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Chinese premier praises European Union, says free trade must be upheld


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang today said free trade and worldwide cooperation must be upheld to avoid slowing down the global economy. "It needs to be transparent". A consortium can be established with global banks for the construction of the high-speed railway, while other formats of cooperation are also acceptable, Keqiang said. Read More »

U.S. stocks trade higher on solid jobs data


The United States and China slapped tit-for-tat duties on $34 billion worth of each other's imports on Friday, with Beijing accusing Washington of triggering the "largest-scale trade war" as the world's two biggest economies sharply escalated their conflict. Read More »

Jaguar Land Rover Says 40,000 Jobs At Risk From Bad Brexit Deal


Auto manufacturers, which rely on complex worldwide supply chains, are anxious that Brexit will lead to new trade barriers and delays at the borders. We want to stay in the UK. He also said JLR was still keen to invest in the UK. "We can not afford to lose Jaguar Land Rover and its supply chain - it would be an economic vehicle crash". Read More »

Dutch-based speed trader moves into crypto ETN market


According to Bloomberg , not like those in the United States - trades firms now offering cryptocurrency possibilities, Flow Traders is the first one to release its buying and selling crypto notes listed on regulated stock exchanges. Flow Traders is a speed trader, which means it hedges every trade as quickly as possible. " With the growing interest from institutional clients willing to invest in digital assets, I can see why so many proprietary trading businesses are now focusing on this ... Read More »

ZTE names new CEO, other top execs to comply with US mandate


Commerce Department's Bureau of Industry and Services (BIS) to conduct certain business from July 2 until Aug 1. Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer ZTE has announced a new CEO as it looks to get back on track with its U.S. It also agreed to replace its board, remove all members of its leadership at or above senior vice-president level along with any executives associated with the wrongdoing, within 30 days. Read More »

Brexit Secretary David Davis resigns


Well done David Davis for having the principal and guts to resign. He said: "We may be on a journey, it may not be a journey however that Theresa May is capable of taking, given her party". Mr Bridgen said he was "deeply disappointed" with Brexiteer ministers that they "didn't pick up the cudgels and prevent the Cabinet supporting this offer which I think is a huge mistake for our country, for the party, for the Government and for the Prime Minister". Read More »

Netflix mulling over 'Ultra' subscription for $17 per month


It is priced at $19.80. Netflix (NFLX) shares rose 2 percent Thursday to close at $398.39. Maybe, this is why they have restricted the test of the new Ultra subscription to a few selected group countries in Europe. So it effectively means the Premium plan is $3 cheaper per month but you don't have HDR, so the question becomes: why didn't Netflix just make a Premium HDR subscription for $3 more per month. Read More »

Canada's trade deficit in goods widened in May

Merchandise trade surplus of Canada with the US narrowed in May as imports rose 1 percent and exports fell 0.2 percent. Canada's trade surplus with the United States narrowed from Can$3.7 billion in April to Can$3.3 billion in May. Imports rose 1.7 per cent in May, after falling a month earlier. Exports to the United States slipped by 0.2 per cent while imports increased by 1.0 per cent and as a result, the trade surplus with the United States shrank to $3.29-billion in May from ... Read More »

US Jobs Report: Mining Adds 5000 Jobs in June


As unemployment rose slightly to 4.0 percent, the closely-watched labor force participation rate also edged higher to 62.9 percent, while the number of people counted as unemployed rose to 6.6 million people, up almost a half million. What about tariffs? On Friday, the US formally imposed an additional $34 million in tariffs on China. Savings from the tax cuts enabled companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index to buy back a record number of shares in the first three months of 2018. Read More »

Economy added 31800 jobs in June but unemployment rate rose slightly


The Bank of Canada will most likely raise rates to 1.50 percent, according to 19 of 25 economists surveyed by Reuters July 4-6. The bank's overnight rate target is 1.25 per cent. "Overall it is a good number for Canada this morning". Traders see an 85.6% chance of a hike next week, activity on worldwide markets overnight indicated. Read More »

Labor secretary says more Americans are entering workforce


The economy added 37,000 more jobs in April and May than previously reported . As such, job creation was well ahead of the 195,000 consensus forecast, so the report really underlines the strength of the United States economy right now. The moderate wage growth should allay fears of a strong build-up in inflation pressures. Economists expect inflation will hover around its target because of labor market tightness. Read More »

US adds a solid 213,000 jobs; unemployment up to 4 pct

On the same day that the Trump administration began imposing tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese imports and China retaliated with their own tariffs, the job gain showed that the 9-year old USA economic expansion - the second-longest on record - remains on solid ground for the moment. Read More »

Sonos files for an IPO


On July 6th, 2018, Sonos filed for an initial public offering (IPO). Sonos' hi-tech speakers and the company's tie-ups with around 100 music streaming providers including Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn have helped attract audiophiles around the world. Read More »

Oil markets volatile as trade conflict between USA and China escalates


Brent was being pressured by expectations for higher Saudi and Russian Federation production, which impacts Europe and Asia, where Brent is the benchmark, more than markets dominated by United States crude prices. The Saudis said on Tuesday that they would increase production to offset what's not coming into the market from Venezuela and Iran (whose oil markets have been hobbled by sanctions), but did not say by how much. Read More »

Charting the US-China trade battle


China lodged a case with the World Trade Organisation (WTO) against the United States , its commerce ministry said in a one-line statement late on Friday. Before all the talk of tariffs , his sales were steadily rising, building on the gradual acceptance of the signature US liquor in European and Asian markets. Read More »

China court bans Micron chip sales in patent case


Micron said the injunction will hit products that it defined as "certain Crucial and Ballistix-branded DRAM modules and solid state drives" that collectively make up 1% of its revenue. Micron's shares dropped on Tuesday as a result but they have bounced back in Thursday's session after it came to light that this would have a minimal effect on its fourth-quarter revenues. Read More »

U.S. tariffs take effect, China warns of 'counterattack'


OK?" Because frankly, Trump is right to criticize China . The White House had previously said it would consult on tariffs on another $16bn of products, which Mr Trump has suggested could come into effect later this month. But some products, including thermostats, are lumped into intermediate and capital goods categories. Beijing and Washington have held several rounds of high-level talks since early May, but the Trump administration has said it is considering expanding the list of ... Read More »

Global and domestic impact of USA tariffs on Chinese imports


Speaking on Air Force One, during his visit to Montana on Thursday, Mr. Trump said additional Chinese products worth $ 16 billion would face additional duties "in two weeks". By restricting its market for hi-end products, the US hopes that this would deter its companies, with cutting edge technology, from investing in China. Read More »

USA jobs growth stronger than expected

The labour force expanded by 75,600 in June, the biggest one-month increase in six years, Statistics Canada reported Friday from Ottawa. The participation rate - the percentage of the working age population employed or actively looking for work - stayed stable at 67.5 per cent. Read More »

Canada presses USA to resume NAFTA renegotiation talks


That effort is expected to intensify following Monday's election win by Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who has already said he supports the continued renegotiation of NAFTA and wants his own team of experts to be part of the talks before he takes office December 1. Read More »

Lower oil prices or we will not ‘defend’ you


Though oil prices are still well below their recent peaks, the steady creep back up will pinch the pockets of consumers who were getting used to cheaper gas after years of high prices and talk of "peak oil"-the topping out of the world's finite supply as it begins to run out". Read More »

UAE set to pump more oil to stabilise market


A US State Department official said in a briefing that more than 50 worldwide companies intend to drop the use of Iranian oil before the 4 November restart of the sanctions. Hook declined to say if the kingdom can offer that additional supply, but the United States is "working to minimize disruptions to the global market", Hook said. Read More »

Coinbase Custody For Institutional Players Goes Live Offficially


As from the name it implies that the " Coinbase Custody" service is basically a custodian solution for and safe and secure storage of the digital assets. The company plans to add support for more tokens and other assets with regular updates. Moreover, the service is now available only to institutional investors in the U.S and Europe but the exchange plans to expand it in the Asian crypto market by later this year. Read More »

Trump Cites Security Concerns for Moving to Block China Mobile


NTIA is a branch of the Commerce Department. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), an agency under the US Department of Commerce, said China Mobile posed a security risk in its recommendation that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deny the Hong Kong-listed network operator's application to build its own infrastructure and provide consumer and corporate telecommunications services in the US. Read More »

Cheer for farmers: Government fixes MSP at 150% of production-cost


He said that the Commission of Agricultural Costs and Production (CACP) had fixed input cost for major monsoon crop paddy at Rs 1,166 per quintal and the government had added 50 per cent profit, which would make the MSP Rs 1,750 per quintal this year - a steep increase of Rs 200 from Rs 1,550 last year. Read More »