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Trump stumps for Republican Senate hopeful Braun in Indiana


Vucci has been covering Trump since his 2016 campaign and has photographed dozens of his rallies. A photo of the incident, which went viral on social media after the rally, shows the unidentified volunteer stretching the back of his hand over the lens of the photographer's camera as he attempts to capture the moment. Read More »

Gov. Scott attends service honoring Sen. McCain


Trump did say of McCain during the Bloomberg interview that he "respect (s) his service to the country". McCain's funeral puts him back in the spotlight a few miles from Trump's doorstep, in the city where the senator, who died last Saturday days short of his 82nd birthday, worked and collected friends and enemies - some in both camps at different times . Read More »

Lawyer was told Russia had 'Trump over a barrel'


The details of the exchange were confirmed to The Associated Press by multiple people. For the president's narrative to be correct with Bruce Ohr and everyone else, we have to have everyone affiliated with this investigation to be hopelessly corrupt, to be actually clever over a very long period of time, actually to have begun this episode even prior to the American election, and in addition to the men and woman in government doing this, they had to have the cooperation of CNN, the New ... Read More »

Alexander Zakharchenko killed in Donetsk cafe explosion


It added that blast also injured Alexander Timofeyev, the deputy prime minister of the self-proclaimed republic. More than 10,000 people have died in the conflict. The separatists have been dogged by infighting that has sometimes turned violent. Among the prominent separatists who have been targeted are former Luhansk leader Igor Plotnitsky, who was severely injured in 2016 when a bomb exploded near his auto; Arsen Pavlov, a feared squadron leader known as "Motorola" who died when the ... Read More »

President Trump Announces Irish Visit

The president's foreign trips - he also will visit Ireland and Colombia - will take place shortly after the midterm elections and could come at a time of political tumult if Democrats succeed in winning control of at least part of Congress. Read More »

Two Hurt In Amsterdam Station Stabbing, Suspect Shot, Say Police


A while later he saw another man lying on the ground nearby, he said. The two knife victims have been transferred to hospital while the suspect has been arrested and taken for treatment. But amid a number of scares and reports that people linked to some of the attacks may have crossed briefly into the country, concerned top Dutch security and intelligence officials have stressed that the threat level is substantial. Read More »

Sam Patten, Manafort associate, pleads guilty in case referred by Mueller


In an interview with the Washington Post past year, Patten gushed that Kilimnik helped Manafort understand Ukrainian politics while the longtime political operative was working in the country. The person identified as "Foreigner B" then went to the inauguration with Patten, who admits he lied to the Senate Intelligence Committee. His plea explicitly states he must cooperate "fully, truthfully, completely and forthrightly" with Mueller's team - a fact that could prove crucial to prosecutors ... Read More »

Trump administration to cut $300 million from UN Palestinian refugee agency


This latest report follows last week's announcement by the US State Department that it will cut more than $200 million in bilateral aid to the Palestinian Authority. Earlier on Friday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said Germany would increase its contributions to UNRWA because the funding crisis was fuelling uncertainty. Read More »

Couple ordered to hand over homeless man’s GoFundMe money

McClure, in return, created a GoFundMe campaign with her boyfriend 35-year-old Mark D'Amico to raise money for Bobbitt to thank him. The judge ordered a complete accounting to be done on McClure and D'Amico's finances to determine if any fundraiser money had been spent improperly. Read More »

USA to extend ban on citizens' travel to North Korea


The special envoy will also discuss "establishing peace", "advancing inter-Korean ties", and the "denuclearization of the Korean peninsula", said Kim Eui-kyeom, a spokesman for South Korea's presidential Blue House. "Trump feels strongly that North Korea is under tremendous pressure from China because of our major trade disputes with the Chinese Government", the tweet read. Read More »

FBI Finally Responds to Trump’s China-Hillary Clinton Hacking Conspiracy


According to NBC News , the FBI issued a short statement on the claim: "The FBI has not found any evidence the (Clinton) servers were compromised". In an earlier tweet late Tuesday, Trump cited a "report just out". "As chief executive, the President has access to every piece of classified information in the holdings of the U.S. government", said Josh Campbell, a CNN analyst and former FBI Supervisory Special Agent. Read More »

Trump to Bloomberg: Sessions' job is safe until at least November elections


The website, which conducted an Oval Office interview with the president Thursday, reported that Trump declined to comment when asked if he'd keep Sessions on beyond November. Sessions, in a rare rebuttal, responded that he took control of the department the day he became attorney general and would not allow it to be "improperly influenced by political considerations". Read More »

Man threatened to kill newspaper staff over Trump editorials


Robert Chain called the Globe's newsroom and claimed he would shoot staff members in the head, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which said Chain later specified that he was retaliating against the newspaper's criticism of Trump's attacks on the news media. Read More »

Crash Involving Greyhound Bus Headed For SoCal Leaves At Least 4 Dead


Officials did not release any details about the patients' conditions. Police say a number of bus passengers were transported to hospitals with serious injuries. Photos on social media showed a truck on its side with the trailer's cargo scattered across the highway, and the Greyhound bus sitting upright with its front end obliterated. Read More »

Veteran MP Frank Field resigns, calling Labour a 'force for antisemitism'


West Bromwich East MP Tom Watson, the deputy Labour leader, said: "This is a serious loss to the party and I deeply regret Frank's decision". Field, who has represented Birkenhead since 1979, has spent virtually all his career as an MP on the backbenches, where he has built up a reputation as an expert on social security and combating poverty. Read More »

U.S. justice department criticises Harvard over 'racial bias'


Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, "No American should be denied admission to school due to their race". "While the DOJ's brief does not challenge Supreme Court precedent granting universities the right to freely select their own student body - presumably because it can not do so at this stage of the litigation - the Trump administration has advocated for "race-blind" policies, which Harvard and virtually all other universities have found are demonstrably insufficient to achieve ... Read More »

Trump renews attack against technology companies


U.S. President Donald Trump on Wednesday renewed his attacks on technology companies and platforms, including Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and Alphabet Inc's Google, saying they were "trying to silence" people and suggesting, without evidence, that their activities may be illegal. Read More »

White cop in Texas who killed unarmed black teen guilty of murder


A white former Texas police officer was convicted Tuesday for the April 2017 killing of an unarmed black teenager. The shooting killed Jordan, who was a passenger in the vehicle. Oliver is the first on-duty Texas officer in more than 40 years to be convicted in a shooting death, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Read More »

Lindsey Graham faults Jeff Sessions for "zero-tolerance" policy


While not urging Trump to fire Sessions, Graham said that Sessions would have to be replaced by a highly-qualified person who will not allow interference with special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation investigation. Several Republican senators have counseled Trump against replacing Sessions, cautioning that it would be hard to win Senate confirmation for a replacement while the Mueller investigation is ongoing. Read More »

Google pushes back after Trump claims it ignored SOTU address


Google did not promote either president's first speech to the U.S. Congress, "which is technically not a State of the Union address", the representative said. Yet more evidence can be found on a pro-Trump message board on Reddit, in a thread that was published during Trump's State of the Union address. But it's not the case that Google never promoted Trump. Read More »

4.4 magnitude LaVerne quake felt from East L.A. to Silver Lake


A resident in Lakewood reported a "real sharp and fast" shaking. An natural disaster of magnitude 6.2 struck off an eastern Indonesian province on Tuesday (Aug 28), the US Geological Survey said. "People who were very near it would have had strong shaking, potentially even throwing a few things off of shelves", Jones said during a briefing at the Caltech Seismological Laboratory. Read More »

Trump Made Plans to Buy and Suppress National Enquirer Dirt

The existence of the plan, which was never finalized, has not been reported before. President Trump at one point devised a plan to buy decades' worth of unflattering stories the National Enquirer had collected about him but never published, according to a new report. Read More »

Thousands In Pakistan Protest Dutch Prophet Muhammad Cartoon Contest


Geert Wilders , an anti-Islam opposition leader in the Netherlands , has cancelled a competition for cartoons depicting Islam's Prophet Muhammad that sparked protests in Pakistan. The premier-in his video message released on social media sites-said West doesn't understand the notion that Muslims' perspective towards religion is quite different from theirs. Read More »