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Premier League 2018-19: Reviewing the three pivotal matches of Round 26

12 February 2019

"It's a very big challenge for them because I think Manchester City are really putting the gas on the peddle". Nobody would have predicted last season's 13th-placed and 14th-placed clubs, Leeds United and Norwich City, to be occupying the summit of the table just less than a year later.

City, Liverpool and Spurs highlighted that fact over the weekend with home victories by at least two-goal margins over Chelsea, Bournemouth and Leicester respectively.

Not wanting to rely on anyone, Jurgen Klopp and the rest of his wards went out in Anfield with one goal in mind, to win matches one game at a time.

With the Blues moving ominously through the gears, Souness believes Liverpool will have to be faultless from this point in order to end their long wait for domestic supremacy.

Meanwhile, Southampton would want things to get better for them after two consecutive draws with Crystal Palace and Burnley put them closer to the bottom.

The rise of Birmingham City has coincided with the appointment of Garry Monk in early April past year.

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It will be because of these games (and squad depth) that they are not champions this season and that will be a shame.

"City today have won 6-0 and you're thinking, with it being almost 50/50 in possession, were they that good?" They still have that chance, but it has become a lot more hard in the last week. You could see at the beginning of the season we improved. You can be walking down the street, having a break and relaxing, and then all of a sudden your mind gets thrown back to the title and you can't get away from it.

"But sometimes you need the team to play well when you're just coming into the side".

With titles on the line as well as survival in the top-flight still in the balance, the 26th round of the English Premier League provided excitement, goal-fests and heart-stopping matches. In that time Neville has won eight Premier League titles for Manchester United and knows what it takes to come out on top in a tense title race. It becomes psychological and you get tension with it and get a bit more closed and safer with your passing and don't play with the same freedom. He's had a few injuries, and I don't think the change in formation has helped him. I didn't train on Friday and I didn't sleep at the hotel either because they thought I might infect other players.

"It will be a real struggle for Liverpool to win the league, but it always was going to be, so this is not something new".

"I think that really they deserved the win, they actually battered Chelsea".

Premier League 2018-19: Reviewing the three pivotal matches of Round 26