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Teenager with anti-vax mum gets vaccinated on his 18th birthday

13 February 2019

"But, due to their beliefs I've never been vaccinated for anything, god knows how I'm still alive", the teen wrote at the time.

"I'm very proud of him, for standing for what he believes in, even if it is against what I believe".

Numerous teens asking on social media on how to get vaccinations on their own are often looking for information on the Mature Minor Doctrine. "I had grown up hearing that and when I started to move on to social media, you know, 13, 14, there was very online heated debate".

According to an investigation by KREM-TV, teens under the age of majority are generally prohibited from obtaining shots without their parents' permission in the U.S. There are, however, some exceptions under what is referred to as the "mature minor doctrine", where teens who can prove a certain level of independence such as being emancipated or pregnant, for instance - and are able to find a health care provider willing to give them the shots knowing they could be sued. And all 50 states grant exemptions for medical reasons.

'But, I'm a senior in high school now with a vehicle, a licence, and money of my own. Anti-vaxxers say the government should not have the right to demand citizens receive such jabs against their will, while some vaccination proponents argue those who opt out of having their kids vaccinated put others at risk.

Just over a month later, Lindenberger received vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza and HPV at an Ohio Department of Heath office, reported The Washington Post. The other must be a paperwork mistake, she said. Wheeler told Undark her son's decision to get vaccinated was a "a slap in the face".

In Washington, a self-described underage teen wrote in January that his or her mother would not allow vaccines.

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Washington state has become a battleground between anti-vaccine groups pushing for relaxed regulations and concerned parents watching a measles outbreak strike the Pacific Northwest, a well-documented anti-vaccination refuge. "If you have an undervaccinated population and you introduce a measles case into that population, it will take off like a wildfire", Clark County Public Health Director Alan Melnick said.

Another teenager, who in September identified himself as a 15-year old from Minnesota, asked Reddit for help to parse state laws in an effort to gain immunization himself.

'Across the US, minors generally can not consent to their own health care; however, there are several federal and state laws that permit a minor to consent to his or her own medical treatment in specific circumstances, but it does not usually include immunizations. When we don't see the devastation caused by vaccine-preventable diseases on a daily basis, some people discount the vital need to keep their families safe by vaccinating them'.

The tension has complicated his home life. Many, like Lindenberger, have turned to Reddit for advice.

The stakes are high for his four younger siblings. She also recommends consulting with your healthcare provider.

Lindenberger said he confronted his mother with the information, but she simply rebuffed him.

Teenager with anti-vax mum gets vaccinated on his 18th birthday