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Chrome Gets A Handful of Official Themes

13 February 2019

Instead, it often recruits artists to create featured themes for the Chrome Web Store, as in the case of the Zodiac Animals themes that are now being promoted. Since Google Chrome comes pre-loaded on pretty much every Android phone, it's near impossible to overtake.

Why Google didn't offer these years ago is unclear, but the firm released 12 colorful new themes for its Chrome web browser this week.

This isn't dark mode or a substitue for it, though. The same is true for Chrome for Mac OS X 10.14 or newer as dark mode support will be introduced as well. The theme section of the store divides themes into different groups, e.g. minimalist themes, enchanting places, or space exploration. Chrome's new themes are positioned right at the top of the main page, so they aren't very hard to find.

Did you know Chrome has themes? One of the themes paints the entire interface in dark colors, others offer more colors or high contrasts instead.

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After all these years of allowing others to build themes for Chrome, the Chrome team has made a decision to unleash a group of themes in the Chrome Web Store, and they look really awesome!

Google hasn't really been known to make its own themes for Chrome. The bar includes an undo option to remove the theme again. Google wants to remind us that themes in Chrome are a thing with a bunch of new internally-designed looks for your favorite browser. When you find a theme you like, click on the "Add to Chrome" button and it'll be immediately applied to your browser.

Now You: do you use custom themes in your web browser of choice?

Chrome Gets A Handful of Official Themes