Wednesday, 20 February 2019
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Results of IIT-JEE (Advanced) 2017 declared


Eamcet exams are conducted for admission to undergraduate programmes in the field of engineering, medical and agriculture studies. We have explained about it in the upcoming section below. Results of JEE Advanced will be sent as text messages to their registered numbers. Candidates who passed their 12th standard after June 2015 may also apply for JEE Advanced 2017. Read More »

UK leader May strikes tentative deal with N Ireland party

British Prime Minister Theresa May will form a government supported by a small Northern Irish outfit after her Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority in an election debacle days before talks on Britain's European Union departure are due to begin. Read More »

Who are Northern Ireland's DUP and what do they believe?


And former chancellor George Osborne, sacked from the Cabinet by Mrs May and now editor of the Evening Standard, told ITV: "Clearly if she's got a worse result than two years ago and is nearly unable to form a government then she I doubt will survive in the long term as Conservative party leader". Read More »

Islamic State threatens attacks in Saudi Arabia

It said they returned to Iran in August under the command of an Islamic State leader and escaped when authorities initially broke up their extremist cell. Senate soon after the attack to extend sanctions on Iran in a tweet. Iranian leaders sought to play down the attacks, with supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei saying: "These firecrackers that happened today will not have the slightest effect on the will of the people". Read More »

EU presses Britain to get its act together for Brexit talks

It now holds 318 seats. If May forms a minority government with support from the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), then she would enter Brexit talks heavily dependent on one side of the divide in Northern Ireland and on the eurosceptic wing of her own party. Read More »

US spy planes help Philippine troops quell siege

In Marawi , military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Jo-Ar Herrera confirmed the USA assistance , telling a news conference: "They are not fighting". "It does not involve any boots on the ground, nor is there any direct participation in combat operations, a matter prohibited by law", Mr. Abella also said, adding that "The Philippines is open to assistance from other countries if they offer it". Read More »

Macron confirms third French victim in London attack

A total of 48 people were injured and London hospitals are continuing to treat 29 people - 10 of whom are said to be in a critical condition. COUNTER-TERROR cops have swooped on an address in east London overnight and arrested a man on suspicion of planning a terrorist act. Read More »

DUP agrees principles to back UK Conservatives


British Prime Minister Theresa May's office today said talks were still ongoing with the Democratic Unionist Party on seeking its support for a Conservative government after earlier saying an outline agreement had been reached. "May's departure from Downing remorseless". Subsequently she said she felt "sorry" for colleagues who had lost jobs. The Sunday newspapers carried reports that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was set to launch a bid to oust her, although he dismissed ... Read More »

Tories and DUP to agree 'confidence and supply' deal

The deal with the DUP in Northern Ireland is on a "confidence and supply" basis, which means the party would lend its support to block no confidence votes and pass budgets. "The hung parliament makes both a "soft" Brexit (staying in the Single Market) and a chaotic Brexit (no deal) more likely than before, potentially even a second referendum", Citi said in a research note. Read More »

Intel chiefs won't say if Trump asked them to intervene in investigations


The hearing came a day before former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey's Thursday appearance before the Senate Intelligence Committee . "What is the legal basis for your refusal to testify to this committee?" asked Sen. Former national security adviser Michael Flynn arrives in the East Room of the White House in Washington , Monday, Feb. Read More »

France's Macron faces test in parliamentary elections

Their strategy has been to urge voters to make sure the opposition will be big enough to have some clout in Parliament. The vote was marked by record low turnout of 49 percent, reflecting the fatalism among Macron's opponents in the face of his seemingly unstoppable advance, experts said. Read More »

Britain's May still in talks with DUP on power deal


McDonnell said it was ultimately "for Jeremy to decide" whether changes would be made to the shadow cabinet but added: "It's a winning team I think we should hold together, but there are a number of vacancies that'll be coming up nearly certainly in addition to that there's other roles people can play". Read More »

Stress test: High-wire Cavaliers still alive in NBA Finals

But it's not as if this Cleveland team isn't already well versed in overcoming exceedingly huge odds. The Cavaliers' lead fluctuated up and down in the third quarter but they held a double-digit advantage throughout the quarter, ending with a 115-96 lead going into the fourth. Read More »

Anti-Islamic law, Muslim demonstrators gather in Waterbury

The turnout was relatively small, with rally crowds of a few dozen in many cities outnumbered nearly 10 to one by counter-demonstrators who tried to drown out their voices with drums, bullhorns and cowbells. Harsh words from anti-Sharia demonstrators led to pushing and shoving, the newspaper reports , and one counter-protester kicked an anti-Sharia demonstrator, which led to further fighting. Read More »

Gingrich: Congress 'should abolish' special counsel after Comey testimony


You have a director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation deliberately leaking in order to create a special counsel , who we're now supposed to believe is going to be this neutral figure. Comey was leading that probe. Reed, who yesterday said that he felt it was clear that Trump had put the screws to Comey in order to get him to drop the investigation into former security advisor Michael Flynn , wasn't pulling any punches. Read More »

Arab nations add names to terror list amid Qatar dispute

In the biggest diplomatic crisis in the region in years, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates, plus Egypt and Yemen , on Monday announced they were cutting all ties with Qatar, accusing it of supporting extremism. Only Kuwait hosts a stronger US military presence in the Middle East. The U.S. stages operations in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan from Al-Udeid airbase, the base of U.S. Read More »

UK General Election : Record number of women elected

The last time this country had a hung parliament , David Cameron and Nick Clegg made fearless decisions that, somewhat surprisingly, delivered "strong and stable" government for five years. But even if it joined together in a so-called progressive alliance with the Scottish National Party (SNP), Lib Dems, Green Party and Plaid Cymru, it would only reach 313 seats - short of the 326 figure. Read More »

Penguins defeat Predators, defend Stanley Cup title


What has been a factor is the way the home team is playing and more importantly winning but I think this game and series depends on Rinne ... "I think he sets the tone for our team". We know what we need to do in Game 6", Nashville coach Peter Laviolette said. It happens every 12 years or so; the removed bands go into the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. Read More »

Boris Johnson denies plot to topple UK PM Theresa May


Mr Crowther said: "Though she is personally damaged as our negotiator, the suggestion that Mrs May's dismal electoral performance relieves the Government of the need to achieve full Brexit is absolutely unacceptable". "May's departure from Downing remorseless". Defence Secretary Michael Fallon told the BBC the government would be able to muster parliamentary support for its Brexit plans, adding: "Our view of Brexit I don't think has changed". Read More »

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain May Loosen Curbs on Some Qatari Families

Erdogan said the recent crisis in the Gulf region serves only those who were gaining from instability in the Middle East . The base houses almost 10,000 U.S. Ashcroft's firm includes an array of former senior government officials including Sullivan, a former USA attorney in MA appointed by Bush to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). Read More »

Kuwait says Qatar is 'willing' to hold dialogue

Kuwait's ruling emir has traveled to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Em. Saudi Arabia and allies including the UAE and Bahrain cut diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday, accusing it of supporting extremism. Iranian media meanwhile reported Sunday that three traditional dhow boats carrying some 350 tons of fruit are to leave for Qatar from the small Iranian port of Dayyer. Read More »

United Kingdom prime minister makes Cabinet appointments


Now May needs to unite her party to support her in those Brexit talks. "I genuinely didn't expect this role", he told Sky News. Under Mr Cameron, Mr Gove was a reforming Education Secretary until he was demoted to Chief Whip after clashing with the education establishment, then elevated to Justice Secretary . Read More »

Gulf nations may let some Qataris stay amid diplomatic rift

Turkey's parliament is this week fast tracking the dispatch of up to 3,000 troops to Qatar , home to the country's military base in the Middle East. "Qatar conducting business as usual throughout all its upstream, midstream and downstream businesses and operations, and in all activities across all of QP´s world-class facilities", a statement read . Read More »

Syrian Army wins back 100km of borderline with Jordan


State media says government soldiers and allied forces reach border area for first time since 2015 . On June 8, the US-led coalition bombed pro-Damascus forces near al-Tanf in the area of a de-confliction zone following an alleged attack by a combat drone resulting in no coalition forces' casualties. Read More »

Iran says it has killed mastermind of twin attacks

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Mostafa Izadi on Sunday accused the U.S. of supporting Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL), stating Tehran has evidence to back the bold allegations. He said: "These agents who were supporters of the two terrorist groups, and had full coordination with them, were arrested and they were delivered to Tehran's judicial and security authorities". Read More »

Plane Forced To Return To Sydney After An Engine Malfunction


Photos of the aircraft on the ground show a large hole in one of the engine inlets. China Eastern are investigating the cause of the incident and are yet to release an official statement. "The engine for the aircraft is a big issue so we need to investigate with the governments, with the Rolls Royce company and with our headquarters as well", she said. Read More »

Panamagate probe: Nawaz Sharif to appear before JIT on Thursday


The investigators have been ordered to probe the charges that the Prime Minister and his family bought expensive flats in London through an offshore account. PM Sharif 's sons, Husain Nawaz and Hassan Nawaz, have already appeared before the JIT and members of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) accuse the probing body of being partial and harassing PM's sons. Read More »