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Apple Spending Millions of Dollars To Secure New Games for Apple Arcade

17 April 2019

According to sources, Apple is funding dozens of titles that will be exclusive to this new platform and several of them have budgets that run to millions of dollars.

So says the Financial Times, which reports that new service's budget is "likely to exceed $500m" as Apple looks to acquire more than 100 new and exclusive games that will debut on Arcade when it launches in October this year.

Arcade will be focused on indie titles but Apple will be working with more familiar names in the industry such as Sony and Lego. This uses a subscription model which grants users access to hundreds of gaming titles.

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Some analysts are predicting that video game subscriptions could become a multi-billion dollar business for Apple within the next few years, the Financial Times said, but it's going to have to make some hefty upfront investments without knowing if Arcade will be successful. The full Apple Arcade launch lineup will represent the first true test, but as of now it certainly looks like Apple has a victor on its hands. Their predictions are based off of 29 million users by 2024, paying a subscription price of $12.99 per month. Apple will offer "extra incentive" when the players will withhold the release of the game from Google's Android or Microsoft's Xbox game pass. It has been pushing hard to get as many high quality and high profile games for its Arcade Service. In addition to that, if the users do not provide explicit consent, Arcade games will not be allowed to share any of their data with the publishers. They can download and play as many as they want across multiple Apple devices, either online or offline.

While analysts at HSBC think Apple Arcade could be a game changer for the company, revenue-wise, despite the attractiveness adjoining the launch of Apple TV+, company unveiled during the same media event last month. At the present time, over 100 games have been curated to be a part of Apple Arcade.

Apple Spending Millions of Dollars To Secure New Games for Apple Arcade