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James Middleton Opens Up About His Battle With Mental Health Issues

14 January 2019

He explained: "I feel compelled to talk about it openly because this is precisely what my brother-in-law Prince William, my sister Catherine and Prince Harry are advocating through their mental health charity Heads Together". "Since childhood, I've known I was severely dyslexic - both letters and numbers still jump and blur on the page in front of me and some days I have difficulty spelling even the simplest words", he wrote.

Middleton refers to his illness as a "cancer of the mind".

. He added: "It was impossible to let my loved ones know about the torture in my mind". "I barely functioned, stopped talking to my friends, went through the motions of living and working but achieved nothing at all", he described.

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"They believe we can only tackle the stigma associated with mental illness if we have the courage to change the national conversation, to expel its negative associations", he said.

James also spoke candidly about his other struggles, which includes being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) a year ago and being "severely dyslexic" as a child.

Luckily, the time away also gave him the final push to seek help and he eventually began seeing Dr Stephen Pereira, a consultant psychiatrist and cognitive behaviour therapy specialist.

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And now he has posted on Instagram: "Sweet Katherine, so happy you said yes!" Proud to live boldly in faith with you. They announced separation in August 2017 and their divorced was finalised in October 2018.

"I also felt misunderstood; a complete failure".

James says he sees his "ADD as a gift: it accounts for my creativity and emotional intensity".

Knowing what he's up against, James makes a deliberate effort every day to put his best foot forward. But because I didn't know my brain worked differently - and neither did my parents - I couldn't find a way of steering round my ADD.

James also revealed that he asked his doctor to initially explain his condition to his family and he praised them for helping him "enormously". "In her own particular way, she has kept me going".

The least well-known member of the Middleton family recently made his Instagram account public, and features a wide variety of adorable dog photos.

"Proud of Ella [for] becoming a PAT dog this year", James wrote.

James Middleton Opens Up About His Battle With Mental Health Issues