars


While the rover sent a transmission down to Earth on Sunday, the storm has intensified in recent days bringing "a dark, perpetual night over the rover's location", NASA said in a statement. It also showed the rover's temperature to be around -29C. Opportunity , however, has kept exploring well past its expected mission lifetime. NASA launched the twin rovers Opportunity and Spirit in 2003 to study Martian rocks and soil. Read More »

US, Mexico and Canada to host 2026 World Cup finals

The North American bid beat competition from Morocco, which was hoping to become just the second African country to host soccer's biggest worldwide tournament. Three cities each in Canada and Mexico will also host games. The Olympic Stadium, as well as 10 of the other stadiums being considered across North America, have artificial surfaces. Read More »

No impact from farmers' blockade on refinery operations - Total


The farmers' unions warned the three days action could be extended. "I want Total and biofuel producers to reach an agreement on a base price and a contract that will benefit rapeseed producers", Travert said, adding there was no risk of a shortage of petrol due to the movement. Read More »

Planet 600 Light Years Away From Earth Discovered by Indian Scientists


This has listed India among the countries which have discoveries of planets to their credit. They spent a year a half at PRL's Gurushikhar Observatory in Mount Abu, India, studying the changes in light coming from the planet's host star, EPIC 211945201 or K2-236, and performing an independent confirmation of its mass. Read More »

New Mars discoveries advance case for possible life


NASA discovered elements of life on Mars , traces back to 3 billion yeCuriosity rovers launched in 2012 has found an important element on Mars , responsible for life. She said that although the surface of Mars is presently "inhospitable", indications are that in the distant past the Martian climate allowed liquid water to exist on the planet's surface. Read More »

Mercedes Delay Upgrade due to Quality Issues


The biggest being the tyres, as the same Hypersoft, Ultrasoft and Supersoft compounds used in Monaco will be available again in Canada. As with Schumacher before him, he looks to have mastered heavy braking and acceleration on the circuit's long straightaways that lead into tight chicanes. Read More »

Earliest animal footprints found in China


The research was published Wednesday in the journal Science Advances by scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Virginia Tech. But when did animals leave the first footprint on Earth? This means that the symmetrical creature appeared before the Cambrian Period , Chen noted. Read More »

Hurricanes are slowing, which could be a big problem


New research shows it could also cause them to move from point A to point B more slowly, which might make them even more unsafe. Study author James Kossin of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says Harvey is a great example of what he found. Read More »

NASA To Make Big Announcement On Mars Curiosity Rover Discovery This Week

According to NASA, Thursday's debate will take part Michelle Thaler, assistant Director for science communications in the Planetary science division of the Agency. On May 20, the rover took the first rock sample since October 2016. But the resourceful Curiosity team came up with a new way to move the samples - a technique dubbed "feed extended sample transfer", which is more compatible with the FED than the previously used method, CHIMRA (Collection and Handling for In-Situ Martian Rock ... Read More »

'Building blocks of life' found on Mars


NASA's Mars Curiosity rover , slowly making its way up the side of a towering mountain of sedimentary rock at the center of its Gale Crater landing site, has found fresh evidence for the red planet's past - and possibly present - habitability, scientists reported Thursday. Read More »

Small asteroid spotted Saturday, disintegrates over Africa


Also, the scientist says that such examples are illustrative of the work of NASA: "This is a real event allows you to test our capabilities and gives some condence that our models predict collisions suited to respond to the potential impact of larger objects". Read More »

Small asteroid, first spotted hours earlier, disintegrates over Africa

The International Astronomical Union confirmed the rock entered the Earth's atmosphere on June 2 and was named Asteroid 2018 LA and was estimated at between 10 to 16 feet wide. An asteroid four times as big exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia , in 2013 in an airburst blowing out windows and injuring over 1,500 people with cuts caused by flying glass and debris. Read More »

Plastic bags jam stomach of dead whale

Thailand is one of the world's largest consumers of plastic bags. "If you have 80 plastic bags in your stomach, you die", Thon Thamrongnawasawat, a marine biologist, told The Independent . Indonesia, China, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam dump more plastic into the oceans than the rest of the world combined, according to Ocean Conservancy , a Washington-based non-profit. Read More »

Pipeline assets will attract buyers if feds can complete expansion, experts say


Canada has the world's third largest oil reserves but 99 percent of its exports now go to refiners in the US, where limits on pipeline and refinery capacity mean Canadian oil sells at a discount. Kinder Morgan Canada says the expansion project originated in response to requests from oil shippers to help them reach new markets by expanding the capacity of North America's only pipeline with access to the West Coast. Read More »