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Mohammed Ishtaye sworn in as new Palestinian PM

15 April 2019

Palestinian government ministers were sworn in for a second time on Sunday after a lawyer noticed that the oath they took the day before had been missing a phrase.

"A Palestinian lawyer had watched the swearing-in ceremony and noticed that the clause "[to be loyal] to the people and its national heritage" was not included.

Meanwhile, Abbas said he does not think it is useful to talk with the United States President Donald Trump about any solution or issue, after he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"We were hoping and will hope to go for a national unity government that will be a salvation government that rescues the current national Palestinian status", said al-Hayya in a press statement.

Abbas, 84, is seen as retaining the real decision-making authority.

At least 20 killed in market blast in Pakistani city of Quetta
The committee voiced serious concern over the Quetta blast and continued killings of members of the Hazara community. A security source suspected that the Islamic State (IS) might be the culprit based on the information they obtained.

While his term was meant to expire in 2009, Abbas has remained in office in the absence of elections since the Fatah-Hamas split.

The new government is led by Prime Minister Mohammed Ishtayeh, a veteran peace negotiator and critic of the Islamist movement Hamas, which governs in the Gaza Strip.

The rival Hamas group that runs Gaza called the move blow to unity efforts that faltered since the two groups signed a new reconciliation deal in Cairo in October 2017, but disputes over power-sharing had blocked the implementation of the agreement.

Two factions of Abbas's Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) refused to take part in Shtayyeh's government.

Mohammed Ishtaye sworn in as new Palestinian PM