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Elon Musk Says 'Dog Mode' Is Coming to Tesla Cars This Week

13 February 2019

For now, we'll have to wait for their announcements to know what Musk and Tesla are planning for this new SUV. Now, it looks like the promising vehicle mode will be released soon.

So when Model 3 owner Josh Atchley tweeted a request to the Tesla Chief Executive for a petsafe "dog mode", "Where the music plays and the ac is on, with a display on screen saying "I'm fine, my owner will be right back"?", he probably didn't expect that within four months, Tesla would be rolling out a dog friendly update for pet owners - but, this is 2019 and so of course it has. This is another electric auto mode by Elon Musk in which cameras can record whatever is happening while the vehicle is unattended by its owner. Elon Musk will also be visiting Norway, which is his third-biggest market. Prior to starting deliveries, it will open up the Model 3 configurator for United Kingdom drivers on its website within 1-2 months, and there is a small chance that it will be offering the mid-range option. People are still asking when exactly "Sentry Mode" and "Dog Mode" will be released to the public. After seeing the tweet, Musk replied "Tesla Sentry Mode coming soon for all cars with Enhanced Autopilot". As of now, Elon Musk's SpaceX is wrestling with a possible schedule battle between their two upcoming spaceflights, which want to occur quickly or they'll lose their probability at launch this year. There are still some few details missing for the public to fully understand the mode as they only know that it will reduce the chances of dogs and other animals dying to heat stroke when left unattended inside a vehicle.

Tesla is able to make the new features available with simple over-the-air updates, similar to the software upgrades users can get on their smartphones and other tech devices. For example, they have the Cabin Overheat Protection in which it controls the climate of the auto to keep the interior at a safe and tolerable temperature.

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Elon Musk, proving his charm and charisma again, answered this person via another tweet mentioning that next week the new modes will be available for the cars. This kind of feature was not seen with Tesla's Cabin Overheat Protection.

However, up until now, the capacity shortages at the firm were resulting in longer waiting times and frustrated Tesla Model 3 customers.

Elon Musk Says 'Dog Mode' Is Coming to Tesla Cars This Week