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Opposition MPs push for Wilson-Raybould to testify again

16 March 2019

"It's been incredibly hard - this is me getting a little bit personal here - for me and for my family, and I know for many of you", she said, her voice occasionally catching.

Shortly after the meeting convened, the Liberal committee members abruptly voted to adjourn, with Conservatives and New Democrats shouting out epithets like "Cover-up!" and "Despicable!"

An emergency meeting of the Justice Committee investigating the situation was shut down nearly immediately by the Liberal majority sparking outraged cries of from the opposition of "cover-up", "disgusting" and "shame".

Thus far no Liberals have said publicly whether they will agree to call her a second time.

Jody Wilson-Raybould former Attorney-General told the justice committee she was "hounded" about the SNC-Lavalin criminal prosecution by top Liberal officials, even the Prime Minister.

27 for about four hours, but after Trudeau's former principal secretary Gerald Butts testified a week later, opposition MPs say they have new questions for the ex-justice minister.

Francis Drouin suggested the opposition Conservative and NDP members were playing politics by calling the meeting during March break, since a session to determine next steps had already been scheduled for Mar. 19.

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"I've never been so disgusted by the conduct of my Liberal colleagues", Conservative MP Michael Cooper said.

Too bad Jody Wilson-Raybould was too proud to accept the Indigenous services portfolio when offered it by our prime minister, after losing the prestigious job of attorney general in a cabinet shuffle.

NDP MP Tracey Ramsey added she thought Liberals were hiding behind parliamentary procedures because they had "something to hide". "What are they hiding and why won't they let her speak?"

The clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick, was also allowed to return to the committee to clarify previous statements and Ramsey is asking why the Liberals are not allowing Wilson-Raybould to do the same. The Organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development has also made a rare statement saying they are "watching" the situation which involves an global incident of bribery and fraud by the Canadian-based multinational SNC Lavalin.

Poilievre said Trudeau needs to extend the waiver because something clearly happened in that time that was so "egregious" it pushed Wilson-Raybould to quit.

One opposition source said they are considering putting Ms Wilson-Raybould before the ethics committee instead.

Opposition MPs push for Wilson-Raybould to testify again