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It's 'impregnation vacation' time for Ronda Rousey

17 April 2019

After earning championships in the UFC and WWE, Ronda Rousey might be going for something different this time: her first baby.

It appears as if Ronda Rousey will be taking a break from the WWE spotlight, and for good reason. Her last appearance for WWE was for WrestleMania 35 at MetLife Stadium on April 7 when she was controversially pinned by Becky Lynch in the first women's match to headline the company's biggest show.

In January, Rousey didn't deny those rumours, but told people to mind their own business.

"I've not kept it a secret that I would definitely want to start a family", Rousey said.

Professional fighter and actress Ronda Rousey is stepping away from the wrestling ring to focus on starting a family.

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Rousey, the former UFC women's bantamweight champion, most recently appeared for WWE at WrestleMania 35 in the first all-women's main event at that show, opposite Charlotte Flair and eventual victor Becky Lynch.

Due to her injury The Baddest Woman on the Planet didn't appear on RAW the next night at the Barclays Center in NY even though she was reportedly backstage.

"On Monday Rousey posted a pic on Instagram that further fueled the rumors which captions "#impregnationvacation".

WWE, though, hope to have her back either later this year or early 2020. I love this way more than I thought that I would.

When asked about the speculation by ESPN, Rousey slammed the reports, saying: "I honestly don't know why [anyone] feels like [they're] an authority to speak on the plans for my uterus".

It's 'impregnation vacation' time for Ronda Rousey