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Physicists REVERSE time using Quantum Computer — Time Travel BREAKTHROUGH

16 March 2019

According to the report, finding the origin of the "arrow of time" is still a major scientific challenge. The system will always tend toward disorder. This runs contrary to the second law.

Most laws of physics work both ways, in the future and the past.

"We began by describing a so-called local perpetual motion machine of the second kind. It evolves in a direction that is opposite to the direction of the thermodynamic arrow of time", said Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology's Laboratory of the Physics of Quantum Information head, Dr. Gordey Lesovik, a lead researcher.

A team of Russian scientists have built a "time machine" that can move tiny particles a fraction of a second into the past. Thus, they made a decision to check and examine a solitary electron in empty interstellar space. This means that we're pretty sure about its position in space.

"The laws of quantum mechanics prevent us from knowing it with absolute precision, but we can outline a small region where the electron is localised."The discovery contradicts the laws of physics, which suggests that time is linear and can only travel in one direction - forward. In spite of the fact that it sees no difference amongst the future and the past, the region of space containing the electron will spread out all around rapidly".

A team of physicists from MIPT, which also included scientists from Switzerland and the USA, looked into "the possibility of violating the second law of thermodynamics", Lesovik said in a press release.

To an outside observer, it looks as if time is running backwards.

But by forcing order to rise from disorder with a quantum computer program, scientists may have found a way around this basic physical law.

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The experiment included setting each qubit's state to what is believed to be zero.

Datta called the study "interesting", adding: "It is an example of the types of creative things one can simulate on a quantum computer". Actually, a similar degradation would occur by itself due to interactions with the environment.

In the final phase, the scientists relaunched the evolution program. However, they also had another program created to modify the state of the quantum computer in such a way that the experiment evolved backwards. This operation is akin to the random microwave background fluctuation in the case of the electron, but this time, it is deliberately induced.

An analogy would be giving the pool table such a perfectly calculated kick that the balls roll back into an orderly pyramid. Stage 4 relaunched the evolution program from the second stage.

Basically, the chaos of the qubits rewound to their starting states and became ordered once more.

The scientists had an 85 percent success rate and only in the case of a two-qubit quantum computer.

However, the success rate plunged to 50 percent when three qubits were present. As per the scientists, these errors are because of flaws in the actual quantum computer. The scientists said the error rate is anticipated to drop as more devices are designed.

Study author Andrei Lebedev told Newsweek, "Doing this magic with the developed state of ink we will see that after the same time (time needed for the dissolving of ink in the water) the ink will again combine back into the original drop". They also have a practical application: they'll help improve future quantum computers, he said, as well as the operation of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) technology, which is used in medical magnetic resonance imaging.

Physicists REVERSE time using Quantum Computer — Time Travel BREAKTHROUGH