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Trump Installs $50000 Golf Simulator in the White House

14 February 2019

President Donald Trump personally paid to have a "golf simulator" installed in the White House residence that allows him to play virtual rounds of golf, The Washington Post reported Wednesday.

Thanks to Axios, we now know that President Trump spends most of his work day in executive time, tending to his Twitter account, talking on the phone and watching TV. So one can imagine the torture that must come from having access to this awesome machine - which allows the user to play a virtual round at the world's finest real and imagined courses - but simply not having the free time to use it.

The system was reportedly installed in his personal White House quarters during the last few weeks. As the Post notes, Trump isn't the first president to bring his preferred hobby to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: Eisenhower installed a putting green; Nixon, a bowling alley; and Obama, a basketball court in addition to the older simulator.

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After the shutdown, the President golfed at his Florida club earlier this month with Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

The Post estimated Mr Trump had played golf about 139 times as President, mostly at one of the 16 golf courses he owns in the USA and overseas.

Golf courses have also been a signature part of Trump's career as an hotelier.

Trump Installs $50000 Golf Simulator in the White House