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Here's When You Can Get A Free Measles Vaccine In Westchester

14 April 2019

Westchester borders Rockland County, where measles cases have been concentrated among members of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. People who refuse the vaccine or who refuse to get their children vaccinated could be fined, though de Blasio said he hoped to avoid levying any fines.

It comes after the county took the unprecedented measure on March 26 of banning unvaccinated minors from schools and public places for 30 days. But a judge last week overturned it, saying it's not yet a clear emergency.

As NYCityLens reported, Mayor Bill De Blasio declared a public health emergency Tuesday because of the growing measles outbreak in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

Mayor Bill de Blasio: The only way to stop this outbreak is to ensure that those who have not been vaccinated get the vaccine.

The year is already shaping up to be one of the worst for measles outbreaks across the nation.

In New York, an worldwide traveler arrived in Rockland County with a suspected case of the measles.

And while the highly contagious respiratory disease has yet to hit Utahns, "we're only one airline flight within a case coming here", said Dr. Tamara Sheffield, medical director for community health and prevention at Intermountain Healthcare.

The objective is to raise the vaccination rate from the current 72 percent, Ruppert said. They Were Wrong (Donald G. McNeil Jr., April 2019) - "Public health officials worldwide tracked the results, monitoring cases and tracking outbreaks". "It's not just that they know what questions to ask". Miriam's daughter doesn't want to vaccinate her children, she said, because she is anxious about the vaccines affecting brain function.

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But Begun said a larger number may delay the first measles-mumps-rubella vaccine until 2 years of age instead of the recommended 1 year, vastly increasing the number of unvaccinated children who can be infected.

Doctors who practice in Brooklyn's Orthodox Jewish communities say only a small number of people refuse inoculations outright because they believe erroneously that vaccines are harmful or that they violate Jewish law, but factors including large families may have helped the outbreak spread. Six of the infected children are siblings.

Measles has been confirmed in eight unvaccinated children from northern Westchester.

"There are many more individuals who are living with chronic diseases, who are surviving cancer, and so we don't want children or adults to be unnecessarily exposed to measles" due to "measles parties".

"For instance, if a parent has three children and one of them gets the measles, exposing the other two, the fine would be $3,000".

It has been well documented that in order for vaccines to be effective, the vast majority must be vaccinated in order to maintain herd immunity.

When a case is reported, Kiernan said, public health departments work together to confirm it is measles and then interview the patient to determine where they have traveled while infectious.

Here's When You Can Get A Free Measles Vaccine In Westchester