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NASA set up permanent moon base

14 February 2019

The space agency has been talking up its plans to create a lunar base on our celestial neighbour that astronauts will use as a gateway to the rest of the solar system.

With its eyes set on returning humans to the moon, NASA is inviting US-based companies to help design and develop lunar landers, reusable systems for astronauts to land on the earth's natural satellite.

"Billions of people around the world will watch history being made as astronauts explore more of the surface for longer periods of time than ever before, and help us prepare for missions to Mars and other destinations", said Bridenstine, the NASA administrator.

Bridenstine said that the space community has been given a mandate by President Trump to return to the moon.

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"If you are in a part of the Moon where it is getting dark, you will notice that a lunar night has a duration of 14 terrestrial days, meaning that that part of the Moon would be kept in darkness for two weeks", as said the scientist at the Caribbean Astronomy Society, the last time when hang'e-4 had to shut down during its first lunar night. The team plans on carrying out their first commercial lunar surface landing by the end of 2020. It's a sustainable approach that creates more commercial opportunities, which is necessary for long-term human space exploration'.

When NASA again sends humans to the Moon, the surface will be buzzing with new research and robotic activity, and there will be more opportunities for discovery than ever before. "The goal of the mission is to carry the crew to the Moon", while the mission plan for 2031 is related to "the cosmonauts' activities on the Moon" and performing tasks set by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

According to the solicitation, NASA will fund industry-led development and flight demonstrations of lunar landers built for astronauts by supporting critical studies and risk reduction activities to advance technology requirements, tailor applicable standards, develop technology, and perform initial demonstrations by landing on the Moon.

Nasa says it plans for these missions to be in operation by the end of 2020.

NASA set up permanent moon base