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Kyler Murray is about to Create an NFL-MLB Bidding War

14 January 2019

The A's have a lot invested in Kyler Murray, seeing as how they drafted him with the ninth overall pick in the 2018 MLB Draft.

Murray previously said he meant to play baseball after his collegiate career was over, but he now appears to be waffling between entering the National Football League draft or playing for Oakland this spring. It just gets complicated to make that raise happen. While it's totally understandable for Murray to use that leverage to get more money, it's unclear if the A's could even pay Murray more if they wanted to. The A's had a total spending pool of $9,553,200 for 2018. Boras would know that, being that he's baseball's most prominent agent.

That could be what's happening.

The Oakland Athletics are sending a group of top executives to meet with Heisman Trophy victor Kyler Murray on Sunday in the hopes of persuading him to pursue a professional baseball career as he decides between honoring his contract with the team or playing quarterback in the National Football League, sources with knowledge of the meeting told ESPN. That would be taking special treatment to a new level, but MLB thinks that highly of Murray and wants him in baseball.

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USA Today reported Sunday morning that A's president Billy Beane is leading the contingent to meet with Murray, who, before this season would have been widely panned as too short to be an effective National Football League quarterback. In Murray's case, because he signed a minor league deal, and because his performance at Oklahoma changed the circumstances of his baseball career, Oakland would be within the rules to give Murray a long-term extension if that's what it takes to keep him in baseball, sources tell ESPN.

If Murray picks football, he will have to forfeit his almost $5 million signing bonus from Oakland.

It did not entirely allay fears over Murray's size.

Kyler Murray is about to Create an NFL-MLB Bidding War