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You Can Stream PC Games To Your Phone Through Steam Now

15 March 2019

Steam's continuing beta of its Steam Link app, which lets you play games on any supported device by streaming them off a computer, added a major new capability today: streaming to devices on any network rather than only on the same network as the host computer.

It goes without saying that the most crucial requirement for Steam Link Anywhere is a solid network connection.

The feature is now available in early beta and is free of charge to all Steam users through the Steam Link device or app.

Anyone who wants to use Steam Link Anywhere can access it by updating their Steam client to the beta build dated March 13 or newer, Valve said.

Previous versions of Steam Link allowed players to connect to a machine running Steam from a Steam Link or Steam Link app, but that was only possible so long as both devices were running on the same wifi network.

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For those making games, Valve have opened up the Steam Networking Sockets APIs to all developers.

Steam Link Anywhere was announced ahead of Valve's GDC 2019 talk. Sony's PlayStation Now software streams a library of games from Sony's server to the PS4 and PC, while Microsoft has been hyping its upcoming xCloud software that will stream games to iOS, Android and, according to some rumors, even Nintendo Switch.

The platform is compatible with the Steam Link and any device running the Steam Link application.

This service is an extension of Steam Link, which allows users to stream games from their desktop PC to a compatible device over an Internet connection. You can also connect a controller to your phone if you need more precise inputs for more demanding games - like a racer or Dark Souls or something.

You Can Stream PC Games To Your Phone Through Steam Now