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United Kingdom to publish no-deal Brexit plans for Irish border

14 March 2019

The announcement comes just hours after members of parliament voted against prime minister Theresa May's "new" Brexit deal by 391 votes to 242 - a majority of 149 votes.

A no deal Brexit could add thousands on to the cost of buying a new auto, warns experts. There are reports that she will ask for a 2 month delay and if she doesn't, Thursday's vote will force her had.

Other food products such as beef and poultry will face a reduced rate compared with the rest of the world, but prices would still be expected to rise for shoppers.

If MPs vote for a no-deal withdrawal from the EU, European cars and trucks could be slapped with a 10.6 per cent tarriff.

The UK has revealed they will unilaterally apply no tariffs and introduce no new checks or controls on goods at the Irish border in the event of no-deal Brexit, with critics warning such a system could be exploited by smugglers.

The government recognises that Northern Ireland's businesses and farmers will have concerns about the impact that the government's approach will have on their competitiveness.

British and Irish officials have warned that such a scenario could lead to smugglers using Northern Ireland as a backdoor to get goods into Britain tariff free.

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The comments came as the Irish leader, who has been only too eager to help the European Union emphasise the impediments to Brexit created along the Irish-UK border over the past two years, visited Washington part of a trip to coincide with St Patrick's Day.

Small businesses trading across the border will be able to report Value-Added Tax online without any new processes at the border. This would not involve any infrastructure or checks at the border including in Northern Ireland.

To protect human, animal and plant health, animals and animal products from outside the European Union would be required to enter Northern Ireland through a designated entry point, while regulated plant materials from outside the European Union and high-risk plants from inside Europe will require certification and pre-notification.

Goods crossing the border from Ireland into Northern Ireland would not be covered by the new import tariff regime.

"But we will do all we can to support people and businesses across Northern Ireland in the event that we leave without a deal".

Meanwhile, the Ulster Farmer's Union suggested that the plans announced on Wednesday would be equally damaging for Northern Irish farmers.

"This regime is only temporary as we recognise that there are challenges associated with this approach, including the unmonitored flow of goods into the United Kingdom and the potential for exploitation of any new system", the government said in a statement". These arrangements can only be temporary and short term'.

United Kingdom to publish no-deal Brexit plans for Irish border