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Bezos’ investigators conclude mistress’ brother is source behind leak

13 February 2019

Though AMI has resisted revealing the source of the texts - which include some hot one-liners, like, "I want to hold you tight" - the Daily Beast notes that a lawyer for the company "strongly hinted" that Sanchez was the source during an interview with ABC Sunday.

The brother, Michael Sanchez, is a supporter of US President Donald Trump and an acquaintance of Trump allies Roger Stone and Carter Page.

The battle between the National Enquirer and Bezos went nuclear when the outlet published a lengthy expose piece on his affair that it proudly presented as its "largest investigation" ever. It's not unusual for him to lash out at The Washington Post owner. The investigators have not said how they believe Michael Sanchez came into possession of his sister's intimate messages.

Bezos on Thursday accused American Media Inc (AMI), the Enquirer's owner, of trying to blackmail him with the threat of publishing "intimate photos" he allegedly sent to his girlfriend unless he said in public that the U.S. tabloid's reporting on him was not politically motivated.

"After being made aware of media reports alleging questionable business practices by AMI", the New Jersey Division of Investment contacted Chatham, "reminding them of their responsibilities as fiduciary for the funds' limited partners", Jennifer Sciortino, a spokeswoman for the state treasurer, said in an email to Bloomberg.

Chris Grayling incompetence over scrapped ferries contract is ‘off the scale’
The department insisted on conditions in Seaborne's contract requiring it to meet milestones in its preparations by specific dates.

Mr Ben-Veniste served as special prosecutor during the Watergate scandal. The media company's executives supposedly asked him to stop his investigation and release a statement saying its coverage was not politically motivated, in exchange for not publishing a new story featuring the scandalous content.

It acknowledged paying $150,000 to Playboy centerfold Karen McDougal for the rights to her story about an alleged affair with Trump.

The people weren't authorised to discuss the matter and spoke on condition of anonymity. In that same tweet, Trump called Bezos "Jeff Bozo".

Steve JobsThe late Apple co-founder fantasised about celebrating the sale of the millionth iMac by recreating the Willy Wonka golden certificate contest, author Ken Segall wrote in a book about Apple. He took that fantasy to the grave since California's law required competitions to allow entry without requiring a purchase.

Tony FernandesThe AirAsia founder shared that it was his dream to see a book about him written.

Bezos’ investigators conclude mistress’ brother is source behind leak