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Google's Lookout app aid blind people about environs

15 March 2019

Google had unveiled this app during the 2018's Google's I/O Developers Conference. Now, months later, the app has been rolled out for Pixel phone users in the US.

Also, the app won't give user the unnecessary information, but only tell them things that it thinks are important. The app also has a camera view for live recognition. It can identify the currencies as well.

Google Lookout is now available for the Google Pixels smartphones, and only within the US.

In a blog post announcing the launch, Google points out that, once the app is started (which can be done by asking Google's Assistant to "start Lookout") there's no need to tap any further buttons. With it, blind or visually impaired users can have their smartphone identify objects or read text to them, using computer vision and Google Lens technologies.

Google's Lookout app says what it sees for blind users in the US
Google uses its AI expertise to help the blind explore their surroundings

The app, which was first announced at Google's I/O developer conference a year ago, is now available to USA users with a Pixel device, although Google Accessibility Engineering product manager Patrick Clary said in a blog post that Google "hope [s] to bring Lookout to more devices, countries and platforms soon".

Although it will only work on Pixel devices in the USA at the moment Google are hoping to bring it to more devices, countries and platforms soon. They only have to make sure their Pixel's camera is facing out by holding their device, placing it in their shirt pocket or hanging it from a lanyard around their neck.

Google, a year ago at its I/O event had announced its new app called - Lookout for visually impaired. Individuals with a Pixel device in the USA can download Lookout on Google Play.

Note: The Pixel device should be updated to the Android 8.0 Oreo Operating System as the app is compatible with Android 8.0 Oreo or the above version of Google.

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Google's Lookout app aid blind people about environs