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Polestar Becomes Electrified! Becomes A Standalone Brand


Thomas Ingenlath , senior vice president - design at Volvo , will be at the helm of Polestar as the CEO. Ingenlath will be joined by Jonathan Goodman, who will become chief operating officer. Volvo has been gradually ramping up the focus on its Polestar sports division but today took that one step further - by spinning it off as a standalone performance arm specialising in electrified, go-faster cars. Read More »

Trump rolls back some, not all, changes in US-Cuba relations

US President Donald Trump will announce his administration's changes to U.S. -Cuba policy , according to the Miami Herald. Trump on Friday vowed to roll back his predecessor Barack Obama's deal re-opening trade ties with Havana, in favor of measures to support the Cuban people against what he called their "cruel and brutal" regime. Read More »

76ers take Fultz; Celts draft Duke's Tatum


Overall, the Celtics took a player who should contribute this season, and a high reward, low-risk player with Ojeleye who could be the steal of the draft . 2 to the Lakers, been available, Brown said the Sixers would've found a way to make it work with Ball and Simmons. "Tonight was supposed to be a good night". Read More »

Why Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman salary seems low compared to male actors


I myself have seen it five times, which speaks to the resounding effects this film has well after one leaves the theater. While not exactly riffing on the 1970s Wonder Woman theme, her theme in the film sounds like a throw-back, but is organic enough to the setting and tone of the movie that it sounds like a delightful nod to nostalgia while still really fitting to this impressive Wonder Woman . Read More »

Pelosi defends leadership following special election loss


The $28 million raised by the candidates drew national attention, but the contest was also viewed as an early test of each political party's strength since Trump's election. Trump was amongst the Democrats . Obviously, she shot herself and her party in the foot. "I thrive on competition, and I welcome the discussion", she said. Read More »

JK Rowling shocks fans with announcement that there are two Harry Potters


We now know where he got his name, who his grandparents were, how he came to inherit so much money, and how the famed Invisibility Cloak of Ignotus Peverell ended up as a Potter family heirloom. But the information about why the Potter family was not included in the Sacred Twenty-Eight and that Harry descends from a line of wizards who stand up against discrimination is pretty cool. Read More »

Ron Howard enters 'Star Wars' after Han Solo movie directors depart


If he can do just that, Han Solo should still be ready for its proposed release date of May 25, 2018 despite the turnaround. Howard tweeted yesterday evening to share his excitement to help deliver the Han Solo spinoff but the director also appeared on stage at Cannes Lions on Friday and offered a few more thoughts on the project when being interviewed by Founder and CEO of British ad company WPP Martin Sorrell. Read More »

'You owe my son an apology' - Labor MP to Pauline Hanson


Senator Hanson called the press conference on Thursday afternoon amid calls for her to apologise from disability groups, Labor and the Greens. Parents know it, teachers know it. But Education Minister Simon Birmingham, who was relying on One Nation votes to pass Gonski 2.0, would not be drawn on the issue during Senate Question Time. Read More »

Kim Kardashian makes $14.4m in few hours


It was just this last month that the rapper and businessman posted a group photo from the MET gala in New York City which showed him posing with a number of famous faces while backstage at the prestigious fashion event including Jaden Smith and Wiz Khalifa. Read More »

Cosby jury ends first day of deliberations without a verdict


District Attorney Kevin Steele's closing arguments were businesslike and direct. McMonagle used a similar approach in Cosby's trial, hammering the credibility of expert witnesses while avoiding taking direct aim at the alleged victims. McMonagle asked. "This is why this case got thrown in the trash can". Jurors soon will hear closing arguments and could perhaps start deliberating Monday afternoon. Read More »

Cosby's lawyer attacks 1 accuser as sex assault trial opens


If he's convicted, Cosby faces up to 10 years in prison on each of three felony counts and up to $25,000 in fines. The nervous smile disappeared. The defense has pointed out that phone records show Constand called Cosby 53 times after she says he assaulted her. Read More »

76ers take Fultz, Lakers grab Ball to start NBA draft

Just four years ago, Sam Hinkie initiated one of the most grueling rebuilds in league history. He scored at least 19 points in all four games of the Blue Devils' improbable run to the ACC championship in March and is tall and athletic enough to cause problems for National Basketball Association defenses right when he steps on the floor. Read More »

India vs West Indies 2017: India's Probable XI For The First ODI


After reading the wicket well and mostly scoring through languid drives, Rahane raised his half-century when an edge off Miguel Cummins raced to the boundary ropes. West Indies vs India first ODI is set to begin at 9am local time, 6.30pm IST. With MS Dhoni's arrival, even rain decided to make its presence felt and play was halted with India 189 for 3. Read More »

Juror Claims There Were 2 Holdouts That Caused Bill Cosby Mistrial


On counts one and three, the two holdouts were "not moving, no matter what" the juror said. The juror also revealed that the 12 jurors initially voted overwhelmingly in a non-binding poll to find Cosby not guilty on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault , a fact that ABC News' chief legal affairs anchor, Dan Abrams, called "astonishing". Read More »

Calgary Zoo's former gorilla breakdances his way to another viral video


And frankly, you might be right. Somebody call a doctor because this gorilla has dancing fever! The zoo shared video of the dance on YouTube , where its received over 67,000 views and some amusing comments from users. "I can not stress enough how important it is you watch this gorilla bathe-dancing to maniac", tweets Kristina Luca. Zola the gorilla is at it again. Read More »

Cosby trial accuser thanks supporters for love, kindness


Many other women have claimed that Cosby assaulted them as well, with specifics ranging from inappropriate touching to rape, but the statute of limitations for many of these complaints has expired, meaning that the crime happened too long ago for the government to legally prosecute Cosby. Read More »

Trump proposes to build Mexico wall with solar panels


The notion of adding solar panels to the border wall was explored in a Wall Street Journal op-ed in March. President Trump touted the idea of building a solar border wall between the USA and Mexico for the first time in public on Wednesday night, speaking at a campaign-style rally in Iowa . Read More »

On Day 5 of jury talks, Cosby thanks fans and supporters


O'Neill told the jurors Thursday to continue discussing the charges in the jury room after the panel told him they could not agree on Cosby's guilt. The drugs he gave Constand were over-the-counter Benadryl, he had said. Judge Steven T. O'Neill then read the definition, which included a doubt that would cause a "reasonable person" to "hesitate before acting on a matter of importance" as well as a doubt that was not "manufactured to avoid the carrying out of an unpleasant duty". Read More »

Cosby's team attacks judge likely to retry him in sex case

A decade later, a new district attorney reopened the investigation after Cosby's lurid testimony about drugs and sex became public, and dozens of women came forward against one of the most beloved stars in all of show business. The Pennsylvanian judge then declared a mistrial . Dunham tweeted " Bill Cosby's trial is about much more than Bill Cosby". Constand is ready to go to trial again, said her lawyer, Dolores Troiani. Read More »

Weaker TS Cindy makes landfall late tonight


With the Weather Channel broadcasting from New Orleans , residents of Southern Louisiana are paying attention to Tropical Storm Cindy . At that time, the third named tropical storm of 2017 had weakened slightly, with maximum sustained winds dropping from 60 miles per hour to 50 miles per hour, the National Hurricane Center said. Read More »

Cosby jury sent home after deliberating 4 hours


During his closing argument, McMonagle flipped between stage-whispered intimacy and earsplitting verbal explosions - as he ran through a long list of possible culprits he says are responsible for landing his client at the center of one of the most high-profile criminal cases in recent American history. Read More »

Coal company sues HBO's John Oliver for defamation


During the segment , which was critical of the coal industry and Donald Trump's promises to revive it, Oliver explained that Last Week Tonight had contacted Murray Energy for comment-and received the show's first ever cease-and-desist letter in reply. Read More »

First trailer for Stronger starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany


Starring the dream team of Jake Gyllenhaal and Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany , both armed with Boston accents, Stronger is the latest film to depict the horrific 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. Does this look like a film that you're going to want to check out on the big screen? A trailer for the film , which will be in theaters on September 22, was released Thursday. Read More »

Bill Cosby to hold town halls on sex assault, publicist says

Following a surprisingly short trial in which assorted tidbits from a 2006 deposition were read aloud while the defense rested after only six minutes, the highly publicized trial of Bill Cosby ended in a mistrial . Ebonee Benson , who also appeared on the programme, noted that the statute of limitations on sexual assault accusations is being lengthened, allowing accusers more time to come forward to authorities. Read More »