Thursday, 21 February 2019
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Spain's conservative leader faces no-confidence vote


During Thursday's pre-vote debate, Rajoy said the corruption case "does not concern members of the government" and repeated the party's argument that only a tiny number of its politicians have been tainted by corruption. Sanchez and his party are staunch supporters of the European Union and the shared currency. Al Jazeera's Neave Barker, reporting from Madrid , said Rajoy's demise was unprecedented in recent Spanish history. Read More »

Trump Aide: Canada Trade Row a "family Quarrel", Trudeau Overreacting


Trudeau told NBC News' Chuck Todd in an interview that aired Sunday. "The idea that, you know, our soldiers who had fought and died together on the beaches of World War II ... Trump has been critical of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Canada and Mexico , saying it has harmed the United States economically. Read More »

Italy's populist leaders reach deal to resurrect coalition


President Sergio Mattarella has reportedly summoned Mr Conte and is expected to hand him his second mandate in eight days to form a government. The coalition plans to revive Italy's sluggish economy by rejecting austerity and increasing spending, and also wants to renegotiate European Union treaties and review the bloc's economic governance. Read More »

Alleged Tennessee Deputy Killer Arrested after Manhunt, Police Say


Burch found Wiggins not far from where the shooting occurred. "Great job performed by the men and women of local, state & federal law enforcement, National Guard Reserve, media and our citizens", Stewart said. The deputy was found dead inside of it. "His service to his country and community will always be remembered", the statement said. A district attorney says the state of Tennessee will seek the death penalty against a man and woman charged with premeditated murder in the death of a ... Read More »

Kudlow: Trudeau is 'overreacting' to USA tariffs

In his statement announcing the tariffs on Thursday, May 31, Trump called the decision, among other things, "a satisfactory alternative means to address the threat to the national security". Although the NSS pledges to "work with our partners to contest China's unfair trade and economic practices", President Trump has shown little interest in such an agenda. Read More »

North Korea's top military officials replaced


The reshuffle was confirmed yesterday by a senior U.S. official, speaking anonymously to Reuters . Ri Myong-su, 84, chief of the general staff of the Korean People's Army, has been replaced by Ri Yong-gil, his deputy. 'The nuclear weapons are a side issue, ' he said. It also reflects Kim's push to shed his reclusive image and seek wider contacts, including apparent efforts underway to hold talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Read More »

Cops got DNA of suspected 'Golden State Killer' from tissue


Investigators zeroed in on Mr. DeAngelo earlier this year by running DNA from the crime scenes through an online database and finding a relative of the suspect. The Golden State Killer , also known as the Original Night Stalker and the East Area Rapist, is believed responsible for at least 12 homicides, 45 rapes and 120 burglaries throughout the state, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Read More »

Several dead as Guatemala volcano erupts


The volcano spewed black smoke and ash into the sky, prompting the evacuation of some 100 people and forcing the capital's La Aurora global airport to shut down its only runway. The news outlet also said the Guatemalan military was providing help which includes clearing volcanic ash from La Aurora airport's runway. The stratovolcano - a volcano built from layers of ash and lava - "has erupted on and off for centuries", according to the U.S. Read More »

Weighs more S.C. Sea patrols to confront 'new reality' of China


The president's tweet comes after the White House announced the official USA delegation to China for a series of upcoming meetings slated to be held next week, following talks held in Beijing and Washington last month. Mr Carr says Senator Jim Molan's "brutally realistic" assessment last week that China had won in the South China Sea was backed publicly and privately by other senior military members. Read More »

German police shoot knife-wielding man in Berlin Cathedral


But the officer also stuck his colleague in the gunfire, Berlin police spokesman Winfrid Wenzel said. A man was rioting in the cathedral with a knife. "A shot was sacked in the Berlin Cathedral", a police spokeswoman told Reuters . Police said the suspect underwent surgery, while the officer was treated for minor injuries and released. Read More »

Trump meets with families of Santa Fe school shooting victims


However, Trump has rarely put any thought to what he says - and instances where he has actually acted upon his words are even rarer. "Thank you Mr Trump". After meeting with the families, Trump attended a fundraiser luncheon at the St. Regis in River Oaks hosted by the National Republican Senate Committee. Read More »

Giuliani says Trump and his legal team will fight any subpoena

Giuliani added, "I think the political ramifications of that would be tough". That is because, they say, obstruction of justice "would amount to him obstructing himself " as the nation's chief law enforcement officer . "If the President decided he was going to pardon himself , that's nearly self-executing impeachment ". "But I don't think a President should pardon themselves ". Read More »

Venezuela releases 39 political prisoners


Maduro, "the path of dialogue, the path of unity, the path of peace". "This is the first step toward what Venezuela should be, as we move away from hate and intolerance". In May, Maduro's government freed 20 people who were arrested during protests against widespread blackouts and Utah man Joshua Holt, who was jailed almost two years ago on weapons charges that USA officials considered bogus. Read More »

Driver flees zombie knife attack by cyclist


The incident took place after the Volkswagen nearly hit the cyclist while trying to pull out into traffic. The man then pulls out a blade appearing to be more than 10 inches long typically used for survival or hunting purposes. Police were called at around 5pm in the evening to reports of males "smashing a vehicle window", according to a Met Police spokesman. Scotland Yard identified the victim as a 19-year-old man and said he didn't sustain any injuries in the attack. Read More »

National Met Service informs about 2018 Hurricane season


Four of those are predicted to be major. Bottom line: NOAA's outlook for the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season . More specifically, the NOAA forecasters predict a 35 percent chance of an above-normal season, a 40 percent chance of a near-normal season, and a 25 percent chance of a below-normal season for this hurricane season. Read More »

Trump's Net Worth on the Decline, Drops to $2.8 Billion


US President Donald Trump's net worth dropped by $100 million in the past year, Bloomberg reported Thursday , putting it at the lowest level since his presidential campaign in 2015, when Bloomberg began tracking his wealth. Loss leaders included Trump's Doral, Palm Beach and Mar-a-Lago clubs in Florida, while his courses in Scotland and Ireland made money. "The location of a property affects the rents it can achieve", she said in an email. Read More »

2 dead and 2 missing in Long Island plane crash


Alongside the Coast Guard, the Air National Guard and East Hampton Town Police were involved in the search efforts, according to the New York Post . "Our deepest sympathies go out to the families and loved ones of the two recovered individuals". Read More »

Trump can probably pardon himself, but has no plan to: Giuliani


Giuliani said last month that he wanted any interview of Trump to be limited in scope and length, suggesting it to be only 2-1/2 hours and not under oath. He said Trump is not planning to do so but that he likely could. Critics accused Trump of subverting the rule of law. The memo, written by lawyers John Dowd and Jay Sekulow , argued that a higher bar needed to be set for Trump to sit down for an interview with Mueller and his team because the president is busy running the country and ... Read More »

USA hits China for coercion


China relying on muscle to use weapons to pursue goals not favored by global tribunals " is not a way to make long-term collaboration the rule of the road in a region that's important to China's future", Mattis said , when asked to elaborate more on the consequences. Read More »

NDP says Wynne appeal for minority guarantees Ford win

The first-time candidate says a huge weight has been lifted off his shoulders, now that the Premier has helped shift the focus of the campaign to stopping a majority government from being elected. "We need to do everything to make sure we get at least eight seats in the we can be in a position again to be a moderating influence on the other two parties", he said. Read More »

Man with knife, officer wounded in Berlin cathedral shooting

The circumstances of the incident remain unclear. A man has been shot by a German police officer at the Berlin Cathedral . It is not known whether anyone else was hurt in the incident at Berlin's main Protestant cathedral. "Based on what we know so far, we have no information that the suspect in any way had a terrorist or Islamist motive", a police spokesman said. A policeman shot the knife-wielding man in the legs. Read More »

Led coalition raids kill 12 civilians in Syria's Hasakeh


Earlier it was reported that the Pentagon spent $ 20 million on the study of UFOs. As President Donald Trump participated in the coast guard's change of command ceremony Friday morning, the Pentagon told Congress it estimated US military action killed almost 500 civilians previous year. Read More »

In Leaked Letter, Trump Legal Team Battles Mueller Subpoena Power


Comey's firing has reportedly been a key element of Mueller's probe into obstruction of justice, but in the letter released Saturday, Trump's lawyers argue his exchange with Holt was "misreported and mischaracterized". It again makes the case that Trump did not order the closure of the investigation but a president can close an investigation if he so chooses. The Times was the first to report on the existence of the letter, although the president appeared to foreshadow the newspaper's ... Read More »