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Trump's Space Force Needs $8 Billion Over 5 Years, Pence Says


The US has detailed Donald Trump's plan for a US Space Force with the Vice President claiming Russian Federation and China have "already" transformed space. While there is broad recognition of the necessity of protecting the US military's assets in space - with satellites playing a central role in modern everyday life and military operations - there remains vigorous debate about the virtues of creating a separate military branch. Read More »

NGO lodges petition against Israel's 'nation-state' law


The petition argued that by declaring Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people alone, the law excludes the rights of its Arab citizens who make up around 20 percent of the population. The Nationality Law enshrines the status of the State of Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people. It has prompted particular outrage from Israel's Druze minority, whose members say the law's provisions render them second-class citizens. Read More »

Israeli strike kills two Hamas fighters in Gaza


It said Ahmad Morjan and Abed el-Hafeth el-Sillawi, both aged 23, were killed in the shelling, adding that no injuries were brought to hospital. In a subsequent statement , Hamas held Israel responsible for the death of the two fighters, with group spokesman Fawzi Barhoum warning Israel that it would "pay the price" for Tuesday's attack. Read More »

Aftershock rocks Lombok in Indonesia as death toll rises

The natural disaster killed more than 100 people in Lombok and injured hundreds of others, leaving thousands of locals homeless and tourists stranded. There are fears that two collapsed mosques in north Lombok had been filled with worshippers. BNPB's official death toll from Sunday's quake stood at 131 on Wednesday, although some Indonesian officials put the number at 347. Read More »

'It doesn't make sense': Met Éireann rejects UK Met Office forecast


A spokesman for the Met Office said: "Whilst many places will miss the heaviest rain, thunderstorms are likely to affect parts of east and southeast England during Tuesday afternoon and particularly into the evening". "Although temperatures are more likely to be warmer than average over the three months, this doesn't mean wall-to-wall sunshine, it can still be warm and cloudy". Read More »

Russia Warns of Severe Consequences if Georgia Joins NATO


Medvedev also emphasized that in his opinion the 2008 conflict between Russia and Georgia that emerged after Georgian military attacked Russian peacekeepers in the self-proclaimed republic of South Ossetia could have been avoided. "It could provoke a disgusting conflict". In a joint statement issued on the 10th anniversary of "the Russian military aggression against Georgia", the four countries demanded that Russia "fully implement" a 2008 ceasefire agreement and "engage in a constructive ... Read More »

Forensic Accountant Next Up in Manafort Trial as Gates Ends Testimony


He testified that he and Manafort knew they were committing crimes for years, concealing money in foreign bank accounts and falsifying bank loan documents. After Yanukovych lost power in 2014, "I would say it decreased the income stream", Gates, wearing a blue suit, told the court matter-of-factly. He scoffed at the idea Mr Gates had repented for his actions, noting that prosecutors have said they won't oppose his bid for probation and getting him to acknowledge he had not repaid the money ... Read More »

At least 91 dead, hundreds injured after quake rocks Indonesia


Some areas still had not been reached, with rescuers battling against collapsed bridges, electricity blackouts and damaged roads blocked with debris. Numerous buildings that collapsed this afternoon were built with shoddy materials according to a member of Indonesia's disaster mitigation agency that spoke with AFP news . Read More »

Argentina's Senate rejects bill to legalise abortion


With 31 votes in favour, 38 votes against and two abstentions the voluntary termination of pregnancy bill is rejected. Moreover, efforts to present abortion as a health emergency, calling clandestine abortions the primary cause of maternal death in the country, statistics show that this claim is simply false. Read More »

Lombok hit by another strong quake

An interagency meeting will be held Thursday to compare information, Nugroho said. The natural disaster killed more than 100 people in Lombok and injured hundreds of others, leaving thousands of locals homeless and tourists stranded. At a collapsed mosque in Bangsal district, emergency workers in orange uniforms removed a woman's body from the ruins on Wednesday morning. Thousands of tourists have left Lombok since Sunday fearing further earthquakes. Read More »

Rented Lamborghini gets $46000 fine in 3 hours in Dubai


Farah Hashi, 25, incurred the staggering fine from 33 speeding tickets with the DH1.3 million (AU$478,000) luxury vehicle just four hours after renting it from Saeed Ali Rent a auto last month. Speaking to BBC , Faris Mohammed Iqbal, a partner at the dealership has said that though the auto is still parked at the tourist's hotel, they won't be able to retrieve it once it is officially impounded due to the high fines. Read More »

British PM May, others flay Boris Johnson for ‘Islamophobic’ remarks


Boris Johnson has caused outrage with a newspaper article comparing women in burkas to bank robbers. Johnson, who is said to be on a foreign holiday, has not spoken out since his column was published on Monday. If you use the analogy of Christianity, would you ever write in The Telegraph that you should have a debate about banning Christians for wearing crucifixes? Conservative Party chairman Brandon Lewis said in a tweet that he had asked Johnson to apologize. Read More »

Apple, Facebook Clamp Down on 'Hate Speech'


In July both YouTube and Facebook removed videos from Infowars for violating their community-standards guidelines. "All users agree to comply with our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines when they sign up to use YouTube". Read More »

Manafort suggested Chicago banker Calk as Army secretary, according to Gates


In December 2016, Manafort sent an "urgent" email to Gates including Calk and Calk's son on a list of people Manafort wanted to receive invitations to Trump's inauguration. Meanwhile, Downing on Wednesday afternoon tried to draw the jury's attention back to admissions by Gates that he had embezzled funds from Manafort, asking Welch if his client could claim a business embezzlement deduction. Read More »

Israeli MK: 'Hamas Wants Quiet in Gaza, We Want The Same'


Meanwhile, a Palestinian teen died of his wounds Saturday a day after he was shot by Israeli troops during clashes on the Gaza border, the territory's Hamas-run health ministry said. A truck parks next to a security barrier inside the Kerem Shalom border crossing terminal between Israel and Gaza Strip January 16, 2018. A ministry spokesman was not immediately available to respond to a request for comment on the cable. Read More »

China defends Iran business ties after Trump threat


The North Korean foreign minister on Wednesday was quoted as describing the new measures as "inappropriate and contrary to worldwide standards". Mark Dubowitz, chief executive of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, said the first wave of sanctions targeting Iran's automotive sector as well as gold, steel, and other metals will add fuel to the protests. Read More »

Sen. Rand Paul Invites Russian MPs to Washington


Visiting Moscow on Monday, Sen. The delegation with Paul included Phillip Huffines, a Texas Republican who ran unsuccessfully in a primary race this spring, and Peter Goettler, president and CEO of the Cato Institute, the conservative Washington-based think tank. Read More »

Rand Paul delivers Putin letter from Trump


Paul announced the delivery Wednesday afternoon while meeting with various Russian leaders throughout the week. On a trip to Russian Federation this week aimed at boosting engagement with the USA adversary, Paul said Wednesday he was "honored" to deliver the missive which he said "emphasized the importance of further engagement in various areas including countering terrorism, enhancing legislative dialogue and resuming cultural exchanges". Read More »

Iran's Foreign Minister Zarif: US will not stop Iran oil exports

But that has proven hard, and European companies have quit Iran, arguing that they can not risk their US business. In comments carried by the Office of the President, Rouhani was said to have praised the two countries' "friendly and heartfelt relationship" and mutual support for each other, while warning that Washington should not be seen as trustworthy. Read More »

US urges Canada and Saudi Arabia to resolve feud


The Saudi government on Wednesday ordered some 16,000 Saudi students in Canada to pack their stuff and made arrangements for their relocation, whether they received government funding or not. The spat began last week when Canada's foreign ministry expressed its concern over the arrest of Saudi civil society and women's rights activists. Nevertheless, when Freeland was asked about Saudi Arabia's reaction to her comments, she said Canada stands by its stance "with great assuredness." The ... Read More »

NY Republican Chris Collins Arrested for Fraud


The charges were announced and the indictment unsealed in New York City on Wednesday. In the 22-page civil complaint, Collins, his son Cameron, and Stephen Zarsky, the father of Cameron's fiancee, are accused of insider trading. The U.S. attorney for the Southern District of NY plans to hold a press conference at noon to detail the charges against Collins and the two others. Read More »

Texas student poses with trained gator for graduation


The photos were posted on social media over the weekend, and immediately received a much larger response than she was expecting, she said. Since its publication on Friday, Noland's post has more than 200 shares and it only keeps growing. Makenzie learned Big Tex's favorite tricks and he warmed up to her, but she said all the gators have different personalities - and some are not definitely not as friendly. Read More »

Malaysia ex-PM Najib charged with money laundering


Najib stood calmly in the dock on Wednesday as the charges were read to him. The case was earlier heard before Sessions Court judge Azura Alwi, who allowed the prosecution's application to transfer the case to the High Court. The money laundering offence carries a penalty of a jail term of up to 15 years and a fine of not less than 5 times the value of the proceeds of any illegal transfers, or five million ringgit, whichever is the higher. Read More »