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Google sinks more than 200 Android apps infected with SimBad adware

16 March 2019

If your app has a feature requiring "all the time" permission, you'll need to add the new ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission to your manifest file when you target Android Q. If your app targets Android 9 (API level 28) or lower, the ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission will be automatically added for you by the system if you request either ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION or ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION.

Out of 81 apps downloaded from the Google Play Store, 62 per cent required risky permissions from Android users according to research. The perpetrator also has the ability to load one remote app that some specific server hosts, thereby letting him to load fresh malicious programs when required. Researchers believe that most, if not all of the developers who were using RXDroider were unaware of its deficiencies. Check Point also published a list containing the tainted apps showing package name, the app name and number of installations.

Use only trustworthy AV, not this garbage that after scan makes you uninstall nearly all of your apps because its nonsense detection rules.

Have you been considering getting yourself an antivirus app for your smartphone lately?

AV-Comparatives said, most Android antivirus apps were phoney, and many of them seemed to have been created only to display ads or promote a developer's career. They spent only a few weeks to investigate all the apps and remove the ones that had the malware. Others are developed for ad purposes especially the free ones.

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Detailed by researchers at Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., the "SimBad" malware was discovered on 206 applications that had been downloaded almost 150 million times.

Use common sense plus this handy list we created for you. Google Play Protect that is inbuilt on the phone will just do okay protecting your phone against malware.

More than half of the apps - 138 out of 250 - either detected 30 percent or less of the malicious samples or had high false-positive rates, meaning a non-malicious app gets flagged as being bad, AV Comparatives says.

The report noted the irony of many antiviruses apps proving themselves as malware as a commentary on the pathetic state of affairs in the Android antivirus industry. For example, an app that automatically tracks the mileage you drive for tax filing, without requiring you to interact with the app. Majority reduce the efficiency of your phone, consume a lot of battery, annoy you with notifications and take up a lot of your storage.

Google sinks more than 200 Android apps infected with SimBad adware