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Giuliani: End of Iranian Regime 'Around the Corner'


Meanwhile, Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Trump would never succeed in turning the Iranian people against him or the clergy. Netanyahu pointed to the change in the U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton made similar comments at an NCRI rally past year, saying that they would be out of exile and ruling Iran before 2019, the report said. Read More »

1 dead, 9 injured as tour boat explodes


One person was killed and nine others were injured after a tour boat exploded early Saturday in the Bahamas . Another boat nearby was able to rescue numerous passengers. One female succumbed to her injuries. The cause of the boat fire is now under investigation. "We are saddened and our hearts are hurting, but we will get through this together", Cooper said in a Facebook post. Read More »

Images show North Korea upgraded missile site even as Trump, Kim met


Bolton told CBS News that if Pyongyang has already made the "strategic decision" to end its weapons development program and "they're cooperative, we can move very quickly". It also reported Pyongyang has secret production facilities, according to the latest evidence they have. Bolton refused to comment on intelligence matters but the United States was going into nuclear negotiations aware of Pyongyang's failure to live up to its promises in the past. Read More »

A Controversial Mayor Has Been Shot Dead in the Philippines


Antonio Halili was hit in the chest by a single shot fired from a distance, unleashing chaotic scenes during the weekly flag raising ceremony at the town hall in Tanauan, south of Manila. Though the Philippines sees occasional slayings of local politicians, the brazen nature of the killing and links to Duterte's drug war drew immediate outrage. Read More »

The US Ambassador to Estonia Resigned, Frustrated by Trump


Jim Melville, a 33-year diplomat who has been posted in Tallinn since 2015, was approaching retirement but announced his decision to leave early to friends in a private Facebook posting that was obtained by Foreign Policy . His first secretary of state, former oil executive Rex Tillerson, clashed with the White House over nominees and the administration struggled to fill posts . Read More »

Malaysia investigates marriage of man to 11-year-old girl


Malaysian media said Che Abdul Karim, who is also an imam in a rural village in northeast Kelantan state, already has two wives and six children aged 5 to 18. "His children are my friends". She said that she was trying to highlight the point that age is not the only factor that ensures a marriage is " sunnah " or lawful. Read More »

ABC to Air Stephanopoulos Interview With Cohen Monday

Cohen has become ensnared in a federal investigation into whether Trump's presidential campaign colluded with Russian Federation. Trump has since cut ties with him. He told ABC: "Once I understand what charges might be filed against me, if any at all, I will defer to my new counsel, Guy Petrillo, for guidance". Last month, President Trump told reporters at the White House that Cohen was not his lawyer anymore. Read More »

1 dead, multiple injured in Bahamian boat explosion | Staff

Exuma police did not specify the nationalities of those injured or killed. The U.S. Coast Guard's Clearwater crew transported four people back to Florida . Authorities are investigating the cause of the explosion. Video shot by onlookers on a neighboring showed the aftermath of the explosion. Several people on a nearby boat jumped into the water to help and dragged at least one person to safety. Read More »

Annapolis newspaper says it received threats after fatal shooting


Four journalists and a sales assistant were killed in the Thursday afternoon's bloodshed in Maryland . Anne Arundel County Police Chief Timothy Altomare told Fox News he knew each of the victims . Then Ramos "went silent" for more than two years, Marquardt said. The mayor also said: "Journalists, you don't get paid enough to put your life on the line, we're not in some war zone, we're not in some third-world country with a dictator". Read More »

Duckworth doesn’t join Dem colleagues in calls to abolish ICE


The letter informed the Trump administration that stepped-up enforcement against families seeking asylum in the USA had detracted from the fight against violent criminal elements. Over the final two years of the Obama administration, that number was 86 percent. "The radical left Dems want you out", Trump wrote in his tweet , referring to ICE. Read More »

'Ready for action': Charlotte protesters join effort against immigration policies

Protesters chanted "shame!" and sang "shut detention down!" at the kickoff of a New York City march Saturday. Organisers said the main march in Washington D.C. we're not". He bowed to public pressure after weeks of domestic and worldwide outrage. Tweeting from New Jersey on Saturday, Trump urged ICE agents to "not worry or lose your spirit". Read More »

Merkel's coalition on the brink over migration stand-off


Merkel has insisted on Europe-wide solutions to handling the waves of desperate foreigners trying to reach the continent and the standoff could spell the end of her fourth government. Under the deal brokered in Brussels, EU leaders agreed to consider setting up "disembarkation platforms" outside the bloc, most likely in North Africa, in a bid to discourage migrants and refugees boarding EU-bound boats. Read More »

With Russian Support Assad Already Rules Southwestern Syria


Saturday's talks came on the heels of similar negotiations which took place Friday, in which the Russians tabled their conditions to halt a Russian-backed government offensive to capture rebel-held areas along the borders with Jordan and the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights . Read More »

Sen. Collins: No Roe v Wade opponent for high court

Collins has said previously that she wouldn't support someone who pledges to overturn Roe v. Wade , the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion in the U.S. "I will be making my choice for justice of the United States Supreme Court on the first Monday after the July 4th holiday, July 9th!", Trump tweeted Saturday . Read More »

The EU leaders agreed on a common policy towards refugees

Speaking of his pleasure at a deal on migration being reached, Italy's new hardline Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said: "Italy is no longer alone after this European Union summit". The EU would also seek to establish migrant processing centers outside Europe - most likely in North Africa and the Balkans - through agreements with those countries. Read More »

Cards on the table time for Brexit says Donald Tusk


The UK government is due to release a long-anticipated white paper early next week, which is set to outline its position on a post-Brexit future for the country. "Depending how realistic and compatible they are with the rules we have set from the beginning, we will see how we can move forward". Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier today said there remained "huge and serious" gaps between the two sides, particularly over the Irish border. Read More »

German Interior Minister offers to resign over asylum policy


The dpa news agency, citing information from unidentified participants, reported that a almost eight-hour meeting of the CSU in Munich was put on hold after Interior Minister Horst Seehofer made his offer. Member countries could also create processing centres to determine whether the new arrivals are returned home as economic migrants or admitted as refugees in willing states. Read More »

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspects island areas near China


Improvements to the infrastructure at North Korea's Yongbyon nuclear research center are continuing "at a rapid pace", according to an analysis of recent satellite imagery. If, as the President said, the nuclear program is solved, then Washington has little recourse if China chooses to resume trading with North Korea. "That means there are at least three, if not more sites". Read More »

Fearless pup saves owner from rattlesnake bite in Arizona


Godwin rushed Todd to a local animal hospital where he was treated for the bite. "My hero of a puppy Todd saved me", she wrote on Facebook . Just as Goodwin was about to unknowingly step on the snake, Todd spotted it and jumped in front of his owner's leg. Read More »

Obama Breaks Silence, Warning Democrats They Should ‘Be Concerned’


These were his first public comments in months. The trip will also benefit Obama's growing post-presidency foundation, with the former President meeting with prospective donors to his foundation. Tickets for the event started at $10,000 and topped out at $237,300 per couple, a Democratic source said. "You are right to be concerned", he said in a conversation with DNC Chairman Tom Perez, according to the Los Angeles Times . Read More »

Prankster Tries to Call Trump, Says Trump Called Him Back


The White House's Office of Legislative Affairs, which typically coordinates phone calls from Congress to the president, tried to kill the call when it realized Menendez had not tried to reach Trump . As for Melendez , he tweeted his shock that not more people had picked up the prank call . "There's a whole protocol for making phone calls and receiving phone calls". Read More »

French convict escapes from prison via a helicopter


Almost 3,000 French police have been drafted into the manhunt, a police source told AFP. The passenger it sought was a 46-year-old gangster named Redoine Faid , who had been serving a 25-year sentence at the prison for armed robbery and murder. Read More »

North Korea Believed to be Increasing Nuclear Production

One U.S. official said the regime has stopped nuclear and missile tests but "there's no evidence that they are decreasing stockpiles, or that they have stopped their production". I shook hands with him. "I really believes he means it". Joel Wit, a former diplomat who helped the USA negotiate with North Korea including a nuclear agreement between the US and the regime in 1994, said the US believed the rogue regime had two sites to "enrich nuclear fuel" including Yongbyon and another, but the ... Read More »

Egypt refuses European Union call for migrant reception centers


The European Union is to set up migrant control centers that will ostensibly serve to differentiate between refugees, who will have the right to protection from the bloc under worldwide law, and irregular migrants, who will be returned to their country of origin, official said on Friday. Read More »

Man stabs 9 people at toddler's birthday party


Idaho is deeply conservative, particularly outside of Ada County where Boise is located. Victim witness coordinators and counsellors were being made available to the victims, their families and friends and other residents of the flat complex, Bones said. Read More »