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Conor McGregor faces charges in U.S. over 'altercation'

14 March 2019

McGregor is being accused of slapping a cell phone out of a fan's hand, repeatedly stomping on the device while it remained on the ground and finally picking the phone up and walking away.

Samuel Rabin, McGregor's lawyer, confirmed his client did play a role in the altercation, and asserted McGregor plans to cooperate with law enforcement.

The 22-year-old London restaurant manager was trying to capture McGregor on video outside a Miami Beach club at 5am when he said the Mixed Martial Arts fighter approached him.

New footage has emerged of Floyd poking fun at McGregor for getting busted over damaging a fan's phone.

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McGregor was arrested by Miami police following an encounter with Ahmed Abdirzak, a United Kingdom man on holiday in Miami. The victim, Ahmed Abdirzak, claims the phone is valued at $1,000. The former UFC champion would later on post bail. The victim subsequently filed a police report in the nearest police station. According to Abdirzak, McGregor appeared to be offering a handshake but ended up grabbing the phone from his hand. Despite being physically damaged, the United Kingdom resident simply wanted the phone back to try and save precious content. After the fight Nurmagomedov jumped the cage and attacked on of McGregor's teammates, while McGregor got into a scuffle with a few of Nurmagomedov's cornermen. The last time McGregor fought was against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229 on October 6, 2018.

Conor McGregor is among the biggest and the most popular names when it comes to the UFC.

"So what happened was, we see McGregor over there and it was all cool, and what not, and then on the way out, we was just waiting on our vehicle from the valet".

McGregor lost via submission that night but the controversy was the melee that ensued after that match. It will be interesting if he escapes this one.

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Conor McGregor faces charges in U.S. over 'altercation'