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Rockstar Details Big Updates Heading to Red Dead Online on February 26th

13 February 2019

Maps will no longer show players further than 150 meters out from your map, and players slightly out of that range will only be visible while shooting their gun.

Rockstar Games has announced an update will be released for the Red Dead Online beta at the end of February.

The update will also introduce computer-controlled bounty hunters to chase down players with high bounties, with bounty values and honour levels scaling depending on the severity of the crime.

Built from the ground up for the latest hardware, Red Dead Online blends the classic multiplayer of the original Red Dead Redemption with the best of everything we have learned since then about creating deep multiplayer experiences. This prevents players from being repeatedly targeted across the map at long distances. Killing players will lead to a high bounty, while assaulting someone or animals will result in a lesser bounty. "Overly aggressive players" who are consistently hostile will be marked with a dot that progressively gets darker when crimes are committed outside of structured modes. "Shift back to a more righteous path and your visibility will fade over time".

Aside from player visibility, Rockstar will also be introducing Posse-wide Parleys and improving Feuds. You bounty will be determined by the crime, so if you murder other players, you'll be worth a lot more than if you simply loot someone or cause a disturbance. After your bounty getting so high you will be wanted dead.

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Rockstar completely reworked the map for Red Dead Redemption 2 Online from player feedback. You can challenge an opponent by initiating a Feud, Posse Feud, or Leader Feud after one kill - which will essentially turn a scuffle into a mini-deathmatch in Free Roam.

Other fixes include weapon balancing, new daily challenges to earn XP and Gold Nuggets, and voice chat, all while Rockstar continues to listen to player feedback to evolve the game. These tasks can be anything from foraging for herbs to selling items at a Fence, hunting and skinning animals, clearing out hideouts, winning Feuds, and more. Rockstar will keep changing up daily challenges and expand them increasing challenges, rewards and bonuses.

Fixes to horse cargo "are numerous and ongoing", and the studio plans to introduce improvements to making pelts and carcasses more persistent after death or respawning.

More details on the February 26 update will be provided next week. Playing in a Posse will bring benefits like earning increased XP in Free Roam Missions and Free Roam Events. This week, you can also earn increased XP in Free Roam Missions and Free Roam Events, while next week will see you able to earn 20% more XP across all Red Dead Online Beta activities.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available for PS4 and Xbox One.

Rockstar Details Big Updates Heading to Red Dead Online on February 26th