Friday, 15 February 2019
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You Can Buy Google Fi SIM Cards at Best Buy Now

13 February 2019

Google's Project Fi MVNO, which launched in 2015, brought something new to the table.

SIM cards for Google Fi, Google's own Wi-Fi-first phone network, will now be available in over 500 Best Buy locations, Google announced Monday.

But there is a bigger caveat that people should be aware of if you're planning to head to Best Buy: while you can buy a Google Fi SIM there, the Best Buy staff will not be able to help you activate that SIM. Data only cards that you might use with a tablet rather than smartphone are still only available directly from Google. It offers seamless switching between carriers for the best possible network connectivity, as well as refunds for data that users don't ...

Google says Fi SIM cards are coming to more than 500 Best Buy stores across the U.S., but it doesn't have a full list (call your local store).

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So while the company has worked with smartphone OEMs to expand the number of compatible devices they have also been working with Best Buy to get their SIM card in physical stores.

One important detail to note is that the SIM cards sold at Best Buy can not be used with data only plan. If you need a data-only SIM for your secondary devices, you will still need to order that directly from Google.

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You Can Buy Google Fi SIM Cards at Best Buy Now