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Russian Federation plans to disconnect from the internet

12 February 2019

Russian Federation is preparing to detach itself from the rest of the world by briefly disconnecting from the internet, as it readies for future cyber warfare.

The announcement comes after a draft law called the Digital Economy National Program - which requires Russian internet service providers (ISPs) to make technical changes as the nation prepares for sanctions - was introduced to Russian parliament previous year.

There's no official date for when this move might take place, but the BBC reports that it would likely occur before April 1.

The new law states that state internet providers must be ready to ensure Russia's internet runs smoothly and independently in the event of a foreign attack that disconnects the country from the web. It's not clear if this test will disrupt Internet connectivity inside Russian Federation or not but all Internet providers have agreed to participate. They believe the test will cause "major disruption" to Russian internet traffic, reports tech news website ZDNet.

The Russian government has been working on the complex cyber defense tactic for several years.

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The bill would require telecoms to be able to redirect all traffic through routing points controlled by the Russian state.

The move has been in the works for years, and is meant to seal Russian Federation off from incoming cyber attacks.

Authorities have even built a local backup of the Domain Name System (DNS), which they first tested in 2014, and again in 2018, and which will now be a major component of the Runet when ISPs plan to disconnect the country from the rest of the world.

RosBiznesKonsalting reported that a Kremlin source told the Russian news outlet that President Vladimir Putin supports the proposed law.

According to the Independent, this will also allow the Russian government to monitor and filter its citizens' internet traffic more, similar to what the Chinese government does with its "Great Firewall of China". Ongoing discussions are in regards to finding the proper technical methods to disconnect Russian Federation from the internet with minimal downtime to consumers and government agencies.

Russian Federation plans to disconnect from the internet