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Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel fails to win seat

17 April 2019

"The key is a majority government, which UCP has."

He was elected Alberta Party leader in February 2018.

The Alberta Party, which set its sights on appealing to centrists on the political spectrum, failed to make a breakthrough in the provincial vote on Tuesday, despite the leader's popularity.

Alberta's incoming premier says the province is open for business.

The man who will soon be Alberta's 18th premier first extended a message to businesses, guaranteeing lower taxes, cuts to red tape and "a deep culture of enterprise and innovation".

"There is a deep frustration in this province, a sense that we have contributed massively to the rest of Canada, but that everywhere we turn we are being blocked in and pinned down", said Kenney.

"Yes, tonight's result is not the one that we hoped for or worked so hard for". Both Kenney and Notley blame Trudeau for a lack of progress on new oil export pipelines.

"I respect and honour your choice", he said.

"We have fundamentally changed the politics of this province forever", she said. A recent Global/Ipsos campaign poll showed the UCP with a comfortable 10-point lead over the NDP, with the top issue of what has been a divisive campaign still being jobs and employment.

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Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel was one of a handful of well-known conservative faces to appear early at the Stampede grounds election night.

"I think Jason (Kenney) has run a very strong campaign (and)... has done something incredible in terms of unifying the right", she said.

She said Kenney's promise to challenge Trudeau in court on everything from the federal carbon tax to proposed energy industry rule changes is cynical, self-defeating shadow-boxing given the collaborative realities of political decision-making.

The notion of a conservative wave across Canada was echoed by former Progressive Conservative MLA Jonathan Denis.

It's an election expected to define or, in the case of Kenney, redefine Alberta's relationship with the federal government and specifically Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The four-week campaign focused on personal attacks and on Alberta's fragile economy, which has been struggling with sluggish oil prices and unemployment levels above seven per cent in Calgary and Edmonton.

Jason Kenney's United Conservatives have jumped out front in early returns in Alberta's election, winning many rural seats.

Kenney plans to fire a shot across the bow of the B.C. government on his first day in office.

Kenney, a former cabinet minister in Stephen Harper's Conservative government, won the leadership of the Alberta Progressive Conservative party in 2016 before leading the PCs into a successful 2017 merger with the Wildrose Party.

Alberta Party Leader Stephen Mandel fails to win seat