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'The Division 2' Is Getting an Open Beta

13 February 2019

However, assuming it follows a similar schedule to the original game, we can probably expect The Division 2 open beta to begin later this month - early March at the latest. This trial period will be available across all of the game's platforms: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Plus, if you didn't get a chance this past weekend, it means everyone can sample the game before it launches in March.

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Thank you and see you all again soon in Washington, D.C.! We also saw a hefty portion of the main campaign recently and found that the new gadgets and equipment in this sequel were satisfying to use. As with most beta tests, it suffered from a few bugs, but developer Massive Entertainment did its best to push out updates to improve the experience for players. In a clip captured by Reddit user TiniestBuckle, one of the devs is heard to say "we're going to fix that for the open beta" when addressing an issue now in the game. The open beta will end on March 4th and even though Ubisoft has not stated anything additional yet, we are pretty sure that its build will be identical to the one used for the Private Beta. If you'd like to pre-order the game ahead of that time, you can do so over on Amazon.

'The Division 2' Is Getting an Open Beta