Monday, 18 February 2019
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Erdogan: EU must make up its mind on Turkey's membership


Turning to recent developments in North Korea, Erdogan said that Turkey is following the tensions arising from North Korea's missile tests "closely with concern". Merkel, who has previously expressed doubts about Turkey ever joining the European Union, said Turkey "is departing from all democratic practices at breakneck speed". Read More »

NAFTA Round Two Concludes in Mexico City


He has accused Mexico and Canada of being "very difficult" in the negotiations so far and has repeatedly labelled the trade deal a "disaster" for the country's workers. This text will be used in subsequent negotiating rounds. A third round was set for Ottawa later this month as negotiators race to rewrite the accord by early next year ahead of USA and Mexican elections. Read More »

Two arrested in Paris terror raid


Police inspect the contents of a van during an counter-terrorism operation the suburb of Villejuif. Gas bottles were also found in the flat, other sources said. TATP, a peroxide-based explosive, has been employed by Islamic extremists. Collomb said "it was possible there were links but honestly I don't know". Read More »

Trump says China agrees with USA on North Korea


Trump also said he was willing to approve the sale of " many billions of dollars' worth of military weapons and equipment from the United States by South Korea ", according to a statement released by the White House. China has angrily opposed its neighbor having Thaad, saying it could upset the security balance in the region and be used against Beijing's own missile systems. Read More »

Special TADA Court sentences #AbuSalem to life imprisonment


Mustafa Dossa, the main accused or mastermind behind deaths of 257 people and 713 people injured, was extradited from the UAE, convicted by the court on June 16 this year. More than 257 people were killed and over 700 were injured in a series of blasts that occurred in Mumbai on March 12, 1993 . The prosecution had said that Salem too deserved death, but it can not demand the maximum penalty for him because of the Indian Extradition Act. Read More »

PM returns to New Delhi after completing China, Myanmar visit


Suu Kyi said, "We are implementing recommendations given by former United Nations secretary-general Kofi Annan as quickly as possible to create harmony and peace in the Rakhine state. Modi, in his joint press statement with Suu Kyi after the talks, said India understands the problems being faced by Myanmar. Some 37,000 have arrived in the last 24 hours - the most in a single day since the unrest began. Read More »

Hackers Gain 'Switch-Flipping' Access to US Power Grid


Furthermore, according to series of reports from Symantec , Dragonfly have been maneuvering power systems ever since 2011, but it reduced its operations after it was exposed in 2014. Dragonfly's Next PhaseLinks between current and earlier Dragonfly cyber attack campaigns. The descriptions apparently noted that many machines could be accessed remotely, potentially leaving them open to cyberattacks. Read More »

Graydon Carter out at Vanity Fair after 25 years


Aside from the frivolities in which Carter relished, he also published some pretty important and groundbreaking investigative pieces, including the 2005 article that unmasked Deep Throat , Watergate's leaker. "Way down, big trouble, dead!" He later derided the journalist as a "loser". In 2015, he wrote: "The myriad vulgarities of Donald Trump - examples of which are retailed daily on Web sites and front pages these days - are not news to those of us who have been living downwind of him ... Read More »

China remains persistent in denuclearizing Korean Peninsula: Xi


The U.S. and other nations have called for additional sanctions against North Korea after Sunday's test. "I am allowing Japan and South Korea to buy a substantially increased amount of highly sophisticated military equipment from the United States ", the president said, in a tweet . Read More »

India's army chief says China 'testing limits' after stand-off


A two-front war - where India has to fight Pakistan and China at the same time - can not be ruled out, Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat has warned. "Nuclear weapons are weapons of deterrence". He cited the example of the psychological pressure that China tried to build on India in Doklam. "Such thinking affects budgetary allocation", the Indian publication quoted him as saying. Read More »

Putin, Moon condemn NKorean test but far apart on sanctions


Security Council resolutions, undermines the non-proliferation regime and creates a threat to the security of northeastern Asia", Putin said at a news conference. Last year, China shipped just over 96,000 tonnes of gasoline and nearly 45,000 tonnes of diesel to North Korea, where it is used across the economy, from fishermen and farmers to truckers and the military. Read More »

Putin rails at 'boorish' USA over closure of diplomatic mission

South Korea's defence ministry said it was already strengthening its defences, in part by deploying more US-made Terminal High-Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) missile launchers. But he called for dialogue and warned against other actions that could escalate the crisis. Without directly naming the United States, he said that putting pressure on North Korea would be pointless. Read More »

Wildfires sweep across US West, slow push toward Portland


With winds relatively calm throughout the day, all seemed to be relatively calm in the Gorge until the fire rapidly started expanding Monday evening. The Hidden fire is burning 10,689 acres near Hidden Ridge and the Elk Summit Guard Station in Northeast Idaho. Read More »

Georgia, Carolinas Prepare for Possible Hurricane Irma Coastal Strike


Gov. Nathan Deal issued the evacuation Thursday for all areas east of Interstate 95, all of Chatham County and some areas west of the interstate. Georgia issued mandatory evacuation orders for coastal areas, including Savannah, starting Saturday, while portions of the southern tip of Florida are already under mandatory or voluntary evacuation orders. Read More »

Trump endorses short-term debt-limit increase backed by Democrats


And we need to come up with long-term government funding deals that keep us safe and fund programs that will help to build the middle class. Mr. Trump doesn't care that Republicans don't want to vote twice on debt ceiling or the budget. The US House of Representatives on Wednesday approved an initial 7.85 billion dollars in aid to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey . "We had a very good meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer ", Trump told reporters aboard Air Force ... Read More »

Dennis Rodman offers to 'straighten things out' with North Korea

However, Rodman feels if Trump makes the first move, positive results could come of it. But he said , "If the president even tries to reach out for Kim, I think it will be a great possibility things can happen". I still can't believe that Dennis Rodman might actually save the world. "We hardly ever talk politics and that's the good thing about that", the 56-year-old said. Read More »

Pope lights torch of peace in Colombia


The first pope from Latin America looked thrilled to be back in Colombia, the first country he visited after he was ordained a priest and where he exerted a good deal of effort encouraging peace negotiations that spanned his papacy. But many Colombians are furious that the 2016 peace deal with the government granted fighters amnesty and some will be rewarded with seats in Congress. Read More »

SpaceX launches secret space plane X-37B for United States military


The Air Force sent a secret space plane into orbit from Florida on Thursday just ahead of Hurricane Irma's expected arrival this weekend. About 2.5 minutes into the flight, the Falcon 9's two stages separated. A deployable solar panel generates electricity for the mini-shuttle, and it does not rely on hydraulics for its aerosurfaces, unlike NASA's space shuttles , which were limited to missions lasting several weeks. Read More »

Montecito Bank Trust Claims $745000 Holdings in Eli Lilly and Company


Lilly now employs about 41,000 people worldwide. The New Jersey-based Bessemer Group Inc has invested 0.02% in the stock. RNC Capital Management LLC raised its holdings in Eli Lilly and by 6.6% during the 2nd quarter. The company saw 0.21 million shares trade hands over the course of the day. Eli Lilly and also was the target of unusually large options trading activity on Monday. Read More »

Israel attacked Syria? Air raid on military position kills two people


Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman commented Thursday on the reports of an alleged IDF attack in Syria . "Thus far both the Syrian regime and Hezbollah have failed to respond to the Israeli effort to smuggle weapons from Syria and build new missile production facilities in the country", he told the Post . Read More »

Internet cringes at revelation Ivanka Tump calls her father 'Daddy'


While President Trump may "like that", Twitter most certainly did not, with several users taking to the platform to express their discomfort. "Not weird at all", Colbert said sarcastically of Trump's comments. "Come up, honey. Should I bring Ivanka up?" And Ivanka didn't travel alone with her dad, but Ivanka and President Trump were joined on the trip by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. Read More »

Trump, Turnbull in North Korea talks


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who will meet Putin in Vladivostok on Thursday, said before his departure from Japan that "we must make North Korea understand there is no bright future for the country if it pursues the current path". Read More »

UN Resolution Proposed by US Would Sanction Kim, Cut Oil Supplies


The second reason is, he wants to be able to deter us. North Korea has carried out a series of nuclear and missile tests and U.S. President Donald Trump has responded with warnings of a "massive" military response. But the biggest problem is that no-one knows for sure what Mr Kim plans to do next, said Ms Terry. The announcement comes after Kim Jong-un conducted its sixth and most powerful nuclear test on in the mountain on Sunday. Read More »

North Korea Nuclear Test: Vladimir Putin Condemns "Provocative" Actions


He said Moscow meant to draft a UN Security Council resolution on deploying the force, saying it would "help resolve the problem in eastern Ukraine". Putin added North Korea would "rather eat grass" than abandon its nuclear and missile program in order to feel safe among world leaders. Seoul has said the North could be planning another missile test. Read More »

US Navy Seals Train SKorean Team to Kill Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman presents " Trump: The Art of the Deal" to North Korea's Sports Minister Kim Il Guk in June. He last visited Pyongyang in June and later bragged that he could arrange a breakthrough between North Korea and the United States - a claim that has been widely ridiculed. Read More »

Man in LA shooting simulated gun with can in bag


The CHP provides security for the state building. The man, whose name hasn't been released, was able to enter the building by following an employee who used their identification card to swipe into the building, California Highway Patrol Sgt. Read More »

Hurricane Katia forms in the Gulf off the coast of Mexico

Tropical Storm Jose had formed in the open Atlantic to the east of Hurricane Irma , which has developed into a powerful Category Five storm, the Miami-based NHC said. Irma will cruise through the Northern Windward Islands and the north shore of Puerto Rico as a Category 5 before possibly slightly weakening to a Category 4 as it approaches Cuba and the Florida Straits. Read More »

Rousseff, Lula charged in Petrobas corruption probe


The former finance minister under Brazil's Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva on Wednesday accused the ex-president of receiving bribes from contractor Odebrecht [ODBES.UL], adding to a list of corruption accusations that threaten Lula's ability to run in 2018. Read More »