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Virginia Lt. Governor releases statement denying allegations of sexual assault

10 February 2019

Next in line for the governorship is Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, who is now facing two sexual assault allegations dating back to 2004.

As the reports of Fairfax's second accuser filtered through Congress, multiple Democratic lawmakers called for his resignation. Sen.

Police officials in Durham, North Carolina, where Duke is, said they had no records of an accusation against Fairfax in 2000.

Watson, Trinity '01, claimed Fairfax raped her when they were undergraduate students.

"If I had it to do over I would step back and take a deep breath", he said.

Watson's attorney also produced an email exchange from October 2016 between her client and Milagros Joye Brown, another friend from Duke, that details the alleged assault. Just days ago, Scripps College professor Vanessa Tyson released her own detailed account of an alleged assault by Fairfax in a Boston hotel room during the 2004 Democratic National Convention - a claim Fairfax also denies. "I will not resign".

Two of Prof Tyson's colleagues and several unnamed friends told the New York Times that she had relayed the incident to them in the last two years.

"It doesn't feel plausible at all", she said of Watson's allegations.

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The Democrat - now a year into his four-year term - announced his intention to stay at a Friday afternoon Cabinet meeting, according to a senior official who was not authorized to discuss the matter publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Consequently, I call on all appropriate and impartial investigatory authorities, including the FBI, to investigate fully and thoroughly the allegations against me by Ms. Watson and Dr. Tyson. Cory Booker (D-New Jersey), and former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe were among the first.

Virginia Democratic representatives issued a joint statement demanding the lieutenant governor step aside.

Fairfax did not deny he had an encounter with Tyson, but said it was consensual and the accusation was an attempt to smear him when he was poised to become governor of Virginia.

The Virginia Black Legislative Caucus joined calls for Fairfax's departure.

"That's all due to the Democrats in Virginia, they've done a terrific job - the three Democrats at the top - of making it easier for Republicans to defend Donald Trump", Sabato said. Virginia delegate Patrick Hope, a Democrat, said Friday night he will be bringing articles of impeachment against Fairfax. As with Fairfax, there have been emphatic calls for their resignations, including from leading figures in their own party.

Watson, through her attorneys, issued a statement yesterday outlining her allegation.

If Fairfax were to leave, there's no consensus on who could replace him. Northam spent the week in seclusion after a racist picture on the personal page of his medical school yearbook was discovered.

So far, the embattled Virginia politicians have steadfastly resisted calls to leave office. A picture of a person in blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan outfit on Northam's yearbook page surfaced last week, while Herring said Wednesday that he dressed in blackface in college.

Virginia Lt. Governor releases statement denying allegations of sexual assault