Friday, 15 February 2019
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Trump has sharp words for ABC's Vega, CNN's Collins


He mocked her for being in "a state of shock" that he called on her. Vega responded by clarifying that this was not the case saying, "I'm not Mr. President, thank you". Somewhat compromising , Trump said. But Trump continued to taunt her. "It is up to me, but I'm instructing them as per what the Senate wants, the Senate is making the decision", Trump said of the orders given to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Kavanaugh. Read More »

Trump speaks on new U.S., Mexico, Canada trade deal


The 11th-hour agreement was punctuated by a frenetic Sunday, with Canada's leaders teleconferencing throughout the day with top United States officials in Washington . Most news reports say the issues that are outstanding can be breached and there is an optimistic tone, so there could be an opportunity to buy the Canadian dollar if liquidity is ample and if it hasn't moved to far. Read More »

Trump says Kavanaugh had a 'bit of difficulty' with alcohol

The president also contended Kavanaugh did not mislead the panel about his drinking as a younger man, despite several contemporaries of the judge attesting to the contrary . The second, Deborah Ramirez , is cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Trump initially opposed such an investigation as allegations began mounting but relented and ordered one on Friday. Read More »

Spike in calls to sexual assault hotlines after Dr. Ford's testimony


The number of people helped by the National Sexual Assault Hotline was 201% above average yesterday. Experts said Ford's testimony, in which she explained in scientific terms how trauma affects the formation of memories in the brain, was reassuring to victims who might worry that they do not remember every detail of an attack. Read More »

Iran fires missiles at militants in Syria over parade attack


Elsewhere in his remarks, Hajizadeh said, "The terrorists used bullets [in their attack on Iranian people] and we responded to them using missiles". The strike came in stated retaliation for a September 22 shooting attack on a military parade in Iran's southwestern city of Ahvaz, which killed 26 people and left dozens of others wounded. Read More »

Indonesia scrambles to help quake-hit island as death toll tops 800


Sutopo said aid supplies had began arriving in Palu and were being distributed to those in need. Heavy machinery needed to move rubble has still not reached the area, so search and rescue efforts are being done primarily by hand. Indonesia is racing against the clock as authorities continue to rescue victims affected by the recent magnitude 7.5 quake. "When the wave came, I lost her", he said. Read More »

Senators: If Brett Kavanaugh Lied, He Will Not Be Confirmed

Dr. Ford has struggled to recall important recent events relating to her allegations, and her testimony regarding recent events raises further questions about her memory. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said: "We're not micro-managing this process". A senior administration official told the Times that Don McGahn was leading the White House effort to help direct the scope of the background check. Read More »

At least 844 people dead after 7.5 quake, tsunami in Indonesia

Hundreds of people had gathered for a festival on Palu's beach when the water surged. Some of them descended on gas stations to pump out fuel by hand for their generators. Aid has trickled into the city of Palu, but first responders have only recently reached the Donggala regency, home to more than 300,000 people. "However, as I said, early this morning, at 6 o'clock, we were informed that...all of the detainees have escaped because the building was destroyed by the quake and the tsunami", ... Read More »

Philip Hammond lays into Boris Johnson's Brexit 'fantasy world'


But it was striking given that this week's conference has become a Chequers-free zone. Having said that, during an interview with Sky News " Sophy Ridge on the topic of the potential impact Brexit might have on Ireland, he accused the Irish government (and the European Union commission) of attempting to oversimplify the situation, by looking for a "sweeping political answer'. Read More »

Graham tells Kavanaugh ‘you’ve got nothing to apologize for’


Kavanaugh has strongly and categorically denied that he has ever committed sexual assault or sexual misconduct. Graham has also suggested that there is no need for the FBI to do any sort of investigation into Brett Kavanaugh , disputing host George Stephanopoulos on the relevancy of looking into witnesses who may contradict his testimony. Read More »

Syria demands immediate withdrawal of 'illegal' foreign troops


The group said that Turkey should ensure the Idlib deal does not end up like last year's de-escalation zones in central and southern Syria , where rebel-held areas were later simply taken over by government forces. "It is high time for all those detached from reality to wake up, let go of their fantasies, and come to their senses, see matters realistically", he said. Read More »

Trump’s man Brett Kavanaugh accused of ‘gang rape’

Kavanaugh said . "Emphatically! The Swetnick thing is a joke!" Swetnick says she told at least two other people about the attack and can identify other witnesses to confirm her story. The White House has released the letter in the hope of proving their Supreme Court nominee is innocent of the allegations against him. "A lot of this would be substantiated if there was an investigation, which is what we want", said Avenatti . Read More »

FBI begins investigation into Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations

Ford, a California university professor, detailed her claims during the hearing that Kavanaugh tried to rape her at a party in 1982 when the two were still high school teenagers. Comey offered some insight into FBI agents' potential angle on the background investigation: "They know every married person remembers the weather on their wedding day, no matter how long ago". Read More »

Top Takeaways From Kavanaugh, Ford Hearings


Kavanaugh proclaimed his innocence, denying Ford's allegation again and vowing defiantly: "You may defeat me in the final vote, but you'll never get me to quit ". 27, 2018. President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other Republicans have cast Ford's allegation as part of a Democratic smear campaign meant to thwart Kavanaugh's confirmation. Read More »

Indonesia tsunami sweeps away buildings

A powerful quake hit central Indonesia on Friday, causing a tsunami that slammed into a city on Sulawesi island with officials saying the tremor had levelled "many" buildings. He, however, said that there wasn't great panic in his neighbourhood as most people evacuated their house timely. Sutopo said the bodies of numerous people killed by the tsunami had been found on the shores of local beaches, but there was no official word yet on how many lives had been lost. Read More »

Boris Johnson demands British PM Theresa May scrap her Brexit proposals


The ardent Brexiteer called for Britain and the European Union instead to negotiate a free trade agreement - dubbed "Super Canada" - mirroring the deal the bloc signed with Ottawa in 2016. Corbyn, himself previously a long-standing euro-sceptic, has been criticised by the pro-remain camp for not campaigning hard enough for Labour's anti-Brexit stance. Read More »

At least 48 people killed after natural disaster triggers tsunami in Indonesia


Mr Nugroho said essential aircraft can land at Palu airport's though AirNav, which oversees aircraft navigation, although the runway is cracked and the control tower damaged. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Indonesia had not asked for help but he had contacted President Widodo overnight to offer support and deep sympathies. Read More »

Russia maintains contacts with Israel over downed plane-agencies


Lavrov said. Lavrov pledged wide-ranging Russian aid in a meeting with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who faces worldwide condemnation, increasing US sanctions and fears of a possible USA intervention. 2254. Lavrov lobbied for strengthening the United Nations instead of the go-it-alone doctrine that Trump laid out in his General Assembly speech earlier this week, slamming the UN's central tenet of multilateralism from inside its halls. Read More »

PoK chief, onboard chopper that crossed into India, denies violating airspace


The helicopter came 700 mtrs inside Indian territory and was immediately retaliated by troops with small arms fire and it immediately went back, said reports. However, the chopper managed to land safely and none was injured in the incident. Reports suggested no anti-aircraft guns were used. The incident of the Pakistani chopper violating Indian airspace has come a day after External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, while addressing the United Nations General Assembly in NY, raised the issue ... Read More »

Meet the women who confronted Sen. Flake on an elevator


But this year de Leon is attacking her alongside Republicans for her handling of the Ford letter. Flake said he was overwhelmed by "the hearing itself, the aftermath of the hearing, watching pundits talk about it on cable TV, seeing the protesters outside, encountering them in the hall". Read More »

Kellyanne Conway: 'I'm a victim of sexual assault'


You can't be upset for the victims of sexual assault and somehow not think it's appropriate to seek justice. Tapper was surprised by Conway's revelation and was sympathetic towards her. "I've just had it", Conway said. Conway was referring to an incident that happened Friday, when the Arizona senator - who voted yes on advancing the Kavanaugh nomination to the Senate floor - was confronted by two women who shared their own stories as victims of sexual abuse. Read More »

Trump postpones meeting with DOJ's Rosenstein until next week


It wasn't clear whether Trump will place any demands on Rosenstein at their meeting, such as asking him to recuse himself from overseeing Mueller's probe, a person familiar with the matter said. Trump has said he is inclined to let Rosenstein remain in his job for now, though it is expected that he will depart the Justice Department along with Attorney General Jeff Sessions after November's elections. Read More »

FBI's Kavanaugh investigation appears narrow in scope

Another woman, Deborah Ramirez of Colorado, claims Kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a drunken party when they were freshmen at Yale. Trump said on Twitter the NBC report was incorrect. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Aug. 23, 2018. Republicans who support Kavanaugh said there was no corroborating evidence for Ford's allegation. Read More »

Turkey's Erdogan calls on Germany to extradite Gulen supporters


She said at a news conference alongside Erdogan: "We favor there being a four-way meeting, because the situation is still fragile, between the Turkish president, the Russian president, the French president and me". The fate of German prisoners in Turkey will also be on the agenda. She also vowed to keep pushing for the release of five German citizens still being held in Turkey. Read More »

Hurricane Rosa expected to increase California surf as Kirk drenches Caribbean


In Los Angeles and Orange counties, surf could build up to eight feet high by late Saturday, and up to 10 feet Sunday and Monday on south-facing beaches. The National Hurricane Center said the main hazard is heavy rainfall, both in Mexico and the American Desert Southwest. Rosa, with maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour (140 kph), dropped down from a Category 2 storm overnight, coming down another notch on the five-step Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Read More »

Boris Johnson Calls Chequers Brexit Plan 'Deranged'


He said: " Unlike the Prime Minister, I campaigned for Brexit ". Johnson, who dropped out of May's cabinet in July over her Brexit plan, slammed May's suggestion that the United Kingdom and European Union could collect each other's tariffs as " entirely preposterous ", in an interview with the Sunday Times . Read More »

Third Salisbury Novichok attack suspect 'identified by police'


Zakharova wrote on Facebook late Wednesday. British Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said Thursday that the world would not be a comfortable place for Russia if it used chemical weapons, adding that the Kremlin may be regretting ordering an attack on a former Russian spy in Salisbury. Read More »