Friday, 22 February 2019
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Trump accuses Comey of cowardice over 'leaks'

Dershowitz went on to say that even if we don't like the President having that authority, he has that power and you can't turn a Constitutional power into a criminal act. Earlier on Friday, Trump took to Twitter to declare " total and complete vindication " in response to Comey's testimony . " Trump will be deposed under oath by Special Counsel Mueller at some point", said Democratic Sen. Read More »

USA senators reach deal on Russian Federation sanctions


United States senators last night introducing a provision meant to punish Moscow for its alleged meddling in the 2016 U.S. election, its annexation of Ukraine's Crimea and for support for the government of Syria. The Senate Foreign Relations and Banking Committee announced a deal that had the support of the committee's top Democrats and Republicans that's expected to attract wide bipartisan support. Read More »

House, Senate investigators seek Trump tapes, Comey memos

In his public testimony, Comey did not disclose any links between Trump advisers and alleged Russian attempts to meddle in the 2016 USA presidential election, an issue that has distracted from White House policy goals such as overhauling the US healthcare system and cutting taxes. Read More »

US Attorney General denies secret meeting with Russian Federation envoy

You don't walk into any committee meeting and reveal confidential communications with president of United States ". Attorney General Jeff Sessions is testifying before members of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill. The president said he is willing to testify under oath on these points. "I'm not claiming executive privilege , because that's the President's power", Sessions told Sen. Read More »

Turkey's Erdogan slams 'inhumane' isolation of Qatar

Erdogan strongly rejected accusations by the Gulf countries that Qatar supports terrorism. Turkey has also maintained workable relations with Iran, Saudi Arabia's chief regional foe. The three countries' aviation bodies also said that non-Qatari private and chartered flights from Qatar must submit requests to them at least 24 hours before crossing the airspace. Read More »

United Nations highlights the shame of Ireland's harsh abortion laws

Irish women represented the vast majority of non-UK residents undergoing the procedure there past year. The figures were released by the UK Department of Health. 'We are a society that trusts women to make their own choices when faced with an unplanned pregnancy or a pregnancy they can not continue with, and we need an abortion framework which reflects that'. Read More »

Why Jeff Sessions says he can't talk


Then, Risch asked Sessions about a New York Times article on February 14 that former FBI Director James Comey referenced in his testimony to the committee last week. "Perhaps [ Comey ] didn't know, but I basically recused myself the first day I got into office", Mr. Sessions said. Ron Wyden , D-Ore., pressed Sessions on why the attorney general actually recused himself from the Russian Federation investigation. Read More »

AG Jeff Sessions Headed to Hot Seat in Senate Intel Committee

In his opening statement, Sessions also said he is bound to protect private communications with the president, suggesting he will not answer some questions about the firing of Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey . "At all times throughout the course of the campaign, the confirmation process, and since becoming attorney general, I have dedicated myself to the highest standards". Read More »

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says there's no cause to fire Mueller

Ruddy said that, from what he can tell, firing Mueller is "a consideration the President has had because Mueller is illegitimate as special counsel". But Ruddy opened a new line of questions about Mueller's impartiality - the fact that Trump had considered Mueller for the Federal Bureau of Investigation director's job before he was named special counsel. Read More »

Qatar dismisses terrorism list as 'baseless'


He then went over to the Rose Garden at the White House, where President Donald Trump completely contradicted his messaging, choosing to lambast Qatar for funding terrorists. It said Tillerson and Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani "discussed bilateral relations and means of enhancing them as well as the situation and the latest developments" in a crisis between it and Arab countries. Read More »

Comey says Trump fired him to undermine FBI Russia investigation

The New York Times cited the memo in a May 16 story , saying Trump asked Comey to shut down the investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn . "Why can't you say now if there are tapes , sir?" With former FBI Director James Comey's Senate testimony continuing to reverberate around the internet, Donald Trump-who mostly stayed out of the Twitter fray during the past few days-returned to his account Sunday morning to make a prediction. Read More »

Republicans taking big political risk on health care


In lieu of public hearings, the GOP has opted to negotiate the bill in private at health care working group meetings and Senate policy lunches. According to a poll by Quinnipiac University , the AHCA as drafted by the House received a 21% approval rating and 56% disapproval. Read More »

Not Against Any Religion, It's About National Security: US on Visa Ban

The president tweeted: "Well, as predicted, the 9th Circuit did it again - Ruled against the TRAVEL BAN at such a unsafe time in the history of our country. Supreme Court, where the president has pledged to take the travel ban legal fight. The Department of Homeland Security report - issued just after Trump's first executive order - concluded that citizenship of any given country "is unlikely to be a reliable indicator of potential terrorist activity" and that citizens from the ... Read More »

Trump tells senators House health bill 'mean'

Regarding partisanship and "winning" as their only goal, they will subject the public to a health care bill which affects millions without ever having given them a chance to weigh in. Republican Senators can claim the secret law is better than the deeply hated House version , but without laying out the trade-offs that allegedly make it so. Read More »

Electricity crisis will lead to 'explosion' in Gaza, Hamas warns


President Mahmoud Abbas is catastrophic and risky", al-Qanou said in a statement . The amount of electricity delivered is expected to be cut by some 40 percent, which is the amount of the payment that Abbas says will be cut. Sunday's Israeli cabinet discussion on whether to co-operate to Ramallah's plan to slash electricity supply became heated as ministers rowed with military chiefs, according to a report in Haaretz newspaper. Read More »

May to form government with help of Democratic Unionist party


The DUP, which increased its number of parliamentary seats from seven to 10, is in a strong position to drive a hard bargain, but that has already raised alarm bells amongst socially liberal Conservative lawmakers. Without a majority, she could be forced to seek consensus on the approach she takes, as Scottish Tory leader Ms Davidson pointed out. "One year after their referendum, we still don't know the British position in the negotiations on Brexit and it seems hard to predict when we will ... Read More »

Stephen King: Donald Trump blocked me on Twitter


The horror fiction maestro has been one of Trump's most consistent and creative Twitter critics since well before the November election . But Harry Potter author J K Rowling, who is also critical of Trump via her Twitter feed, came to save the day. Read More »

Senior Cabinet minister offer support to UK prime minister

Her Cabinet - as is her parliamentary party - is sharply split between hard and soft Brexiters. Barnier held "talks about talks" with May's Brexit advisor Olly Robbins and British EU ambassador Tim Barrow in Brussels on Monday but they failed to agree on a date for the negotiations to begin, an EU official said. Read More »

British Prime Minister Vows to Carry on Despite Election Losses

She had hoped to boost the Conservatives' majority in Parliament and get a stronger mandate in negotiating the Brexit from the European Union. She insisted that she would stick to the Brexit timetable. "And our leader needs to take stock as well". "I'm ready for another general election ", Corbyn said. Labour secured 262 seats in the election and boosted its vote share to 40%. Read More »

Child dies following mass food poisoning outbreak in Mosul refugee camp


What happened? Lawmaker Zahed Khatoun, a member of the Iraqi parliament's committee for displaced people, says sickness, mainly vomiting and fainting, broke out after the iftar meal which breaks the Ramadan fast. Irbil police chief Abdulhaleq Talaat said seven people have been arrested in connection with the incident. The patients were treated in three different locations, including Khabat Hospital, the closest hospital to the camp, about 30 km west of Erbil. Read More »

North Korea releases US citizen Otto Warmbier

Before Trump became president, Rodman appeared twice on his " Celebrity Apprentice " show and praised the billionaire real estate developer on Twitter during last year's election campaign. Swedish diplomats, who represent US interests in North Korea because the United States has no diplomatic relations with the country, were denied access to him. Read More »

Attorney General Sessions Set to Testify in Russia Probe Hearing

He said Trump had called him Monday night and the two discussed Gingrich's concerns about the probe. In a Tuesday morning Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein confirmed that only he could dismiss Mueller, and even then only for a documented cause. Read More »

Number of Britons granted German citizenship quadruples


Mrs Merkel added she hoped Britain would remain a good partner following the talks, due to begin on 19 June. The loss left the Conservatives eight MPs short of a majority in parliament, plunging negotiations into uncertainty. The European Parliament's Brexit co-ordinator, Guy Verhofstadt, said: "Yet another own goal, after Cameron now May, will make already complex negotiations even more complicated". Read More »

Wary Of North Korea, US Destroys Mock Warhead Over The Pacific


Pentagon officials said the test was to simulate the capability for responding to a hypothetical North Korean ICBM . During today's flight test of the Ground-based Midcourse Defense ( GMD ) system, Northrop Grumman Corporation's (NYSE: NOC) advanced battle management and launch control capabilities successfully guided the kill vehicle for the first intercept of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) range target. Read More »

UAE says 'no military component' to actions against Qatar -envoy


The United States ambassador to Qatar announced that she is resigning Tuesday, days after President Donald Trump renewed his accusations that the Persian Gulf country funds terrorism. Russian President Vladimir Putin underscored a dialogue-based solution during a phone conversation with Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, the Kremlin said. Read More »

Boulder declares intent to uphold Paris climate goals

It says the six G-7 nations - Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, as well as the European Commission - agree that the Paris accord is "irreversible and its full integrity is key for the security and prosperity of our planet, societies and economies". Read More »

Suspected NKorea drone photographed US missile-defense site

Meanwhile, the drone's camera also snapped hundreds of photos of less sensitive material in South Korea, including residential areas and farmland, the official told AP. Beyond angering the North Koreans, experts say the Chinese worry the United States could use the system's advanced radar to spy inside China. Staying true to his reputation as a man of the people, the president waved to onlookers and chatted with South Korean and USA soldiers before going into the White House , as the USFK ... Read More »