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Trump pulls out of joint G-7 statement, attacks Trudeau


Reps not to endorse the Communique as we look at Tariffs on automobiles flooding the U.S. Market!" Trudeau, who has been sparring with Mr. Trump on trade in recent days, announced at the conclusion of the G-7 summit in Canada that the retaliatory tariffs will go into effect July 1. Read More »

KFC to test vegetarian fried chicken


The vegetarian option is believed to be the first time a major fast-food chain is putting fake chicken on the menu. KFC UK told Foodbeast that it is still working on the recipe and plans to test it with customers this year and launch the product next year. Read More »

IHOP is changing its name to IHOB. What does that mean?


What do you think the "B" stands for? IHOP says it's changing its name to IHOb, and it will explain why on Monday. Now, we're flippin' our name to IHOb. The post has sparked fierce debate as thousands hop onto the social media platform to take part in discussions about what the mystical "b" in the name change could stand for. Read More »

Job Losses Top 7K in May, Jobless Rate Stays Put

On a national level, the economy lost 7,500 jobs in May as a drop in full-time employment was only partially offset by an increase in part-time jobs, Statistics Canada said. Average hourly wages, a key indicator watched by the Bank of Canada, increased 3.9 per cent compared with a year ago, the monthly reading's largest annual increase since April 2009. Read More »

Watch Kitty Hawk's all-new personal flying vehicle take to the skies


The company is now accepting applications - by invitation only - for a test flight model, the Straits Times reported . The flying auto is now available for pre-order. Kitty Hawk says the Flyer is "easy to fly " but recommends professional training. Accepting such a death trap for day-to-day commute is going to be hard. Read More »

G7 divides to G6 plus Trump over trade war threat


Leaders of the G7 appeared to have agreed on a final communique at the end of a contentious two-day summit in Canada on Saturday, before US President Donald Trump lashed out at Canada and created further uncertainty over trade. now I did suggest and I guess they are going to go back to the drawing board and check it out", he said. During an evening stroll with his wife and another couple, Trudeau was asked a couple of times by a reporter for his reaction to Trump's tweets . Read More »

BT Group CEO Gavin Patterson is to Step Down Later in 2018


Chairman Jan du Plessis said the board was fully supportive of Patterson's strategy but that a new leader was needed. He will step down when a successor is in place, likely in the second half, BT said in a statement yesterday. However investors have been concerned by an accounting scandal and £530 million writedown at the Italian division of BT Global Services and the reaction to a restructuring last month. Read More »

Angry Trump Tweets Targeting Trudeau Spoils G7 Harmony


President Trump proposed a major shakeup of the world's economic order during a summit in Canada this week, suggesting the world's big economies drop all tariffs and market-distoring subsidies and go to a fully free system of trade. "The level of relationship is a 10", Trump said. Laura Dawson, director of the Canada Institute at the Washington-based Wilson Center, said it's too early to know what Trump's tweets mean for U.S. Read More »

It’s official: ZTE will be back in business soon


The fine announced Thursday comes on top of $892 million ZTE already has paid for breaking USA sanctions by selling equipment to North Korea and Iran. Not only that, but the entire board and executive teams must be fully replaced within 30 days from the time of signing the agreement. Ross said the USA will install its "own compliance people" to monitor the company and shareholders will bring in new management and a board. Read More »

USA is a 'piggybank everyone is robbing', says Trump at G7

Russian President Vladimir Putin is now in Beijing, where he was presented with a friendship medal by Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping. When Trump was pressed about the annexation of Crimea, he placed the blame on President Barack Obama for failing to handle the situation. Read More »

Google pledges not to use artificial intelligence for weapons or surveillance


It planted its ethical flag on use of AI just days confirming it would not renew a contract with the United States military to use its AI technology to analyse drone footage. To improve upon its principles, Google should commit to independent and transparent review to ensure that its rules are properly applied, he said. No Google AI technology will ever be used as a weapon or for surveillance, the policy states.In addition, the company will refuse to develop any AI projects that will ... Read More »

The Cost of Removing CO2 From Air Significantly Reduced


That gives it a carbon footprint 70 per cent lower than a fossil fuel, he said. Keith and other scientists are advocating for more resources to study geoengineering techniques to manipulate the climate. The company has also built a pilot operation to turn captured Carbon dioxide into a variety of liquid fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. Read More »

Porsche Taycan: Mission E's production name revealed, here in 2020


The Taycan has been dubbed the "Tesla-slayer" by some automotive journalists. Its two electric motors will produce a net output in excess of 600 horsepower, and it'll hit 60 miles per hour in less than 3.5 seconds. Porsche is investing more than $1 billion to produce the Taycan , which will enter production by the end of 2019. Porsche on Friday introduced the official name of its battery electric vehicle as part of a ceremony in Europe marking 70 years of Porsche sports cars . Read More »

Buffett Says Health Venture CEO Pick to Be Disclosed in Weeks


In the latest appeal, they said companies often hesitate to spend on technology, hiring, and research and development to meet quarterly earnings forecasts that can be affected by seasonal factors beyond their control. Buffett and Dimon also blamed the practice for contributing to the decline in the number of public companies in the US over the past 20 years. Despite the short-term hit to results from the tax bill, chief executive Jamie Dimon hailed the measure as a boon for the United ... Read More »

Poundworld on brink of collapse putting 5,300 jobs at risk


U.S. firm Flacks, which had expressed interest, is also understood to no longer be a contender. According to reports, Deloitte, which has been responsible for handling the sale of the chain, has also been putting together plans for an administration in case TPG fails to find the right buyer in the near future. Read More »

Iran criticizes United States for Saudi oil request


Crude prices ticked up Thursday, as the market refocused on geopolitical risks to supply in Iran and Venezuela ahead of a meeting of major producers later this month. The producers have been considering a supply increase of up to 1 million barrels per day, sources told Reuters. Earlier this week, Bloomberg reported that the United States had quietly asked Saudi Arabia and several other OPEC nations to raise oil production by some 1 million bpd . Read More »

Canada's Trade Deficit Narrowed In April


The Commerce Department said the trade deficit narrowed to $46.2 billion in April from a revised $47.2 billion in March. In April, the trade deficit in the USA reached a low of seven months as exports increased to record highs, driven by an increase in the number of shipments of soybeans and industrial materials. Read More »

Brexit: Barnier questions May's 'backstop plan'


Brussels has given a lukewarm response to the latest British Government proposal on how to deal with the Border after Brexit . "Is it an all-weather backstop?" he said. At the same time the United Kingdom would be able to strike free trade agreements with other countries. In its manifesto Best for Britain argues that both sides of the Brexit debate should welcome a second poll in less than three years to finally settle the question of the UK's membership of the European Union and that the ... Read More »

Trump vows to 'straighten out' G7 trade ahead of tense meeting

On the eve of the G-7 summit in Canada , the US president lashed out at host Justin Trudeau and the White House announced Donald Trump would skip some of the sessions. The White House is expecting a chilly reception from Canada and West European countries, already frustrated over Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate accord and the Iran nuclear agreement. Read More »

Heinz Salad Cream may become 'Sandwich Cream'


Salad Cream, one of the UK's most traditional condiments may be renamed Sandwich Cream , it has been reported. How many can you remember? " Sandwich cream " has yet to be confirmed, but appears a likely choice for the brand. 'Sandwich cream? Just because salad cream is not used on salads. For some, it was a chance to share how they really feel about the condiment. Salad Cream uses more vinegar than oil whilst mayonnaise is the other way round. Read More »

European Union sets July timeframe for USA tariff reprisals


But Trump took to Twitter earlier today to signal he's got his elbows up in advance of his Canadian debut in Quebec. But the negotiations have bogged down amid efforts to satisfy Trump's demands for better terms, including a larger share of US-made components in North American autos, and a clause that would end the trade deal after 5 years unless it is renewed by the parties. Read More »

Trustees air concerns on entitlement funds' wane


The trustees also found Medicare's hospital insurance fund is on pace to run out in 2026. The good news is, Social Security isn't projected to run short of funds any sooner than it was a year ago. "The programs remain secure ", Mnuchin said in response to the report . This deficit will continue as the baby-boom population ages further expanding rolls. Read More »

US Republicans challenge Trump on tariffs


But Canada was a British colony at the time and did not become a separate nation until Confederation in 1867. According to CNN , the two world leaders were discussing trade when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asked for an explanation of how tariffs are considered a national security issue. Read More »

Ethiopia accepts peace deal with longtime rival Eritrea


The Ethiopian government will offer shares to foreign investors in its major public enterprises, including Ethiopian Airlines, the ruling Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front said in a statement . Eritrea had refused to hold any talks with Ethiopia until it agreed unconditionally to the border commission's findings. Hundreds would die in subsequent years in periodic border clashes as the two countries would try to undermine each other elsewhere. Read More »

Hudson's Bay to close Lord & Taylor flagship


A list of other locations set to close was not immediately available but if the number reaches 10 it would represent 20 percent of the 50 Lord & Taylor stores still in operation. When it first struck the $1.6-billion deal to sell the flagship property, HBC expected to house a smaller store at the Manhattan location. In Europe the company opened one Saks Off 5th Europe store in Bonn, Germany and three Hudson's Bay stores in the cities of Amersfoort, Enschede and Haarlem in the Netherlands. Read More »

ZTE Signs Preliminary Agreement With Commerce Department To Lift US Ban


One billion dollars would be settled under the deal - adding to $361 million that the company agreed past year to pay - and another $400 million would be held in escrow should there be any future violations of the deal. It would also allow unfettered site visits to verify that USA components are being used as claimed by the company and post calculations of US parts in its products on a public website. Read More »

Macron, Trudeau support 'strong multilateralism' ahead of G7

While the war was largely fought over control of Canada , which was then a British colony, the August, 1814, attack on Washington itself was carried out by British regulars and marines rather than colonial militia. But President Donald Trump has been a fierce critic of NAFTA, and the three countries are holding negotiations on possible changes to the free trade deal. Read More »