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Trump says record-long govt shutdown could be resolved 'in 15 minutes'

14 January 2019

"Before he pulls the plug on the legislative option, and I think we are nearly there, I would urge them to open up the government for a short period of time, like three weeks, before he pulls the plug (to) see if we can get a deal", Mr Graham told Fox News Sunday.

"That's my recommendation", added Graham, who has publicly pushed Trump to use his authority to declare a national emergency to build the wall.

Mr Graham, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said he had urged the president on Sunday to temporarily reopen government to get negotiations started again.

"If we can't, all bets are off", Mr. Graham said on "Fox News Sunday".

The partial government shutdown has now become the longest in USA history.

Roughly 800,000 federal workers did not receive paychecks that would have gone out on Friday.

Additionally, To break things down a little further, 85% of Democrats blame Trump and the Republicans, while 68% of Republicans blame Democrats. "The president says 'Let's make a deal, then open up the government.' Nancy Pelosi says even if you opened up the government I wouldn't fund a wall". "That's why I'm depressed".

Sen. Chris Coons, Delaware Democrat, said Mr. Graham's advice to the president was solid.

President Donald Trump is pushing back against the idea that he doesn't have a strategy to end the partial government shutdown, now into its fourth week.

Democrats have offered $1.3 billion in new border security funding, but none specifically for a wall. He said that the ball was in the court of his political opponents, warning that "we will be out for a long time unless the Democrats come back from their "vacations" and get back to work". Two-thirds of Republicans surveyed would support a move by Trump to declare an emergency to build a border wall, though 66 percent of all respondents said they oppose it.

White House asked for options to strike Iran
The request came after militants, reportedly backed by Iran, fired rockets toward the U.S. consulate in Basra and the U.S. He has worked with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in implementing a more hardline approach to Iran since taking office.

Both Democrats and Republicans agree that the US-Mexican border presents major challenges, ranging from the violent Mexican drug trade to the plight of asylum seekers and poor migrants seeking new lives in the world's richest country.

There is no plan, ' " Trump, 72, tweeted on Saturday, without indicating where he saw the report.

Pelosi argued that Trump is merely trying to steer attention away from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation and other White House problems. Milstead said a barrier of steel slats that border agents can see through and animals and waters can pass through - much like what exists at the border now - could work.

Trump described an emergency declaration as the "easy way out" and said Congress had to step up to the responsibility of approving the $5.7 billion he says is needed. But the GOP-controlled Senate has refused to consider the measures unless Trump agrees to sign them.

A Washington Post/ABC poll on Sunday showed 53 percent of respondents put Trump and Congressional Republicans at fault for the extended government closure, while 29 percent blame Democrats. On Sunday, Trump acknowledged, at least indirectly, the mounting costs of the shutdown. "We need money to pay bills". Johnson appeared on CNN's "State of the Union".

"Most conservatives want it to be the last resort he would use", said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., a leader of the conservative House Freedom Caucus who speaks to Trump frequently.

In Miami, an entire airport terminal will be closed this weekend because of a shortage of security workers.

Transportation Security Administration workers have gone without pay during the shutdown and some have responded by calling in sick. We're all set. It's 100 per cent, and I'll have to do that, ' he said.

House Democrats as well as a smattering of Republicans voted this week in favor of bills to reopen portions of the government.

Trump says record-long govt shutdown could be resolved 'in 15 minutes'