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Myanmar rejects int’l court’s right to Rohingya probe


Sundari said this will undoubtedly bring some much-needed hope and optimism for the more than one million Rohingya who have suffered under decades of brutal tyranny in Myanmar. The unprecedented ruling paves the way for Fatou Bensouda, the ICC's chief prosecutor, to further examine whether there is sufficient evidence to file charges in the case, exposing the country's leadership to future sanction. Read More »

Sweden faces political deadlock after gains by far-right party


The exit poll projected the far-right Sweden Democrats would get 19.2 per cent of Sunday's vote after Swedes had the opportunity to make their views on immigration known at polling places. But as Savage notes, that's not the case this year, in an unpredictable election where much of the vote has hinged on voter attitudes on the issue of immigration. Read More »

Pence says nobody on his staff wrote anonymous NYT op-ed


The vice president also disputed the veracity of one of the episodes reported by Bob Woodward in his new book, " Fear ", in which the veteran journalist writes that Trump economic adviser Gary Cohn removed a document from the president's desk in September 2017 to stop him from signing it. Read More »

Bob Woodward on "Fear" in the Trump White House


Reuters said the book paints "a picture of a White House gripped by fear , loathing and chaos". That word "lodestar" - which means "one that serves as an inspiration, model or guide", according to Merriam-Webster - inspired social media members to hunt around the internet for which Trump administration members might use it. Read More »

Pence: I'd take lie detector test over NYT essay

He added that he doesn't know the author's identity but repeated that the individual should resign. Mr Woodward has said he stands by his reporting. The anonymous editorial was published on Wednesday by the New York Times and attributed to a "senior" administration official. "What I see is a tough leader, a demanding leader, someone who gets all the options on the table", Mr Pence said on Fox News . Read More »

Pence Blasts Behavior at SCOTUS Hearing: Kavanaugh 'Distinguished Himself' Democrats 'Embarrassed Themselves'


And, at times , Donald Trump drives me insane, but he's produced, and Kavanaugh is the single best legal mind of his generation. "They are now attacking it through the courts", Malone said . More than half the states have no such protection. And, with all of that playing out under the shadow of the looming 2020 election, Mainers long comfortable with Collins and her pro-choice persona will find themselves in a decidedly different mood when it comes to her political future. Read More »

1 dead, 4 injured after shooting at McDonald's near Auburn University


A 21-year-old SC man was among four people injured in a deadly shooting near Toomer's Corner in Auburn, Ala. early Sunday. The department's official releases notes that officers were dispersing a nearby crowd, which had formed in the wake of the university football team 's win on Saturday night. Read More »

Ex-Trump adviser George Papadopoulos jailed in Russian Federation inquiry


Federal sentencing guidelines under Papadopoulos's plea deal called for a penalty between probation and six months in prison. Despite constant attacks by the president, Mueller and his team "are conducting a serious, professional investigation " into the 2016 Trump campaign's contacts with Russians, Warner said in a statement. Read More »

Peace overture? No ballistic missiles seen in North Korea’s 70th anniversary parade


North Korea staged a military parade to celebrate the country's 70th anniversary Sunday - but markedly missing was the regime's collection of long-range ballistic missiles or any mention of its nuclear program. With tensions once again on the rise, a parade featuring the very missiles that so unnerved Mr Trump previous year - and led to a unsafe volley of insults from both leaders - could have been seen as a deliberate provocation. Read More »

Trump Demands NYT Turn Over Anonymous White House Critic


Asked if he would take any action against the Times , Trump says "we're going to see, I'm looking at that right now". Anyone can ring up and say anything they want. For these reasons, writes Bunch, Congress must invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. "I know I was criticized in one magazine where the writer was retarded", Trump told Stern. Read More »

Trump responds to 'treason' from within

The anonymous author, claiming to be part of the " resistance " to Trump "working diligently from within" his administration, said, " Many Trump appointees have vowed to do what we can to preserve our democratic institutions while thwarting Mr. Read More »

Florence to Become Hurricane Soon; Possibly Historic


On Saturday morning, Florence's center had maximum sustained winds of 65 miles per hour. That means Florence could approach the coast from a right angle - rather than the typical glancing blow - and then move inland. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster emphasized that there's no way to know yet when and where the storm will hit land, or when evacuations might be called. Read More »

U.S. urges Paraguay to rethink Israeli embassy move


Former Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes last May visited Israel especially in order to open the new embassy in Jerusalem, following similar moves by the U.S. The success of Arab diplomacy with Paraguay can be pursued with Guatemala as well, which can be persuaded to respect United Nations resolutions on Jerusalem and pave the way for a just solution to the holy city that corresponds with relevant United Nations decisions on the Palestinian conflict that calls for a full Israeli withdrawal ... Read More »

Section 377: What happened in the past 9 years


ASG Thushar Mehta, appearing for the Central Government, further requested that the Court should confine itself to the issue whether homosexuality should be criminalised, eschewing consideration of issues regarding civil rights of sexual minorities. Read More »

At least 2 dead, dozens missing after major natural disaster strikes Japan


The post is also checking on Filipino tourists or business travelers in Sapporo, a popular tourist destination in Hokkaido. Authorities expect the death toll to rise as the landslide that followed the tremor may have buried many. The death toll from a powerful quake that rattled the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido doubled to at least 16, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Friday, with more than half the island's 5.3 million residents still without power. Read More »

Paraguay changed its mind on Jerusalem. Israel reacted swiftly


Paraguay's new government has announced that it will move its embassy in Israel back to Tel Aviv - just three months after shifting it to Jerusalem . Paraguay reversed its decision on Wednesday prompting Israel to shutter its embassy in Paraguay and warn that ties between the countries would be "strained". Read More »

Novichok attack: Russian pair charged


But experts say it's hallmark GRU, the Russian military spy agency with a brutish reputation that's increasingly taking on high-profile, high-risk operations to damage Russia's enemies, or simply strike fear. Officers have formally linked the attack on the Skripals to events in nearby Amesbury when Dawn Sturgess , 44, and her partner Charlie Rowley, 45, were exposed to the same nerve agent. Read More »

China says retaliation ready if USA tariffs go ahead


Those tactics, U.S. trade officials allege, include stealing trade secrets through computer hacking and forcing USA companies to hand over technology in exchange for access to the Chinese market. Some are shifting supply chains to avoid tariffs. Mexico is taking over as the top buyer of U.S. soybeans as China shuns the oilseed after imposing tariffs on American supplies in July. Read More »

Trump to fault supporters if impeached as US President


Trump said. "It's a awful thing". As he stood alongside Tester's opponent, state Auditor Matt Rosendale, Trump said Tester "will never drain the swamp because he happens to live in the swamp". President Donald Trump has a long memory. For months, he's been calling on his base to elect Republicans because of the specter of impeachment. Read More »

India Joins 25 Nations Where Homosexuality Is Legal


Section 377 refers to "unnatural offences" and says whoever voluntarily has carnal intercourse against the order of nature with any man, woman or animal, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, or with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to 10 years, and shall also be liable to pay a fine. Read More »

Remnants of 'Gordon' set to surge into the tri


Flash flood watches this morning stretch from Arkansas to Maryland. As the storm tracks northeast the heaviest rainfall is expected Saturday night and Sunday. Near Pensacola, Florida, more than a foot of rain has fallen in the last few days. It may prevent that tropical moisture from heading too far north and could potentially limit rainfall totals further north and over the Niagara Frontier. Read More »

Former President Obama delivers speech at University of IL

Obama's remarks signaled he would not pull any punches in taking on Trump, who Obama has studiously avoided attacking by name after handing him the keys to the presidency in January of 2017. From this profound analytical error has followed a second one: that Donald Trump represents a sudden departure from the Republican Party's character. Read More »

U.S. senator suggests using Constitution to oust Trump


Sen. Chris Coons of DE said, " President Trump continues to show a troubling trend in which he views the Department of Justice as the private legal department of the Trump organization rather than an entity that is focused on respecting the Constitution and enforcing our laws". Read More »

75 sentenced to death


On Saturday, the court also sentenced 46 others to 25 years in prison each in the same case. Mahmoud Abu Zaid, a photojournalist known as "Shawkan" whose detention has been decried by rights groups at home and overseas, received five years in prison. Read More »

Montana teen removed from Trump's rally goes viral as #PlaidShirtGuy


Trump's rally at MetraPark. Asked if anyone has been negative towards him, Linfesty said , "I mean it is the internet, so you are always going to find some negative stuff". "Very respectfully just told me to leave". "But whenever I agreed with him, I clapped as well", he said. "I don't think any of us had any idea we were going to be that big on TV, because whenever I see a Trump rally, you see Trump, you see hundreds of people behind him - that's my experience at least". Read More »