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What you won't see in Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia report on Thursday

17 April 2019

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee New York Representative Jerrold Nadler said he was prepared to issue subpoenas "very quickly" for the full report on Russian Federation and Donald Trump's presidential campaign if it was released with blacked-out sections. No Trump supporters are going to read the full report, the state-run media will claim, since there is nothing new, that therefore Trump has been vindicated, and the rest of the public, even those who may see through the charade, already exhausted from this two-year saga, will quickly lose interest, especially with the focus now turning to the 2020 election. "The crime was committed by the other side".

Attorney General William Barr arrives to appear before a Senate Appropriations subcommittee to make his Justice Department budget request, April 10, 2019, in Washington.

The report quoted Eric Trump, a son of the president and executive vice president of the Trump Organization, calling the legal demands "an unprecedented abuse of power and simply the latest attempt by House Democrats to attack the president and our family for political gain".

The redacted version of the Mueller Report is set to be released in just two days.

Nadler noted that Barr, before he became the country's top law enforcement official, wrote that Trump could not obstruct justice because the president "is the boss of the Justice Department and could order it around to institute an investigation, to eliminate an investigation or could not be questioned about that".

"They got asked questions and told the truth and now they're anxious the wrath will follow", one former White House official said.

The Justice Department regularly redacts information about people who were interviewed or scrutinised in investigations but not charged. We also learned that 30 years ago, while in this same position, Barr had done something remarkably similar to what his critics are speculating he has with regard to his portrayal of the Mueller Report.

According to the network news some are particularly concerned about how Trump - and his allies, will deal with them.

Kim Jong-un to visit Russian Federation
Moon's message was clearly a response to Kim's speech to newly-elected members of the North's rubber stamp legislature on Friday. Moon said Trump was supportive of his plan for an inter-Korean summit when they met in Washington last week.

Mr. Trump, meanwhile, is trying to keep the public focused on Mr. Mueller's bigger conclusion that there was no criminal conspiracy with Russian Federation - undercutting the narrative that launched the lengthy investigation. Jerry Nadler of NY, is poised to try to compel Barr to turn over an unredacted copy as well as the report's underlying investigative files.

The president is also expected to travel to Mar-a-Lago for the Easter weekend on Thursday, sources say, and depending on what's revealed, Trump could speak to reporters as he leaves the White House.

That doesn't make sense to Democrats, who figure they will see either evidence of bad behavior among the 400 pages or redactions so extensive that they can blame Mr. Barr of a cover-up.

"The greatest Scam in political history", he tweeted Tuesday.

The victory lap was deliberately premature, they said. I was positive, I told them, that Trump would never be the Republican nominee, let alone be elected president.

But Trump's inner circle knows there will likely be further releases of embarrassing or politically damaging information. "The reason for this is because Republicans and Democrats in the electorate hate the other side so much". "They're going to be looking for anything in there, and certainly I think Thursday's kind of all upside for them because in their estimation anything that doesn't say no collusion, no obstruction is probably - good news".

Barr said he would examine the details of how the FBI's counterintelligence investigation began. Seventy-four percent of Republicans said it clears Trump of "any wrongdoing", while just 8 percent of Democrats responded that way.

Lemire reported from NY.

What you won't see in Robert Mueller's Trump-Russia report on Thursday