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A new Lego Star Wars game is reportedly on the way

16 April 2019

What do you want to see in the next decade of Star Wars movies?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be a third-person single-player adventure game in which players will take control of Cal who will gain new abilities as they player, allowing them to access and explore new places. The industry's changing all the time, she said, "and I'm glad for Respawn's sake, because I'm excited about their game, and I've heard great things about it".

The first trailer for "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" debuted at Celebration over the weekend and "GMA" sat down with director J.J. Abrams to break down this highly-anticipated film.

During the interview, Wood lists off the projects being worked on in 2019 and ends by saying "There's a Lego Star Wars game we're working on". No new Star Wars movies are now in production, and none are even in the preparation stages.

"We needed to cut away to the villains, for one thing, which was something I never allowed us to do on Uncharted".

Amazon is reportedly preparing to launch a free music streaming service
Right out of the box users would be able to start playing music without making any payments or signing up for another service. The report also claims that the service will initially be exclusive to Echo speakers and could launch as early as next week.

In the last few years Respawn has built up an incredible reputation for high quality games.

"I was surprised at how emotional I was about it", he told "GMA". Even with the loot box controversy, Battlefront 2 still sold 9 million copies in its initial quarter of availability. This brings up the possibility of the three of them collaborating closely in the writers' room and mind-mapping five to ten years worth of interconnected Star Wars stories, very similar to what Kevin Feige does over at Marvel Studios.

Amy Hennig, creative director behind the cancelled single-player Star Wars game known as Project Ragtag, has some thoughts on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and its status as a single-player game without microtransactions. The trust of these fans is going to need to be earned via strong reviews and positive word of mouth from influencers. So you still go OK, Luke is the hero of the story, but when you look at Han and Leia they're co-protagonists. They have not proven lately that they are capable.

He later recalled conversations he had with Star Wars creator George Lucas regarding Palpatine's fate. It's definitely a bit weird to say that considering the team's origins, but it's not any less true.

A new Lego Star Wars game is reportedly on the way